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Dodgers Could Have Been Team of the Decade According To This Stat

Already, we have examined the Los Angeles Dodgers’ most memorable moments of the past decade. In addition, we took a look at their top-10 home runs of the decade gone by.

Now another noteworthy item about the past decade slides across the desk, and it shouldn’t be glossed over. Typically I have felt and said that to be a Dodgers fan right now is living a charmed life. On MLB’s official Instagram page, a stat was posted that exhibits that well. Indeed, the Dodgers nearly had the most regular season wins in the 2010s; finishing just two behind the New York Yankees.

Take a look below – and realize that since the 2010 season began – the Dodgers have won about 92 games per season. Furthermore, that works out to be 919 wins. That’s a lot of winning.

Altogether, here are how the top five teams stack up over the past decade:

  1. New York Yankees (921 wins)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (919 wins)
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (899 wins)
  4. Washington Nationals (879 wins)
  5. Boston Red Sox (872 wins)
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Obviously this makes the Dodgers the winningest regular season team in the NL during that timespan. Sure, many of you will comment below and talk about how there was no World Series victory. In saying that, you are correct.

Still, it beats the alternative. I assure you that 90 percent of teams in the league would trade places for the success that the Dodgers have had. Ultimately, they just haven’t finished it off. By and large, it’s still been a lot of enjoyable baseball that makes things a bit more lively in these parts.

And it could be that the best is yet to come, since a new decade has begun.

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  1. If the Dodgers are the team of decade, why haven’t they won a championship for over three decades? You have to win championships. The Giants winning in 2010, 2012 and 2014 dwarfs everything the Dodgers have done in the past half century.

    1. I think many have said it before. Everyone gets a trophy mentality. The Dodgers even have sabermetrics now as a ” pretend” stat. Let’s pretend our farm players are all going to be Hank Aaron so don’t trade them! Let’s pretend we’ re the team of the decade! Maybe if they say it enough the apologists will reward them with more attendance! Don we always had a belief playing sports that losers always make excuses. ” could of” would of” ” should of were losers excuses!

      1. Perfectly stated Kirk! What’s infuriating is that Friedman realizes that impact player(s) are needed to push them over the top and actually stated he wanted to acquire one (hopefully more) and then sits on his hands while all the impact free agents fall off the board, taken by teams with much lower revenue streams than the Dodgers. I have to keep reminding myself that this is what he was hired to do – run things like a small market team and spend just enough to keep the lemmings hopeful (and spending) while filling the pockets of ownership.

        1. Casey, I also am of the belief that just maybe , players from the outside are not necessarily ‘all in’ on how Freidman and Roberts manage the daily business of in game player management. And specifically many may not be ‘all in’ on how Roberts handles the pitching staff. I heard some say that all teams go by the L-R-L-R match ups but not the way the Dodgers feel they have to do every time a team faces a LHP And to this day, Dodgers are still lacking on impact players who are RH. It’s why we see guys like Kiki and Taylor, 2 utility players in the lineup when a LHP goes.

    2. The Giants sucking the last 5 years completely eliminates any good from their 3 Championships. They’re a soft team and I think “easy wins” when I see them on the schedule now. The only team I’d trade records with over the last 10 or 15 years is the Red Sox.

    3. In total agreement with you. Altough I am a die hard Dodger fan, there is no other way around it, the Giants were the team of the decade. Is all about winning championships and 3 world series in a decade is just an amazing accomplishment. Lets not take this from the Giants.

  2. Clint, what’s our postseason record in that time? Probably 500. Or better yet, the last 3 and a half decades….?

  3. I don’t know what the Tigers were asking for in a trade with Verlander, but if the front office had offered more, Verlander comes to L.A. instead of choker Darvish. That alone was the difference in the 2017 World Series.

    Then, how many more do they win after that? While I applaud the front office hanging on to Bellinger, Seager, Buehler, Verdugo, Smith, and Lux (and now holding on to those plus May, Peters and Gonsolin), there were others that could have been included, most notably Alvarez (then #4 prospect) who has fallen off the face of the Earth.

    1. Well to be honest there was the mis handling of the pitching by Roberts that made a huge difference in that series, and even though baseballs were said to be ‘juiced’ at that time our lovely pitching staff surrendered a WS record of 15 HR’s in those 7 games. Now that being said, it had a great deal to do with the Astros having been found to be big time cheaters and if MLB had any integrity at all they would strip the Astros of their WS title and make 2017 null and void of any WS winner.

  4. Bet the Giants wouldn’t trade places with Dodgers! And, it’s probably only about 77% of teams would trade places, not 90%. 7 different teams win WS Titles in 2010’s. BTW 19 teams have won titles since Dodgers won one.
    That being said, it is more fun to watch a winning team play, than a losing team!

  5. Get serious clint. Take away 10 or 15 wins per year because they played one half their games against really bad teams and they are probably not in the top 10. Or give teams in the east 10 or 15 games a year because they play in a tough division. Wins are not especially relevant year to year owing to the hugh disparity usually experienced. 90 wins for one team is equivalent to100 wins for another team.

  6. Dodgers are the best team in the NL, and the future is bright for that run to continue. They will win a World Series soon enough. In the meantime, we have a great young team, getting better and stronger every year!

    1. 2017 Dodgers almost win World Series. 2018 Dodgers not competitive in World Series. 2019 Dodgers don’t even make World Series. How is that “getting better?”

  7. There is no doubt that there is some truth in this article, but there is also a great deal of Context to be considered. For the vast majority of the 2010’s we have played in the least competitive Division in (at least) the National League. I’ve been a HUGE Dodger Fan for almost 60 years. THAT is a tough thing to be. It toughens you. It makes you see situations, teams, AND ACTIONS as reality and less with your heart. We have had some great talents over the years. The exit of the McCourt and arrival of Guggenheim seemed to be a tremendous blessing – and generally it has been. However, THE FACTS ARE that ZERO top tier talent has been added from the outside to fill the team’s holes after the near miss 2017 WS loss. As a result we were less competitive against the MLB’s best in 2018 and even LESS competitive in 2019. Sadly, in today’s world only actions and in-actions can be trusted. Words – not so much anymore. So Kasten’s assurances weighed against continued failures to act, mean nothing to most of us. Prove us wrong [Guggenheim/Kasten/Friedman], PROVE US WRONG.

  8. The best is yet to come, the real dodger fans know better than to believe that. Its just not in their pedigree, its embarrassing to watch every time the playoffs come along. But remember their is good season baseball next year is just pathetic to tell the fans.

    1. The fact that some “fans” here have actually said they’d rather have the good seasons over a championship tells me they are sent here from somewhere. No real dodger fan feels that way

      1. A real dodger fan does not complaint or crie and they do not get send hêre from nowhere,it sounds to me “YOU” got send hêre.
        wether is the goodseasons over championships if you know baseball the best of the dodgers is just getting started.

  9. A real dodger fan does not complaint or crie and they do not get send hêre from nowhere,it sounds to me “YOU” got send hêre.
    wether is the goodseasons over championships if you know baseball the best of the dodgers is just getting started.

  10. We’ll Dodgers could have won at least 4 world series if dumb magmt had replaced mattingly in 2014 with a smarter manager and never hired dumb roberts in the first place

  11. lets see who is best since 1950—-
    DODGERS—1952-1953-1955-1956-1959–1963-1965-1966-1974-1977-1978-1981-1988-2017-2018—–15 titles
    GIANTS—1951–1954–1962–1989–2002–2010-2012–2014—-8 titles
    only the Yankees have more
    1950-51-52-53-55-56-57-58-60-61-62-63-64–76-77-78-81-97-98-99-00-01-08-09—24 titles
    so who is the best

  12. Neither the Yankees nor the Dodgers won the WS in the 2010s. You don’t have to guess what Darth Steinbrenner would have said about winning the most games in a decade without winning a World Series.

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