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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Sends a Gift and Message to His Biggest Fan

To say that the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger has a lot of fans in the world would be a huge understatement. The reigning NL MVP is loved by so many, but one mom in particular might be his biggest fan.

One Dodgers Twitter member posted a video a few weeks back of her mom cheering for Cody Bellinger. In the video, her mom cheers on Cody as he hits a homerun from home, and at Dodger Stadium. She also happens to often refer to Belli as her son, which is the most heartwarming thing ever. 

Well, the Dodgers and their wonderful social media team must have caught wind of the viral video. They posted a video after Sunday’s game of the mom getting to watch a video from Cody Bellinger thanking her for the support. The video also came with a few gifts as well, including a signature from her favorite son. 

2020 has been such a strange and difficult year for so many, but this is exactly the type of content that we need. The Dodgers do such a great job of staying connected to fans, even when we don’t get to be there for games. Thank you to the organization, and thank you to Cody’s number one fan! 

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Following a series sweep over Anaheim, Los Angeles heads back home for a two-game set with the Mariners. They will then fly up to Washington for another two games with Seattle on their home turf. 

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