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Dodgers Chatter About Mega-Offer To Gerrit Cole Continues

Obviously, Gerrit Cole has taken shape as the 2020 Bryce Harper for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Already speculated as a Dodgers target, and analyzed by our own; Cole would be any free agency shopper’s dream.

Now, it’s down to that fun part where it’s speculated how much money and for how long. Furthermore, as much was discussed on AM570 LA Sports by Roggin and Rodney on Monday. Click here to give the audio a listen, or read ahead to see the highlights of the segment.

First off – Rodney Peete speculates that if the Dodgers become a player for Cole – it could be at the expense of allowing Hyun-Jin Ryu to walk. Remember, Cole is a Scott Boras client and the figures being thrown around are in the $35 million per year range. Indeed, this is the ‘Bryce Harper money’ being rumored in MLB circles.

“Friedman said the other day, they have some financial flexibility. From a Dodger perspective, you have to figure they’re going to let Ryu go because he will make a whole lot of money. You’re gonna lose two and $32 million dollars. You’ve got the money right there.”

While Roggin and Rodney aren’t just baseball guys, but rather sports guys; they play the part of Dodgers’ front office. And the discussion becomes more interesting when you begin to move around pieces and salaries mentally.

“Will the Dodgers spend that kind of money? I think he is a lights out pitcher and it is like the sweepstakes for Verlander when that was around. And it paid off for the Astros. Giving up the salaries of Ryu and Rich Hill two for one, do you do it? probably.”

Still, at the end of the day; it’s tough to imagine the Dodgers handing out the kind of contract Cole will be able to land. Therefore, you’re right back where we were a year ago with Bryce Harper.

“When you look at Cole, how many years would they be willing to go? If they say they want seven years at $30 million a year, I’m going to have to pass.”

In closing, Cole is the guy I have hitched my dreams to this winter in terms of the Dodgers making a splash. Truly, I think he’s the guy who could put them over the top over the next year or three. However, I believe the duo discussing this on AM570 are spot on. At the end of the day, he’s probably priced himself over the long-haul out the Dodgers’ market.

And with a pitcher, you’re likely paying him those elite dollars for the first few years of the contract. It’s a lot different then with a position player. As the weeks roll by, this won’t be the last of the Cole and Los Angeles Dodgers linked discussions.

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  1. I’m not too sure about Gerrit Cole, maybe we should wait until after the World Series to assess signing him. Yes he’s had two great years in Houston, but what if he gets blasted in the World Series? I remembered when Cole was with the Pirates, Dodgers hit him pretty hard every time they faced him. I don’t think National League hitters are good match up for him. Plus the Washington Nationals are hot right now, they very well could win two games from Cole. If he doesn’t do well in the World Series, he would be better off staying with the Astros in the American League where he had more success.

    1. They haven’t played in a week and will Be facing great pitching immediately upon return tonight so it remains to be seen if they’re still hot

  2. getting cole would be awsome he was unhittable all season i still think they should try to sign ryu too he likes being a dodger

  3. This is a tough call if they Dodgers were serious in jumping in for Garrit Cole free agency. Cole’s era in his last two years in Pitt were 3.88, 4.26 not that great. It may just be Cole’s current success is related to being in the Astros team culture and specific to being coached by their pitching staff. It’s hard to know if his current performance would translate on another team, with a different team culture and different fan expectations etc. I still don’t believe Verlander would have performed as he has in Astros uniform than with the Dodgers. Many times there are intangibles that go into the performance of a ball player and athlete that are very much correlate with team chemistry. Such as coaching and teammates and culture and personality on the teams. It’s a gamble for any team to expect Cole to carry his success to another team he’s hasn’t shown it throughout his career from the start. So in case with Dodgers losing a declined Kershaw, Ryu likely will walk and no Rich Hill, they may have to take this gamble and sign Cole for big money. That’s a lot of pressure for Cole to take on as the Dodgers would need him to perform and be that elite all star ace. I am not sure Cole could live up to that pressure and expectations.

      1. ^ “could care less” means, well, you could care less. It’s “couldn’t (i.e. could NOT care) care less”.

  4. Cole? Never’s going to happen. The Dodgers don’t do these kind of deals…rumors always happen around elite players and somehow the Dodgers never acquire them. They want bargains.

    4 million fans, games not seen by 70% of LA. Living with the inept Roberts…Guess what? Fans don’t care about the luxury tax…we could care less. Not your problem.Get the best players…now!

    1. ^ “could care less” means, well, you could care less. It’s “couldn’t (i.e. could NOT care) care less”.

  5. Long term, 9 figure contracts are a part of the Dodgers past at this point in time. That’s why I believe Cole and Strasburg are both off the table for them. I see them more likely to pursue Zack Wheeler and offer something like 5 years for $90 million.

  6. Cole is a guarantee. Ryu is a very good pitcher with injury history. Cole is in his Prime, Ryu is not a shut down pitcher. The Dodgers don’t have a #2 shut down pitcher but both the World series teams do. So I’m no rocket scientist, but If I’m trying to win a World series, I have to build a team that can beat the current champion. That means, 1 and 2 pitchers HAVE to match your challengers. The Dodgers since the loss of Greinke have been 1 upped by their opponents. Astro’s, Red Sox, Nats. If the Dodgers are truly serious about winning a Title, they will make the deal, sign Cole to win it. If they don’t, no way in hell they beat these other teams mentioned.

  7. These stories are always entertaining because we don’t really know what the FO is thinking. But we have had five years now and big, controllable off-season free agents have not been on the menu. Not sure why anyone would assume otherwise at this point. For the last three years we have gone into the offseason assuming the Dodgers would make a big move or two to get them over the hump. Didn’t happen. Why would it now?

  8. Scott Boras is going to be looking to set the market with Cole’s contract.

    By this, I mean getting the highest AAV and the highest Total Contract for a SP in history.

    Right now, Zack Greinke owns the highest AAV ($34.42 million) from his 6 year / $206.5 million contract signed with the Diamondbacks in 2015.

    David Price, at $217 million ( 7 years / $31 million AAV ), owns the highest total contract from his deal with the Red Sox in 2015.

    What might a deal look like that would appeal to both Boras / Cole and the Dodgers.

    How about a 6 year / $220 million, with club options for 2026 and 2027 (see breakdown below).

    This would give them the highest AAV in history to a SP at $36.67 million, along with the highest total guaranteed contract for a SP at $220.

    It also gives him the possibility to max out his contract at 8 years / $250 million if LAD picks up the two club options in years 7 & 8.

    Year 1 – 2020 (29): $35.0 million
    Year 2 – 2021 (30): $35.0 million
    Year 3 – 2022 (31): $32.5 million
    Year 4 – 2023 (32): $32.5 million
    Year 5 – 2024 (33): $32.5 million
    Year 6 – 2025 (34): $32.5 million
    Year 7 – 2026 (35): $25.0 million ( Club Option w/ $10.0 million Buyout )
    Year 8 – 2027 (36): $25.0 million ( Club Option w/ $10.0 million Buyout )

    If needed, you could even front load it and add in an opt out after either Year 3 (2022) or Year 4 (2023), so if he does decide to leave, LAD would only be on the hook for his age 29 – 31 or 29 – 32 seasons.

    Come to think of it, front loading the contract might be in the best interest of both parties. With the CBA set to expire in December 2021, Boras / Cole might want to get as much money as they can, as early as they can, in case of a labor dispute, but leave themselves the option of cashing in again, if the labor agreement goes in favor of the Players Union.

    Year 1 – 2020 (29): $40.0 million
    Year 2 – 2021 (30): $40.0 million
    Year 3 – 2022 (31): $40.0 million [ Player Opt Out Clause ]
    Year 4 – 2023 (32): $30.0 million
    Year 5 – 2024 (33): $30.0 million
    Year 6 – 2025 (34): $30.0 million
    Year 7 – 2026 (35): $20.0 million [ Club Option w/ $7.5 million Buyout ]
    Year 8 – 2027 (36): $20.0 million ( Club Option w/ $7.5 million Buyout )

    In this revised scenario the guaranteed contract would be a 6 year / $225 million or $37.5 million per year, with the possibility of maxing out at 8 years / $250 million.

    This may end up a case of a Win – Win for everyone.

  9. Rumors and the like are just that. There has always been a link with Dodgers to the the best pending FA’s but in the long run they stay that way and they don’t progress any further. Clint, do you honestly think Freidman and Co. would do this deal knowing who the agent is in the first place? My answer is a big NO! One other thing to consider is whether Cole is signed by a division rival because that team has only one thing in mind… to de-throne the Dodgers from the top of the division. Imagine the flack and crucifixion that Andy would face should that happen, and it certainly might happen.

  10. Cole got rocked by 20 years old rising star. He couldn’t even deliver a WS game 1 victory. Sorry for the amount his agent will ask for that’s not too much for a guy who is over hyped.

  11. It’s actually a good thing Cole lost 1 game since May. Maybe it will drop a few million off of the top. Bluefan, please apply for Friedman’s open position in the FO. Excellent contract offers…

  12. In two years he’ll be an average pitcher. Not worth it. No team should sign him for any more than three years… four at most.

  13. I want whatever it will take, within reason, to win a World Series. Otherwise, what do these 100+ regular season game wins really mean? The Nationals won at least ten less games than the Dodgers won during regular season. And we were eliminated playing against them 1st round. The Nationals are still playing and they are now 2 up on the Astros. Acquiring Cole could be one difference maker, but to attain that ring the Dodgers will need more than him.

    1. Agreed, the Dodgers need a Cole shut down starter.They need a Will Smith shut down closer. They need to trade all of their 200-240 hitters and either bring in the kids, or make some moves that will bring in 300 hitters that make contact. Kike, Pederson,Taylor all will never help this team win it all. Also, the Nats have just blown the theory out of the water that youth wins. Well, they are the OLDEST team with the MOST veterans and will probably win it all. In order to beat the best, the Dodgers will have to be able to match up to them. Right now, we have 0 —— yes 0 ——- 300 hitters, they have 5. Astro’s have 7 if you count 290 avg as good. Lot’s for the Dodgers to do if they want to play with the big dogs.

    2. Exactly, Robin. Such as a more consistent lineup with more balance from the RH hitters’s box. And a little less lineup and position shuffling around on a daily basis in which players don’t know from 1 day to the next if and where they are playing on the field. OH, then there is Roberts who turns my stomach upon thinking of his being back again next year and guess what…he will do those same things again and again so what’s the use.

  14. Dodgers built for regular season in a weak division. This platoon everywhere philosophy ok in regular season, but not in short playoff series where anything’s possible. Set roles and ability to produce runs ideal way. Cant live by Home runs alone. 3 years of playoff failures, inability to filling needs, has fan base turning on team. Signing Cole adding to Buehler, Dustin May & now #4 Kershaw will keep rotation going for years. Fixing bullpen and solidifying roles in lineup imperative. 1 or 2 FA pick ups. G. Cole & M. Betts will go long ways. Plenty of pieces for trades, deepest pockets in MLB to make moves. Another playoff exit with no title, will cripple team to fan base. Front office & Mgr will be fired if this happens again.

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