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Dodgers: Chris Taylor Trying to Find His Groove at the Plate Once Again

With the loss of utility man Kike Hernandez this past offseason, Chris Taylor has stepped up in a big way for the Dodgers this season. He’s played all over the field and has risen to the occasion when Los Angeles’ stars have gone through lengthy absences from the lineup.

All of his hard-work earned him his first All-Star selection and it looked asif he was going to continue his hot streak at the plate in the second half, yet the opposite has happened. Instead, Taylor has struggled mightily over the past two months.

“I’ve just been kind of grinding with my mechanics. I’ve been having trouble finding a consistent feel that’s repeatable each and every day. It feels like every day … was just kind of searching for something new. Every day felt a little different. Before that, I could think the same things and it was repeatable and consistent. But for whatever reason, I just sort of fell out of that. That makes it tough when you’re constantly searching.”

Taylor has definetly fallen out of whatever was working for much fo this season because he has hit an even .100 in September so far and .228 since the beginning of August. His power has disappeared as well as he’s only hit 3 home runs during that stretch while striking out 52 times. 

While his neck issue could partly be to blame for the lack of production at the plate, Taylor has been working to find anything that would help him be a factor once again.

“I’m just trying to find different cues where before it was kind of the same cues every day which made it easy. I could think the same couple things and it got me in the right spot. But for whatever reason in a long season, things change a little bit. Your body gets tired or whatever and the cues that were working for me before aren’t working for me now.”

 Taylor isn’t the only one trying to fins his groove once again as Max Muncy has been struggling as of late as well. Both players were heavily relied on for a majority of the season with all of the injuries up and down the roster. However, with the roster almost at strength, it’s time for the rest of the lineup to carry the load while Taylor and Muncy work their way out of their slumps.

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  1. Taylor having the neck issue may have been a blessing in disguise for us. Not only has he gotten a physical rest; but sitting down like he has can be a way of getting a psychological reset as well. Hope to see him back at full strength.

  2. A team full of MVPS, all stars and Cy Young winners still needs a glue guy or two. We saw at the beginning of the season how much the Dodgers missed Hernandez and maybe even Pedersen.That said, the better Taylor plays, the more likely it is that someone else outbids the Dodgers for him as happened with Hernandez and Petersen. Yes, the Dodgers “print money” but this year they have to make some tough decisions, especially if MLB doesn’t give them any relief from Bauer’s contract. In order to keep Scherzer and Kershew, it probably means that Taylor, Seager and Jansen are all gone

    1. If Dodgers want to take 2022 off from competing, yes. But Dodgers MUST bring back Taylor and Scherzer. The heck with Bauer. They can’t let his situation ruin and dictate their off season. Hernandez chose to go elsewhere because he wanted the chance to play daily and he knew that Roberts and Co. wouldn’t give him that chance.

    2. Sherzer will definiely be back. Kelney will definitely be gone. Kersh, CT3, and Seager will probably be gone. But look on the bright side. We have an opportunity to sign Freddie Freeman and Kris Bryant as they will be free agents. Both were all stars this year and could be great additions to our lineup. Of course, I’ll miss CT3, Seager, and Kersh when they leave, but this is an opportunity that won’t exist again.

  3. OMG they brought Raley back up and starting? He’s as effective as Belli. Is Beaty dead? What the phck??

  4. Capitan Puhols pulled us out tonight along with Vesia, Treinen and Jansen in the 10th. Plus Julio Urias gave us a good start and his clutch batting. Go Blye!!!

  5. He started dancing in the batters box again . Back foot ( anchor foot ) is moving all around , he’s got to dig in and plant the back foot and drive the ball , he cant do that while he is dancing in the box ..

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