Dodgers Complete Three-Team, 13-Player Deal With Marlins, Braves


The Dodgers officially announced a deal with the Miami Marlins, acquiring starting pitcher Mat Latos, first baseman/outfielder Michael Morse and cash considerations in exchange for minor league right-handed pitchers Victor Araujo, Jeff Brigham and Kevin Guzman.

The Dodgers then officially announced a separate deal with the Atlanta Braves, acquiring starting pitcher Alex Wood, right-handed relief pitcher Jim Johnson, left-handed relief pitcher Luis Avilan, minor league infielder Jose Peraza, right-handed starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo and cash considerations from Atlanta in exchange for infielder Hector Olivera, left-handed relief pitcher Paco Rodriguez and minor league right-handed pitcher Zach Bird.

The Marlins also traded a competitive balance draft pick to the Braves.

Latos is 4-7 with a 4.48 ERA, 3.35 FIP and 79 strikeouts in 16 starts (88.1 IP) for the Marlins, but had a 1.80 ERA in three July starts. He also has gone 3-1 with a 3.05 ERA against the NL West this season. He will be a free agent after this season. Morse is hitting just .214 this season with four home runs and 12 RBIs. He missed some time with finger and back issues, and hit two of his four home runs in July.

Wood is 7-6 with a 3.54 ERA, 3.39 FIP and 90 strikeouts in 20 starts (119.1 IP) this season. He is 24 and in his third season in the Majors. The Dodgers will have him under team control until after the 2019 season. Arroyo has yet to pitch this season after undergoing Tommy John surgery last July. He may be able to pitch again this season. If not, he is signed through 2016 with a $4.5 million buyout.

Johnson had nine saves with a 2.25 ERA, 3.18 FIP and 33 strikeouts in 49 appearances (48 IP) this season. He saved at least 50 games in consecutive years for the Baltimore Orioles in 2012-2013. The 32-year-old will be a free agent at the end of the year. Avilan has a 3.58 ERA, 3.60 FIP and 31 strikeouts in 50 appearances (37.2 IP). The 26-year-old is under team control until after 2018.

Finally, Peraza is a top-30 prospect that can play shortstop or second base. In Triple-A this year, he is hitting .294 with 10 doubles, seven triples and 26 stolen bases.


Vincent Samperio

Vince is currently the Associate Editor and Social Media Manager for Dodgers Nation. Hailing from San Pedro, CA and a student at Cal State Long Beach, Vince has previously written for the Daily 49er and LASF Magazine.


    1. Check Wood’s stats compared to Price and Hamels in the other article on here that breaks down the trade. Interesting. I was surprised.

    2. Wood and Latos are both great 3-4 guys. What are you talking about? We’ve already got the best 1-2 combo in MLB.

  1. More dog shit. No #3, no shutdown reliever, and more inconsistency. Hey, at least we kept Puig! 🙁

    1. Oh god youre stupid. Woods is a legit number 2 or 3 guy plus Latos while bad at the beginning of the year because of a knee injury has a 2.80 ERA since he got off of the DL 2 months ago. The relieviers we got from ATL will help our Bullpen out tremendously. 2.20 ERA right hander plus a lefty specialist. Price and Hammels were not worth giving up the farm for especially Price who would be a 2 month rental.

      1. Hi jt3z,
        First, if Wood (no s on the end) was a #3, or as you put a #2, do you think the Braves would have gave him up for a 30 year old unproven third baseman who costs them $40 mil.? You must think John Hart is a moron. Latos is a rental who gave up 6 runs and 11 hits in 2 post season appearance against the Giants, and both didn’t last longer than 4 inning in one of his better seasons at pitcher friendly parks (ATT & Petco). Hammels would be worth Chris Anderson, Puig, and purchasing Ryan Howard’s contract. The Dodgers just ate $40+ million in salary for the package, at least in doing so with the Phillies you have a more affordable replacement for Greinke than any other free agent pitcher next year. The deal could turn out OK and Yahoo had a flattering column about the type of deals the Dodgers front office are making. I am not saying I am smarter than the front office, but I don’t see how this deal makes the Dodgers line up with the competition in the post season. It screams more long-term than win a title this year.

        1. Jason and OliviaRamona I disagree I think Latos with a good knee is a #2 or at least a #3 pitcher. He is better than a much older Haren. Latos is a power pitcher. His first start was not a fluke the guy is a great pick up. Wood is a funky delivery type Lefty messes up a batters timing He will eat innings and keep us in games.
          But I do like they picked a a burner that could start for us next year as we desperately need a lead off batter.

  2. HAHAHA…. wasting money/talent on yet another injured player! Poor Greinke and Kershaw, all those awards but no rings! #allwaysnextseasonright? hahaha

  3. This is actually a pretty darn good deal. I would have LOVED to have Price but hopefully we can get him in the off season in free agency. Wood is a very talented young 24 yr old pitcher who we can control for a few years. Latos is a good # 3 guy and we still have Anderson whos held up pretty good. The infield prospect we got in the deal is a good get and hes cheaper and younger than Olivera. Also we get a pretty good set up guy for the 8th inning in the bullpen and another reliever as well. However, WE NEED A LEADOFF HITTER BAAAAD!!! All that said, this was a heck of a deal. With what we have already and what we have in the minors, this deal makes a lot of sense.

  4. Also we didn’t hurt our farm system in the deal. We got a lot without having to give up a lot

  5. We can hope, but I’m getting really tired of waiting for someone to realize we need FOUR 4 ace pitchers if we have a chance at the WS!! Do your research we have NEVER made it without a top notch rotation! We have the other pieces just hope maybe these pitchers can help and we find a miracle out there waiting for us. Kershaw can’t carry it all on his back and Greinke can’t either. Sabre-metrics may work for some teams, but not LA.

    1. How can you possibly say that? They have run the sabre-metrics system (not even, more a hybrid) for less than one full season yet you have already panned it. You think those systems turn results in immediately? A lot of the fruit from what they are doing will be down the road. That said, its not like the Dodgers went into the season going Hey we Have Kersh and Greinke that’s all we need. NO! Ryu going down was a huge blow, then McCarthy (granted there was worry about him before the signing). Injuries happen and you make moves that make sense. The price for Price or Hamels to be a rental? No Thanks. Wood could be a great addition and is under our control. This trade cost us so minimal that it actually is really smart. No big name high profile players but additions where it was needed. This team is good enough to be in the post season, now to win there, only time will tell.

      1. Wow Mark you and I are on the same page. I completely agree with you. Trading all of those prospects for a rental would have been very short-sighted. Let’s give this Front Office Team a chance. I think except for McCarhty, Hatcher and Peralta they have been brilliant. They obviously are not the greatest at judging pitching talent.

    2. 4 aces like that’s a normal thing. Look up the years we won the WS and tell me which four were the aces. These were actually smart moves for now and the future. But from your response I doubt you’d look much into the deal if there aren’t some shiny baubles in the box.

      1. The 1988 WS champs had three HOF starting pitchers in Valenzuela, Hershiser and Sutton, plus two starters who had career years — Tim Leary and Tim Belcher. Leary won 17 game and posted a 2.70 ERA. So sorry, but Kathy’s comment is not “lol” or “barking.”

        It’s fair to say that, if the intent is to win this year, Hamels beats the hell out of Wood or Latos. Though I like this deal personally.

        1. Show me where I said lol or barking. I just said, smart beats desperate. If the moves made sense and we’re not giving up the farm and future for a rental, I’m all for all the aces on the market. But they didn’t have that option. I like what they did. You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime–and actually read the deal instead of reactively crying over perceived spilt milk–you just might find a pretty good deal.

          1. First, I think this is good trade for the Dodgers, and better to keep our top prospects and write-off 30M to Olivera (I’m not a shareholder so it’s easy for me to say.) Second, you were shitting on her comment and challenged her to look up the facts and it turned out you were kinda wrong about ’88. The barking & lol obviously referred to earlier comments. Sorry to offend you. I wasn’t digging how everyone jumped down her throat for stating an opinion that wasn’t dumb or ill-informed.

        2. The lol is that she makes it seem as if there is no other possible way for a team to win the World Series without 4 aces. What a joke.

    3. Lol….no team needs 4 aces to win the ws. We have a very solid rotation. Have you not noticed how well Anderson has pitched? And bolsinger? Wood and Latos are solid additions. This was a great trade, and the best part is that we gave up almost nothing to get it done!

    4. The Giants won last year with 1 ace and 4 shit pitchers. The starting rotation is fine for this year and next. The problem as always is the bullpen. WS caliber teams can make each game a 6 inning game with a 1-2-3 punch in the bullpen. This team needs at least 1 more elite reliever to setup Kenley. Alas, I was hoping Hatcher, Yimi or Baez would step it up but they have failed expectations.

    5. FOUR ACE PITCHERS? What staff in baseball history has had such a thing? Your #4 starter doesn’t typically get playoff starts. Remember that Mattingly went with Kershaw on short rest last season in an elimination game, rather than let Haren take the hill. Your 1 and 2 are going to get multiple starts in any series that isn’t a sweep, and LA is the best in that regard. The real problem with this club is the lack of offense.

    1. The price for that “quality” as a rental player? No Thanks. If they could have made the move they would have, but Phillies asking way too much so good luck to who got him and Toronto is going all in on this season and this season alone (as was shown in giving up Reyes for Tulo) so if they dont win now, you think they are back next year? This quantity that we picked up cost so little why wouldn’t they make the move?

      1. I hear what you say about Blue Jays’ risky move going all in for one year, but Dodgers have not reached WS since 1988–longer drought than Toronto. At some point, the time needs to be NOW! Greinke likely gone after this year…AGonz gets another year older…who knows if/when Puig and Joc get it figured out…

        1. You’re about as pessimistic as they come. Greinke might be gone next year, and if he is, we’ve got $25+million to spend on another ace pitcher. We will be looking at him or Price in the offseason. Gonzo is 33, not 39. Puig and Joc are both incredibly young and learning the league.

          We have the best 1-2 rotation in the MLB. We just added solid 3-4 guys to it. Price was going to take Urias to get which wasn’t going to happen anyway. Stop wanting to win right now, and start wanting to be a good consistent ball club. There are 8 teams that have never won the World Series. Dodgers went to the NLCS 3 times in the last seven years.

          You sound like you don’t understand how baseball works.

        2. If we won this year that would be great. However, let’s not be as short sighted as Toronto. I’d rather miss the World Series this year and be good long term. They’ve done such a nice job building the farm system and not losing good players, that I think it’s reasonable to think we have a chance at being a dynasty in the very near future.

          1. that’s a nice sentiment but its been 27 years since our last world series, just how long term are you talking we have to wait for our so called dynasty.

          2. I’m not ms. Cleo, so I can’t tell you. But if you cannot see the plan coming together, I can’t help you.

          3. Your optimism is commendable but I have been hearing people say that since the 90’s and I am still waiting for this team building and dynasty everyone keeps promising. It would be nice dream if it works but it doesn’t. The goal of any professional baseball team is to reach the World Series in October, not to dream about a future world series that may or may not ever happen.

          4. That’s fine and good and everyone can keep saying its been 27 years etc… but not for this front office. You can’t expect the money that was spent on this team for them to just chuck it all and “go for it” because its been so long. It hasn’t been long for them, so why would they hold that same short sighted outlook you are using in “Its been 27 years”? They are building what looks to be long term success, let them have their chance. We stuck with Fox and McCourt who clearly had no plan except to line their pockets. These guys at least appear to have a plan.

  6. You guys realized Detroit had four aces last year and lost their series, i think a strong front 3 is needed but not 4-5 Aces that doesnt work cuz usually you give up offense in trades or free agency. Good moves and better for us anyways, since we get Hyun back next year dont forget that.

  7. Impatient and pessimistic Dodger fans in these comments… the game of Baseball is arduous and a franchise must be built over time not in one season. Dodgers will improve with a consistent and more talented rotation. What makes this deal an above average deal, the Dodgers keeping their top prospects. Baseball is full of emotion and that is one of the reasons why so many of us love the game, to let the front office affect us so emotionally is something a giants fan would do 😛 Yea I’m being dramatic as fu:) but it makes for a nice lil jab at those a:)holes. Good vibrations and go Dodgers.

    1. not being in a world series for over 27 years and wanting to get to one now and not the future isn’t what I call being impatient…

    2. Wholeheartedly agree….We want 2 c the Dodgers on top of the baseball world again. Anything less is just not gonna cut it.

  8. Playoffs is all about who gives up the least amount of runs. Just ask Kershaw, he cant do it alone.

  9. I love all this optimism on here, its a wonder no ones brought out the smores and started singing kumbaya. It’s been 27 years since the last time the Dodgers were in the world series, and how many have the Giants won since the Dodgers last one in ’88? Sometimes you just have to quit saying were building for the future and try doing something for the now, the present. I’ve been a Dodger fan for 50 years but it would be nice to see them just go for it one time., sometimes you have to say WTF and just try for this year. They have been building for the future for how many years now and hmmm, when is the future supposed to be exactly.

    1. OK Ronnie I am a 60 ish long standing, long suffering Dodger fan. My first game was in 1958 when my father took me to the Coliseum Yes I still have to ball I bought with my chores money.
      We had the owners from hell. They didn’t spend money on the Farm or International Players they were too busy buying houses in Brentwood.
      Guggenheim and the ownership Group understands that if they build a WS winning competitive Farm based team with the TV contract and fan base they can make a boat load of money.
      These guys just got here they have not been around for the 27 years of losing. They have a very sound plan and have brought in, by all accounts, a brilliant front office. So far they obviously have a long term plan.
      I was not a Grandal trade fan. I was wrong. They have made some mistakes such as McCarthy, (BIG Mistake) but overall they look to be on track.
      I believe for what they gave up the Latos, Wood, Peraza deal was brilliant.
      Lets see how it plays out.
      Also with Wood under contract and if they resign Greinke we will have one helluva rotation next year. I figure Ryu will be back better than ever as he said he has been pitching with a torn Labrum for that last few years. What can this guy do with an actual healed shoulder!!

      1. They may have a sound plan so far but so far Latos, Wood and Avilan haven’t shown much and for them they sent Bolsinger to the minors, great plan this front office has.

        1. Ronnie I agree all I am saying is they have new ownership that has a fiscal reason to win, will more than likely keep the team long term so they can make huge profits as they transittion the team to more cost controlled Home Grown talent. Always remember this is Stan (Ran the Braves) Kasten running things. They have a long term plan and hired a very highly rated front office. Latos pitched well the first game terribly the second. Lets see how he does after 5 or 6 appearances. He is on a contract year so he is attempting to be great. Wood pitched well the first game and lets see how he does. Baseball is a marathon. I have been surprised at Johnson’s inability to close out innings. Avilan has pitched OK. The Front Office seems to have a problem with pitchers. McCarthy, Hatcher, Peralta, Nicasio and Liberatore are not shining bull pen forces. McCarthy was just a dumb signing. Anderson has turned out really well. I have read a lot on Latos and when his knee has been healthy as it supposedly is he is a dominant pitcher. Lets see how he does. Wood I like he is kind of a Funky Left handed Bolsinger as his curve is his best pitch and does not have a high velocity fastball. They inherited this team. The defense is better. I think Pederson will eventually be a very good not great CF. Seager, Urias, Deleon and Holmes are on the horizon next year or the year after as are Schebler, Sweeney and the new p/u from the Braves cannot think of his name. Some of these very good Farm Kids I hope they turn into pitching depth. Especially in the BP for next year. When McCarthy and Ryu went down I did not figure the Baseball Odds were in align for us this year. Next year they should have enough starting pitching and young guns to trade tto shore up the pitching. If next year they have an infield of Gonzo, Kendrick, Seager and Turner that is a very potentt line up. Especaily if Grandal continues to hit.

  10. I’m usually all over the Friedman calculator nerd regime….but he got down this time. He and his college boys pulled off a great, no-lose trade for us. Giving up Olivera may have also been addition by subtraction. (All the dumb injuries, etc he has had all year). Latos and Wood can help immediately….Morse can possibly be a good bench option in September and October. Jim Johnson can also help our wildly unpredictable bullpen. But the best part of the deal is the youngster Peraza. He has future leadoff hitter written all over him, and we can now stop pretending Joc Pedersen is anything other than a simple slugger who draws walks, plays good defense and is a charismatic kid. He cannot run and has no business leading off for any team. GREAT trade. Brilliant job by Friedman’s front office.

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