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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Talks About Increased Urgency In Postseason

Still I remember the quiet moments following that crushing game seven loss to the Astros in the 2017 World Series. While Houston was spraying champagne on the Dodger Stadium turf, Clayton Kershaw said something that stuck with me.

It was along the lines of ‘maybe someday I will be better, and we will be better; and we will win the whole thing’. Indeed it was sad, it was solemn, and it downright broke my heart.

Now, writing this post reminds me a little bit of that quote. Moreover, Kershaw talks with Alden Gonzalez of ESPN Los Angeles about the increased urgency to win in the postseason. Without question, he realizes that this window won’t last a lifetime.

Undeniably – when I read these quotes – I feel an increased urgency to help the Dodgers push through and finish off a title run.

“Every year that you make the postseason, you realize that it’s one less year on your career, one less year that you have a chance to win, so you become more grateful and more appreciative every single time you get a chance to win the World Series,”

Spoken like a true veteran, Kershaw may be saying these things because he realizes that 2019 could be his last best shot. Without a doubt, he’s been around the game long enough to gain perspective. Already a wise individual, he knows the Dodgers won’t enter the playoffs as an NL favorite every year for the rest of his career.

“Who knows how long I’m going to get to play this game, and who knows how long I’m going to get to play here? It’s a special thing, to get to go to the postseason seven years in a row and nine years out of however many years I’ve played, and realize that you don’t get this opportunity often to try to win 11 games. Grateful, but also, with each passing year, maybe a little more urgency, for sure.”

Hopefully, Kershaw’s teammates play with a little extra urgency to get him and other veterans a title. There are no victories in coming up just short, which the Dodgers have done a few times. They must finish this off to cement themselves forever in terms of legacy. Kershaw sounds like a player who knows it.

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  1. Clint, Kersh is totally correct in his thoughts about that sense of urgency as we age. As Robin said above, the ball is in his hands. If he can keep it in the ball park, and not surrender early dingers, we should be in the driver’s seat on the cross country flight to the nation’s capital. Go Blue!!!!

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