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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Ranks High On MLB Network’s Top-10 CF Right Now

In case you didn’t know – nothing brings out my passion like writing about Cody Bellinger. It could be an editorial or a news piece. However, I like writing about his bombs the most. Nothing inspires this guy like all things Bellinger. Someday, Dodgers Nation may just retire me out to pasture like an old Kentucky Derby winning horse and make me a Bellinger correspondent.

Moreover, the most recent Bellinger item of note is due to the MLB Network series ‘Top 10 Right Now’. It’s an interesting series because the rankings are derived from a lot of different areas and then thrown into ‘the Shredder’ which spits out a composite ranking of sorts.

To be sure, Cody Ballgame came up big in this year’s rankings.

Cody Bellinger Ranks Second To Mike Trout in Top 10 Centerfielders Right Now

Being that I am a lover of all things Bellinger and tantalized by his vast potential – I had him in the top five. However, I did not have him in the top two. Bellinger came in second to only the greatest player in the world.

Dodgers fans, if you had any doubt about the national respect Bellinger garners; doubt no longer.

We have the Bellinger clip in full below for those of you who missed the MLB Network feature.

‘A True Misnomer’

The grabbing quote:

His bat plays with the big boys at first, and he can play with the burners in center.

And that ladies and gentleman is why I love Cody Bellinger. Notably, it is the raw truth. It is Bellinger’s ceiling and tools that make him such an interesting case – and it’s why we are all clamoring for more. We know what he’s capable of if he truly gets locked in and goes off for a full year. Or do we? Such is the question of wonderment with Bellinger.

He has 40-40 potential within his body, and it doesn’t matter what position you stick him at. It’s why Eric Byrnes casts him as a true ‘misnomer’ in that clip. There aren’t many guys of the archetype of the Dodgers’ young cornerstone. A year from now – no one can honestly say it’s impossible that he’s the name at the top of this list. And so, we wait and watch.

Editors Note: The Dodgers just signed A.J. Pollock to a four-year contract, and he’s ranked seventh on the list.

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  1. So let me this right. Bellinger is on the top 10 centerfielder list and Y.Puig is also on the top right-fielder list. So why did they sign Pollock? Oh yeah, they traded Puig and A. Wood, 2 pretty good major league players, for 2 prospects that aren’t anywhere near being ready for the bigs.

    1. There are a TON of other factors you obviously don’t understand about those moves, which all make sense. Why don’t you stick to your day job instead of whining and acting like you know more then the guys that get paid millions to do this for a living.

      1. I think you’ve been sniffing your diesel, guy. I never said I totally understand all the moves the FO make and neither do you. This forum is for readers to sound off on what the Dodgers are, or, not doing. I, and any other reader, have every right to view our opinions, as long as we stay within the rules, without having to suffer through a pompous reader that is no closer to the FO the we are.

        But you have a nice day anyway.

        1. I think CNB showed restraint in his response to Diesel’s very personal attack on CNB. This is a forum for expressing one’s opinion. Let’s keep it like that.

    2. If you were not aware, the Dodgers added Pollock mainly because he’s a RH hitter in a lineup that will perhaps still have a plethora of LH bats in it. It’s about an attempt to balance out the lineup as both Freidman and Roberts have discussed as being a priority for this year.

  2. pollack is over the hill, d.r. moved him to left field because he does not have the rangento cover center. get rid of the over the hill gang.

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