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Dodgers: Corey Seager Exits Game Early With Apparent Injury

The Dodgers must have things going too well for them, something had to even out eventually. Corey Seager had to exit during the 3rd inning of the game on Friday with an apparent injury. 

On a groundball that went to Chris Taylor at second, Seager ranged a few steps to his left very slowly. He immediately called the Dodgers medical staff out and exited the game. The staff walked him off under his own power, so it is unclear what happened. He did appear to be walking gingerly though and has a history of lower-body issues. 

If Seager has to miss any significant amount of time, the Dodgers will be without one of their best hitters. He had been crushing the ball as of late hitting for extra-bases almost on a daily basis. Seager is coming off of a year of hamstring injuries in 2019. He is also coming off of Tommy John surgery and hip surgery from the year prior. 

Seager had already been nursing some calf and quad tightness in the last few days. He sat out the Dodgers’ first two games against the Padres, being held to just DH duties. 

Hernandez came into the game at second base to replace Seager as Chris Taylor moved over to shortstop. We will update as we have more information here.

UPDATE: The Dodgers are officially calling it low back discomfort for Corey Seager. Happened on the play where he dove at short on a ball in the hole earlier in the game.  

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  1. Maybe he didn’t drink enough water again smh, but in all seriousness it’s looking like Seager is going to be a “one of those guys” types who had the skills to have a great career but injuries will shorten all his seasons. Tulo and Nomar come to mind

  2. Lux is still alive last Rome I checked. Seager built like glass Or proceed with caution type player.

  3. Seager should consider for the team, to play a less physically demanding defensive position; he’s not a Cal Ripken. A team needs his bat, a Derek Jeter he’s not. I’m a fan, just being factual and want the best for the Dodgers. Lindor?

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