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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Reveals How He’s Continuing His World Series Celebration

After 32 years of waiting for a World Series win, you can understand why the Dodgers might still be partying almost 3 weeks later. Players are understandably very happy about what they were able to accomplish, and the celebration just keeps going. 

Several Dodgers players made an appearance on the “This Is Our Year” celebration broadcast last night on SportsNet LA. Clayton Kershaw was one of those guys. Kersh was asked if it’s hit him yet that he is a champion, and his response is everything you could have hoped for out of the veteran southpaw. 

Heck yeah, it’s hit me, it’s awesome. I might just wear that ring everywhere I go. I mean I’ve been listening to “We Are the Champions” every day like I said. I don’t know if I get, do we get a trophy or how does that work? I might just carry the trophy on my back. At least until next season, at least for the next few months, I’m just going to live it up. Next season we’ll try and win another one, but for now, I’m not putting this one on the back burner just yet, it’s pretty awesome. 

To answer his question, yes the players will be getting a miniature World Series trophy. That’s what former champion Orel Hershiser said when Kershaw talked about carrying the trophy on his back. If any player deserves a ring, it’s Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers pitcher just threw his 13th season and made his third World Series trip in 4 years. 

Whatever Kershaw wants to do to celebrate, we fully support it. The Dodgers will be celebrating this one all the way up until the day pitchers and catcher reports to Spring Training in February. Then it will be time to get back to work. 

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