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Dodgers Could Hold Interest In Right-Handed Utility Free Agent

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ lineup is left-handed heavy. Because of this, any right-handed hitter with pop and versatility could be perceived as a fit. Moreover, Pedro Gomez of ESPN said on twitter that Flores is going to be on the move sooner rather than later. Equally important, he’s a hot commodity in the NL West.

This is a good indicator that the Dodgers would hold interest, right?

The 27-year old Venezuela native has logged time at every infield spot in his six year career. Interesting is that he has spent about an equal amount of time at each spot in terms of games played (see his BBREF page here).

Flores is an interesting option – and provides some pop from the right side of the plate. He’s logged double-digit totals in home runs in each of the past four seasons. During that timespan, his OPS is .750 which can be dangerous enough for a player of his type in the right spot. His career OPS against southpaws jumps to .780, which could help Los Angeles.

We know from last year’s platoon lineups that versatility will earn you favor on the Dodgers’ lineup card.

Still, other teams hold interest and the Dodgers’ path to Flores could be a complicated one. However, no official report exists that has the Dodgers in on Flores at the current time. Connecting the dots, it would seem that this is a possible fit. The Dodgers have been rumored to somewhat similar players Josh Harrison, D.J. Lemahieu, and Nick Castellanos.

What would you think about the Dodgers signing Flores to provide depth around the infield? Are you thumbs up or thumbs down on this player? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Big thumbs down! Dodgers already have David Freese to backup 1b and 3b with Hernandez, Taylor, and Muncy as options for 2b. My preference for Dodgers, Marwin Gonzalez.

  2. It’s very challenging to Wade through the detritus when it comes to what areas of need the Dodgers have. When all of the sexy free agents are starting to come off the board, the Dodgers restraint to say the least is testing one’s patience. the reality is that with the multi-position approach the Dodgers have, really only the catching position and the early part of the shortstop position while Corey Seager matriculates back to the team, will be tested. The Dodgers have a system, one in which players locked in at a position can be counterproductive. Look for them to make very minor moves going forward.

  3. Why would the Dodgers bother with another right handed utility player? Taylor and Kike can play anywhere, and they’ve got Freese on the bench. There is no way the Dodgers sign Flores unless Kike or Taylor are being dealt.

  4. I can’t tell y’all how frustrating the Dodgers are. They saved money as far as the payroll penalty last year. I thought they did that to reset and make a serious push. So, what do they do? They save more money only to bring in Joe Kelly and Russell Martin? 2 WS appearances in a row and THIS is how you IMPROVE? It’s a joke!

  5. Flores is a nice player to have but we dont need him. We need a big right handed bat to play a corner outfield position. Castellanes has the bat but a weak glove. There has to be another option other than the 300 million man.

    1. Gary, you are correct…we need a right-handed bat (slugger) to play OF Corner.

      And as SoCalBum says…patience! We are in an era of instant gratification, and every move, big or small, gets a knee-jerk reaction. We are in the middle of a chess game, and we are not the players. We don’t know the strategies. Every move has a purpose, and we do not necessarily know what that purpose is. As observers, I think that most of us see accurately what our needs are, but we fail to see the strategies to address any or all of our perceived needs as of yet. Let us give this some time to play itself out, and then see how we react when the chess game ends. And don’t forget to be forward thinking…there are more possibilities waiting for the mid and late season.

      1. Well said, Pacifirck, and Dodgers management knows what they are doing. Lots of good heads are there.

  6. This is frustrating. After losing Kemp, Machado, Wood, Grandal, Dozier, etc we’ve only signed Kelly and traded for Martin. That’s not acceptable. We haven’t improved anywhere except getting Seager back. What’s the deal Friedman? At what point do you put this team over the top?

  7. Dodger fan who lives in NJ and also sees a lot of Mets games. Flores is a gamer with some upside depending upon playing time. Numders don’t tell it all. Very clutch.

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