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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Returns to Starting Lineup Ahead of Schedule

After exiting the game last Sunday in Arizona, Mookie Betts has been sidelined with an issue on his left middle finger, missing the entire series in San Diego. Though there was some fear that the star right fielder could potentially head to the injured list, that was dispelled when the Dodgers released a lineup featuring his name for Friday night’s game against the Giants.

While Mookie is considerably better, he may not be completely out of the woods yet. However, manager Dave Roberts explained to the media before the game that all the necessary precautions have been made.

I think that we did a nice job with Mookie as far as making sure he doesn’t regress as far as the injury. The training staff has done a fantastic job getting him back to health. And Mookie’s a very good patient and eager to get back.

In his first season with Los Angeles, Betts is batting .289 with 2 home runs, 6 runs batted in, and 7 runs scored while mostly batting first and second in the lineup. While the Dodgers were able to happily win the series against the Padres in San Diego without him, the lineup looks a whole lot better with him in it.

As for why Friday was the day that the slugger makes his return to the lineup after more troubling reports early on Wednesday, Doc said that it was a culmination of hard work and perhaps a good night’s sleep.

Mookie is batting second in the lineup on Friday facing off against SF’s Jeff Samardzija (0-1, 9.31 ERA).

Clint Pasillas

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  1. The impressive thing about the Dodgers current streak is that they have Bellinger, Muncy, Barnes, & Smith all not hitting with Betts out of the lineup and they are still winning. The pitching staff has been incredible and the Dodgers may have the best bullpen in baseball.

    Thankfully Pollock, Pederson & Seager have been hot. Very hopeful with some rest and DH stints both Pollock and Turner can keep fresh we will need them in the playoffs.

    Not looking forward to Wood coming back and taking May out of the rotation. May is better than Wood on May’s off day.

    Cannot believe the Dodgers have the preeminent lead off hitter in the game and that idiot Roberts still want to “shake up” the line up what a moron. Muncy batting lead off tonight.

  2. They are paying 350m for a lead off hitter and he isn’t one. Shows you the level of intellect in the Dodger’s organization. Meanwhile Alex Verdugo now healthy is becoming the best player in the AL

    1. Of course he is. Everyone plays better when they leave. They also miraculously stop choking in the playoffs. I see Bellinger dominating for the Yankees in October in the future

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