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Rival Executives Believe Dodgers Are Frontrunner To Sign DJ LeMahieu

The Los Angeles Dodgers have emerged yet again as a frontrunner for a marquee free agent bat. Remember back in November when the Dodgers were reported to have emerging interest in former Colorado Rockies second baseman DJ LeMahieu? Now, that interest appears to have grown.

Mark Feinsand of reported on Thursday night that Los Angeles is honing in on LeMahieu, with the Giants also in pursuit.

We have talked about the Dodgers being in on many right-handed bats due to their shortage of them in the everyday lineup. Still, LeMahieu is an interesting case.

LeMahieu enters his age-30 season coming off a 2018 that saw him hit .276 with a .749 OPS in Colorado. However, the prior three seasons he was a .300 hitter; including a 2016 batting title (.347). Without doubt, the home and road splits are a red flag for concern. LeMahieu does not offer much in the way of position versatility – appearing in 892 of his career 941 games at second base.

This move would figure to slide Chris Taylor and Kiké Hernandez to the outfield with regularity. If you’re the Los Angeles front office, do you pull the trigger on this move?

It will be interesting to see the dollar amount that LeMahieu commands. Furthermore, it would be great to be a fly on the wall in the Dodgers’ front office right now. One is fair to wonder what kind of upgrade that LeMahieu provides in those eyes. Chavez Ravine in all it’s beauty is not the hitter’s haven that Coors Field is.

This is a storyline worth keeping a pulse on.

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  1. “DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!” DON’T DO IT! Below average hitter away from Coors and limited to one position. Sign Marwin Gonzalez who fits the Dodgers mold of playing multiple positions and insert him at 2b and another backup for Seager at SS when it needs a few days off.

  2. Interesting if cost isn’t out of line. Could be your everyday 2Bman. I believe he could be a 300 hitter again if not platooned as frequently as the Dodgers love to do. If platooning is the Dodgers chosen route (poor decision IMO) then he probably isn’t worth pursuing.

  3. No mention of Lemahieu’s defensive value, nor his injury history? Also, I doubt any scout believes LeMahieu is an “impact bat”. Mr. Evans, I believe your article is lazy, and lacks substance and research.

  4. Guy who used to have great number but is declining? Yeah, sounds like a Dodger pick.
    It’s hard to choose.

  5. Since the Dodgers play about 12 games in Denver in 2019, LeMahieu will play 150 games “on the road” (away from Coors Field). If his road splits hold up that’s not a good formula. I know I’ll get blasted for this but I think they should have resigned Dozier to a one year deal. With his bone bruise healed I think Dozier will regain his form in 2019. He played hurt in ’18 and didn’t make it an excuse, plus he’s known as a hard worker and a good club house guy. I hope the FO isn’t coming down with a case of the “do something disease.”

  6. I agree with the Dozier comment. I believe he will have a better 2019 season now that he’s been here a bit.
    Resign Dozier and give him a real shot. I believe he will be everything we are looking for at 2nd base.

  7. I am conflicted on him. Yes a .298 career hitter and hits both RH and LH pitchers. However, as mentioned his home away splits are concerning as he ha hit .330 at Coors and only .264 away from Coors for his career. Much worse than that last year. He will provide Gold Glove defense at 2B, but offensively how much better than Taylor or Hernandez is the question? I would definitely not give him more than two years as I don’t want to block Lux. I would probably prefer to put Taylor there and find a good RH Outfielder. Pollock? Yea, I know he is injury prone. I would put more priority on C.

  8. Well I guess that was just speculation. Another player linked to the Dodgers signs with another team for very average dollars. It’s starting to look like one of the most wealthy teams in baseball are sticking to their plan to stay under the unofficial salary cap. This is definitely a problem for the four million plus fans that fill Dodger Stadium every season. This team asks more from its fans than any other franchise. This isn’t Tampa Mr. Friedman !

  9. Dozier will excel without being platooned. Big middle finger to you Friedman and your dorky minions I’m starting to become resentful and full of anger part of me wants the dodgers to keep failing at their ultimate goal because they make it extra hard on themselves and that’s a slap in the face tonthe players and fans. Just pick a team/identity and play baseball. Guarantee a title willl be wom a mot easier than trying to be 4 different teams and slowing down your own players

  10. (IF) taylor and kiki as so important, why are they not starters and hit both right and left pitchers…….lemahieu has proven to be able to hit left and right pitchers and stats are made by the protection of surrounding players in the line-up….this musical chair system the dodgers are trying to implement doesn’t protect players and help them from the threat of being benched……they are signed to play and then the team decides where to (use) them…..that could be any position…..this doesn’t give stability to a team or to a player to prepare for a game

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