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Dodgers Clinch Their 8th Consecutive National League West Title

It’s a given at this point that the Dodgers are going to the playoffs. But for a brief moment last week, it looked like their reign in the National League West was in jeopardy. The Padres had pulled within a game and a half last week, making things interesting if only for a night. 

It’s great. I think the message to the team is going to be that this is just a different crazy kind of year but for us to come together and learn a lot about each other…and to stay the course and win the National League West is just special for all of us. -Dave Roberts

Tonight, the Dodgers defeated the Oakland Athletics and clinched the NL West for the 8th straight year dating back to 2013. The win over the A’s wasn’t the only thing needed to clinch though. With the magic number being at 2 games, the Padres also had to lose to the Angels in order to make it happen. Thankfully, the Angels came through and took down San Diego. 

The Dodgers poured on 7 runs thanks to 4 homeruns launched off of the Athletics. They clinched their division with the 39th win of the season and just 5 games left to go in this shortened year. Dustin May got the start and ultimately ended up getting the win in this one. He went 5 innings and allowed 2 earned runs, also allowing a season-high 3 walks. 

It means a lot. It’s just step one of, I don’t even know how many steps there are but it’s just step one of where we want to be. -Mookie Betts

For now, the only thing really left to do for the Dodgers is to wait. They will play the number 8 seed during the wildcard series, but that race is still razor-thin. Right now, the Brewers, Reds, Phillies, and Giants are all potential teams they could face. They will likely have to wait that one out until after Sunday though, as the rest of the NL sorts itself out. 

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  1. After winning their 8th consecutive division title the real work now begins for Dodgers on Sept. 30. Fitting that tonights division win comes on the 12th anniversary of my late older brother Bob’s passing. He taught me the game of baseball and and the Dodgers and thus I became a fan back in 1965.

  2. We’ve been here before, many times, and I don’t think our pitching staff is as good as some of the past years. With almost half our hitters near the mendoza line it doesnt look too good. If only we had played a few of our games against real major league teams we’d have a better idea of where we are, not withstanding your cheerleading.

    1. Let’s also take into consideration how Robert manages the pitching and the lineups, as he alone could possibly undermine this whole season especially if he sits the hot bats going at the time because of his match up obsession.

    2. So the Dodgers have a winning record this year against the Padres, Astros, and As – the # 2 NL west and #s 1 and 2 AL west. Who are the real major league teams that they didn’t play exactly? Braves? Marlins? Cubs?

  3. If there had been a full house at the game last night can you imagine the ovation that Kelly would have received when he entered the game?

  4. There is only one word to describe Our 8th consecutive west division title WIN last night and that word is OUTSTANDING!!!! The absolute joy and excitement that I feel for OUR DODGERS is beyond words…And we will show the world that WE can WIN a World Series Title by playing the game with HONESTY!! AND UNLIKE THE WAY HOUSTON DID BY “CHEATING” LETS GO DODGER BLUE!!!!

  5. None of this matters if all we do with it is turn it into yet another division championship. We just miss out another year of attendance, so no award for that. I’m tired of participation awards. I can remember 1988 being on my knees praying for the final out against Oakland in game 5 of that magical WS win; their last. Dave Roberts needs to figure out how to actually win in the playoffs. I live in Maryland now and a lifelong Dodger fan since I lived out there as a boy. Thus far, Roberts has been the Bruce Boudreau of MLB. Not a good thing. No one cares who wins the division. Win when it counts. Go Dodgers!!

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