WATCH: Dodgers Memorable Moments of the Last Decade

Happy 2020! As an early treat from the Dodgers, the media team curated a list of some of the best of the best moments that defined the decade of the 2010s.

In a decade where the Dodgers were the second-winningest franchise in MLB, big moments are sure to be sprinkled all over the place.

Do you think the Dodgers hit the nail on the head with those moments? Was anything missing or did something not belong? Feel free to discuss in the comments below!

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Here’s where the only problem Lies. We were the 2 – n- d most winning ” regular season” team of the decade. That’s what the deception is. Giants won 3 World series Sox 2 Cards, Cubs etc. … Lot of great baseball played April through Sept! For sure!

  2. I’d rather forget this decade culturally musically politically and the endless choking of LA sports teams

  3. NO, no doubt actually the last two were really disappointing for Dodgers fans. Not for the Lakers though, 5 championships, and 7 finals appearances out of 10. Thank goodness we have the Lakers, did you see where their working on getting Collision or Igudalla? Pelinka says he’s never satisfied with making the roster stronger in the process of winning a championship! Think if the Lakers had the money ball strategy, where they believed they could win championships witheir G league team, wouldn’t pay any large contracts and their philosophy was ” the playoffs are a crap shoot,” . Maybe Jeanie and Pelinka could have a 101 course offered to Friedman on the basic formula on winning philosophy for a pro sports franchise.

    1. Me here, I enjoyed the Lakers run In the 2000’s very much and have always appreciated how they operate they are all about championships. I’m glad Pelinka is still looking for more players, if this was Friedman he’d look at that 27-7 record and think the championship is a lock while he pats himself on the back. Even this team could use more I hope they get collison or iguadala you never know who you might need down the road when things get tougher

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