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Dodgers Cody Bellinger Held Out of the Lineup Tuesday Night

It’s safe to say that Cody Bellinger has not yet found his rhythm at the plate. The Dodgers outfielder made his return from the injured list this week and has yet to lock in. In fact, he looks pretty lost at the dish right now. 

Through his first 3 games since his return, Bellinger has gone 0-for-10 with 7 strikeouts. He’s getting beat up in the zone and also reverting to his younger form when he would get beat by the backfoot slider. Overall, the Dodgers are not getting much from him at the moment. 

But the good news is that it’s only been a few days since he’s been back. Bellinger is going to need some time to find that success in the batter’s box, and the Dodgers are going to give it to him. Bellinger is out of the lineup on Tuesday afternoon against right-handed pitcher John Gant. 

I just felt that in talking to the training staff and just managing him, I really wanted to get Albert in there. So there wasn’t an opportunity to play first base. And Cody is all-in on taking today after playing 3 in a row. 

The Dodgers are set to face another right-handed pitcher in Carlos Martinez on Wednesday night in LA. That’s a tough matchup for Bellinger as well since Martinez has a great fastball and a really effective slider that he pairs with it. 

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It’s going to take some time for Bellinger to get going. That comes with the territory of missing almost 50 games in a season. But the Dodgers are stacked with talent all over the lineup, and that gives him a little more time to figure things out. 

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  1. Yeah, both Belli & Z. Mck. need more time down AAA to hone in the swing and timing. It worked for everybody else when they were sent down, Puig, Lux, and Beaty to name a few. Need to see tons of live pitching instead of only cage work to perfect the swing mechanics and timing of different pitches. Both should just concentrate on squaring the ball up the middle and hitting line drives, then eventually the backspin will come and the ball will be traveling over the wall. Right now to me, they’re trying to jack the ball but they’re pulling off, rolling over weak ground balls, slicing pop-ups, or completely guessing and missing. Other guys have worked through it ala., Muncy, Lux, and CT3.

  2. Roberts’ comments are useless; You get more honest useful information from politicians. I get he neither trashes anyone nor gives away what the club is thinking but just once I’d like to hear him say the player stinks right and we’re going work with him in the cage to see if we can straighten him out. It would give him some credibility.

  3. Cody needs to change his stance and simplify his swing.It’s a mystery how he won that MVP and batted .305….Parents don’t allow your kids to swing like Cody!

  4. Another thing: If he plays, have him bat before the pitch till he shows something. (Like Puig did and did well!)

    1. Exactly, I said that yesterday….. a guess and miss swing….. doesn’t care if he hits the ball or strikes out. Too hard headed to move off the plate….getting pounded constantly inside and still missing middle away. Doesn’t make any sense.

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