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Dodgers Spring Training Cap Design Leaked on Twitter

Finally it’s getting close to that time of year. Indeed – with around 20 or so days until the Los Angeles Dodgers report to Spring Training – it’s only fitting (no pun) that the team’s new apparel begins to leak out on social media.

In specific, the Dodgers will get a new cap for spring training. A user on twitter who goes by ‘DarthHenshaw’ tweeted out the new caps which can be seen in the tweet below. Of course, the cap pays homage to the Arizona Cactus League the Dodgers will play in for a month-plus at Camelback Ranch. Have a look and see what you think.

Obviously, it’s customary for organizations to roll out some new apparel this time of year. Of course, the Dodgers are known to have one of the best uniforms in the sport as voted by colleagues around the game of baseball. While the Dodgers have always had the same look that appears basic and unchanged, it’s because their brand is one of the strongest across all of sports.

Furthermore, we have already seen the Dodgers 2020 Nike Uniforms and a lot of people are fine with the new swoosh on an otherwise unchanged masterpiece.

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These hats pictured above are a nice little change of pace to the cap we have seen season after season, for 162 games a year.

Honestly, I like the way the Dodgers do things in the uniform department. While I see other organizations roll out eight sets of caps and uniform combinations, Los Angeles has no need for the gimmick stuff in that area.

Their brand is one that has withstood the test of time with strength, and Spring Training is a perfect time to do any tests on the market or tweaks. Once the real games get underway, it’s strictly business; and the Dodgers wear what they have always worn. It works perfectly in this manner.

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