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Dodgers: Corey Seager and Walker Buehler Praise a Healthy Mookie Betts

It turns out this Mookie Betts guy is pretty good at baseball. The Dodgers’ All-Star outfielder has battled a myriad of injuries this season all robbing him of his MVP form. Still, he’s a proven difference maker even when not at his best.

We saw a bit more of his best on Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium when he hit a homer while getting on base three times, robbed a homer, and scored from first base on a play just three weeks ago he had no shot at doing.

“We’re a lot better team when he’s out in the field healthy,” Corey Seager said. “What he can do, all around, he showed it tonight.”

Dave Roberts was on the fence after the game about whether Mookie would have scored from first base earlier in the season, adding that “he might have but it might’ve come at a cost.” At any rate, Doc was just happy to be having a chat like this about Mookie at all

Big hit, big homer, big walk, scoring from first base. There was a stolen base attempt. So when he’s doing things like that, being dynamic, you know his body’s feeling better. You look back a week to 10 days ago… this conversation we’re having, it didn’t seem like it was gonna happen.

While Betts is hitting just .176 since coming off the injured list a week ago, his OPS of .893 is showing a better picture of the player he is when he’s right. Even while fighting through bad luck (.091 BABIP).

That’s Mookie, that’s why he’s here. That’s why we signed him the way we did. He’s a special player and does a lot of things really well on the field,” Walker Buehler said after the game.

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    1. Major League Pitching. Ever tried to hit a 95-100 mph pitch? Or vicious sliders over 90?

      I faced several guys in college who had that kind of stuff. Even great hitters fail 70% of the time. If you’re gonna diss Mookie for a bad night, show me your baseball resume…if you ever played the game at all.

  1. Oh yeah, he’s a real warrior.
    He’s a highly, 365 Million, paid jock.
    A ton of money, to perform.
    Nothing more or less.

    1. I can tell you never made it out of right field in little league. Used to cry when a hard thrower was on the mound. You should take up knitting instead of whining.

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