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Dodgers Credits: Vin Scully Receives Key to the City, The Best Vin Goodbyes and Tributes, Fan Art, Corey Seager, and More!

It’s Vin Scully Appreciation Day, which is the start of Vin Scully Weekend, so we have an abundance of Vin Scully and we are not complaining one bit!

After 67 years of service to the Dodgers, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will be presenting Vin with the key to the city. This will be happening before the game tonight, as well as a tribute to Vin from many big names.

It’s always tough to say goodbye, and it’s not going to be easy to say it when Vin calls his last game. Take a look at all the best goodbyes and tributes to the legendary broadcaster from all the people he had an affect on throughout the years.

Corey Seager has quickly become a Dodger fan favorite. With his rookie year coming to an end, we examine just how he’s done in his first year.

Also, check out some cool Vin Scully fan art!

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