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Dodgers Current Roster May Not be Enough to Win When it Matters Most

The Dodgers are a very good baseball team — like, excellent. They lost Hyun-Jin Ryu in free agency to the Toronto Blue Jays and are still basically a 100-win ball club. However, with reliever Blake Treinen being the only needle-moving acquisition this off-season, the team has only gotten worse on paper from last season. It’s time that they stop being regular season champions and turn themselves into World Series champions.

A signing of arguably the best pitcher in baseball, Gerrit Cole, or star third baseman Anthony Rendon was not a need — it was a want. However, the lack of an impact move only allows other contenders to get better while the Dodgers stay stagnant.

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As Andy McCullough of The Athletic wrote about in a recent column, there is a sense of urgency — or there should be for the Dodgers — but one thing rings true: the Dodgers will win the NL West title for the eighth straight year. However, the roster as presently constructed has a so-so chance of winning what matters most.

One official in the NL West had this to say about Los Angeles:

“The Dodgers just make things so much harder for us.”

Clayton Kershaw also chimed in:

“Over the years here, I’m just thankful. Not every player gets to be on a team in the position that we are, every single year. I think we’re right at the top of the National League again. With whatever happens between now and spring training, or at the trade deadline or whatever, it’ll just make us better.”

There are players on the Dodgers roster who have never played a season of their careers without making the playoffs — namely Cody Bellinger, Walker Buehler, and Corey Seager. That will likely remain for years to come. However, none have rings on their fingers. Kershaw and Jansen don’t. Justin Turner doesn’t. That needs to change.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts still envisions changes to the roster. He said the following even before the big three free agents signed lucrative deals this winter:

“This is probably the most turnover we’ll have from one season to the next.”

He is still sticking with that philosophy:

“I think that you’ve got to shuffle the deck sometimes. Although we’ve had a lot of consistency, I think that for us to keep things fresh is a good thing. I think that you don’t ever want to get stagnant and complacent.”

Good words to hear from the Dodgers’ manager.


Fans are allowed to be discouraged — they should be. When the drought goes on for 32 seasons, it’s a little too much. The Dodgers have been in prime position to win a World Series on numerous occasions now, but they have failed to do so. The recipe and roster needs change and this winter seems like the prime time to embrace it.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Why another article trying to understand why the Dodgers need to acquire elite players? Guggenheim does not care. Even if fans boycott, they still make hundreds of millions. Between season ticket holders and brokers, they already have all they need. Between gambling, advertising and merchandising Guggenheim has won all they care about, and it ain’t games. That is why there is no urgency to acquire anything but to keep the Dodgers “competitive.” Sorry to be the wet blanket to this Dodger party, but them’s the facts. I’m never disappointment attending Dodger games becasue I don’t expect anything more than a nice night out with the family, eating hotdogs. I go home and go to work the next day. I don’t watch them on TV and the number of games I go to has dropped by 80%, but I still enjoy going.

    1. Mike you are bang on about this LAD organization! I would just add that the Friedman’s and the BB Ops dept are doing exactly what they were hired to do..,,Stay very competitive, keep the revenues flowing in and keep the PR at or below the Lux Tax threshold! As a business model it is impeccable! But the bottom line is all that matters to a business period. They are smart and have tremendous business acumen..,They are billionaires, they are the Guggenheim Group! The fans are never a consideration for them and players either fit under their plan or do not! They will always stay competitive in the weak NL West, but it’s simply not enough! The track record is perfect and it will continue with no intents to compete with the Yankees or for a Title! Do
      Not kid yourselves folks & don’t bye the big empty hype!

  2. I agree the ownership does not care. They will not win a championship until they are sold to someone who cares.

      1. Moore than these guys. Just ask Mark Walter why he doesn’t do what is needed to win a championship. He will say he is. Of course he has NOTHING TO BACK THIS UP. Re-configuring the stadium does not help win championships but it does allow for more seats to be bought and thus revenue for the owners. Not pursuing free agents and relying on unproven, young talent like Lux or May doesn’t get championships but it does keep the payroll low which means more revenue for the owners. Having a TV contract that no one has access to does not help win a championship but it does provide more revenue to the owners. The owners are getting everything they want. WHEN ARE THE PEOPLE MAKING IT ALL POSSIBLE, THE PAYING PUBLIC, GOING TO GET WHAT THEY WANT?????? NEVER IF GUGGENHEI< CONTUNUES TO MANAGE FOR THEIR GOOD AND NOT FOR THE COMMUNITY. AT THAT POINT THEY SHULD JUST CALL THEM THE GUGGENHEIM DODGERS AND WE CAN ALL START FOLLOWING THE ANGELS!!!

      2. I think Peter & Walter O’Malley really did care! Yes!
        Don’t think I can say the same about Fox, McCourt & this group though! Proofs in the World Series Trophy!!

    1. They will not win with Dave Roberts as manager, simple as that.
      Anyone could win the West with the players LA has.
      Roberts doesn’t know how to prepare players for October and is regularly out-managed by the opposition.
      Roberts has already had too many chances and should be released.

      1. JON.. Honestly that is an OUSTANDING post yu just made. Unbelievable just how true every letter in your paragraph about Roberts is so right on the money! I agree and don’t think that most of the FA’s and other players still out there are not fully aware of how Roberts manages in October and one reason , besides the lineup shuffling and L-R-L-R match ups daily, that could be why they prefer NOT to come here.

  3. At least Daniel and Clint are finally reflecting how we fans regard the Dodgers FO. Finally when the media gets on board and the truth is admitted, is when positive change can occur! But the only thing the media better watch out for is they keep writing that the Dodgers have the division all sewn up! The arrogance and overconfidence of this org is yet another example of Kasten and Friedman’s Euphoric indifference to MLB idealism. There are 162 games in a season and injuries do happen. Verdugo , Urius, Seager,Turner,Pollock, Taylor to name a few have all had past problems. Then if Smith and Lux, Jansen, Kelly etc all start where they finished last year, that division title could be not such a lock. This team digressed in 19, haven’t done anything to improve so far and with what they have may most likely be fighting for a wild card.

    1. There is a lot of truth to your post, but also flaws. Improvement doesn’t always have to be made in sports but acquiring veteran/proven players. The Dodger’s are still a young team and several of their core players are still growing/improving from experience. Verdugo, Lux, Urias, Smith, May, and even Bellinger are still developing as players and haven’t reached their potential. That’s a 1/4 of the roster. Look at the huge growth CB made last year even with a poor 2nd half. Each of those players still has a ton of potential to improve. This FO isn’t being as cheap as most accuse of them of, they are trusting their player development and the process.

  4. Haven’t the Dodgers already proved that this roster isn’t good enough to win WS? Not sure the point of this article.

    1. All I know Tim is if the Dodgers don’t get more than 220 avgs from their Rookie replacements, and Urius,Gonsolin and May are all around 4.0 Era, this will be a 500 team. That means instead of them trying to win it all with their triple A players, they will have to start in with the double A group.

      1. IF!!!!! Astros don’t cheat no one would be talking about Dodgers lack of WS championship!

          1. AZUL, just read your comments and I am in agreement with you!!!! This Hot Stove season is beginning to look like a bad novel entitled, “Much Ado About Nothing”. Same as 2019 minus Ryu, and we are all one year older. Go Blue!!!! And, Happy New Year to you and PD, Jr.!!!

      2. A veteran presence with a few guys on the roster is a must and we have seen the last few successful teams in the PS won with the help aof a few who have been around so to speak. I like the fact that this team is younger for sure, but it’s not fair to expect a roster of only guys from the farm to go deep in October. One thing the Nats showed besides playing good baseball at the right time is have a great starting rotation and basically that was key for them winning the WS. As MLB
        s Mark De rosa says, ya got to have the ‘donkeys’ in the front of rotation

        1. How many players on the Dodgers 2017 and 2018 rosters were “only guys from the farm?”

          1. I am not saying that those teams had rosters of only guys from the farm, but responding to the notion some have brought up that Dodgers may and I say now rely on mostly guys from the farm this coming year, wss. Just pointing out the veteran presence that was part of the last few WS winners. But when all is said and done, we came up short the last several years and many including me, feel that we might have won a WS by now if it weren’t for how the team, however comprised was managed, lineups and pitching decisions by Roberts. Honestly Roberts is my main issue as far as the Dodgers are concerned and how he said he would do the exact same things he did in game 5 of the NLDS no matter what. What I am still hoping for is maybe another front line SP and an impact RHB that Freidman and Co. themselves have said is a real need

        2. How many years do those donkeys need to be in front, though. You could argue they were more like Jack Asses in previous post-season runs. What the Nats did is stick to a plan and finally their number came up. Even to the extent of allowing one of the better players in the Majors leave and replacing him with a farmhand.

          1. Their number came up? How do you go about putting that together? This is the kind of comments being circulated by pseudo Dodger fans.

  5. I usually come through this from left field, but…I hate to be a wet blanket as well. There is a reason why we havn’t landed a free agent we have targeted. Word is outz my friends: Dodgers aren’t going to be the contenders they once were. Who are we kidding? By EVERYONE’S account, that team last year was the best team they had fielded. Now they have re gr regressed. For Rendon to say he’s not the Hollywood type, but ends up in O.C. really? Cole? Nope. I can’t blame them: why work tour tails off to just fail in the poat-season by some really bad in game management. And now the pressure’s out there to sign someone…can you say give a way a lot of the farm for Betts or Francour? Betts won’t be the same player he was in Boston (remember Darryl Strawberry?). Anyway, it is a great story, but sorry, I think we are not approaching WS for a while now folks.

  6. I agree with Harland, the owner don’t care of winning it all. They made there money and ownership is happy with themselves. I hope a new owner that wants to win will buy the Dodgers. I know they aren’t for sale, but please Guggenheim, sell the team for someone who wants to win. All you guys care about, you guys got. Now it’s time to in. As ownership, you guys suck.

  7. The “32-year drought” can be directly attributed to the idiot TV execs owning the team, chasing away Mike Scioscia, trading Pedro Martinez and Paul Konerko (instead of Eric Karros), and not re-signing Adrian Beltre. Then selling the team to bigger idiot McCourt.

    Sign 3B Donaldson and LET THE KIDS PLAY!

  8. And what else is new,, has not been for last two years.. tell us something we don’t know… smh walking away

  9. This guy is a tool! Just making excuses and sugar coating the obvious. Only thing I agree with is going after an infielder because of “a name” isn’t necessary. Dodgers, yet again, didn’t go after a quality pitcher. With Ryu gone and Hill not able to pitch til around July, pitching, once again, should have been the priority. After I went to both the 2017 and 2018 World Series it seems to me that the management doesn’t want to spend money. But yet, let’s put millions into the outfield renovations! And you know all ticket prices are going to increase dramatically because of the renovations. I don’t give a s*** if I sit on a pine bench or a cushioned seat. Let’s play at a competitive level. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we won the division 7 years in a row. Whoopty freakin doo! Mr Lasorda said it best, It don’t mean s*** if you can’t win game 7.” Too many poor decision making on and off the field.In my opinion, the GM and Manager need to go.

  10. All of you guys are unbelievable! Ownership group has put a winning team on the field for “US” fans from day1! They have a system that works! The reason everyone wants our prospects is because they are going to be really good! Track record speaks volumes where other organizations fail. Don’t be haters!!! Be thankful!

    Now if the Dodgers did trade Lux, Lindor would be terrific, but CLE wants our best pitcher in May too. Be careful, this might be another Pedro shipped off!

  11. HOGWASH! What a bunch of pretend fans! Dodgers have won 302 regular season games in the last 3 seasons, and so called fans whine because they have not won the World Series. Bunch of spoiled fans — go root for the Angels, or Padres, or anyone other than the Dodgers! You don’t deserve to be called Dodgers fans.

    1. Enjoy your season wins you loser you have a losers mentality and make loser justifications ohhhhhh 302 meaningless wins how great I’m sure Giants, Cubs, Astros Redsox and Nats fans are sooooooo jealous they’d trade their actual championships for all those meaningless wins LOL and why would you suggest the Angels or Padres as a new team lmao afraid to suggest a team that’s actually done something?

      1. You fit the description perfectly. You’re not satisfied being a fan of one of the best teams in MLB, you are so spoiled that a fun team to watch like the Angels or Padres isn’t good enough. OK, go be a fan of the Yankees, or the cheating Astros, or Boston — I don’t care, just as long you no longer are a fan of the Dodgers. Your the spoiled rich kid on Christmas morning that gets everything possible, but is whining by the end of the day that they did not get another present. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear as you are leaving Dodgers fandom.

        1. I’m not going anywhere shiII you wish we would just leave but we will remain to expose this investment ownership using our beloved franchise for money ONLY. We will run these con men out of town like we did McCourt.

  12. I can’t understand the fickle dodger fans. The Nationals won their last 8 regular season games just to qualify as a wild card. They beat the Brewers for nine in a row. They beat the dodgers 3 games to 2 and swept the Cardinals in four. 16 games won out of 18 and the dodgers won those 2. The Astros were the favorite to win the World Series, even over the dodgers but the Nationals survived in 7 games to win the World Series. They were on a hot streak and were destined to beat anybody. The dodgers are still great and destined to win the league without panicking over not being able to sign
    Cole or Rendon. Friedman is the smartest general manager in baseball and will do whatever is necessary to win it all.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ownership sensing that they are losing the public here come the shiIIs

    2. Friedman is the smartest G.M. in baseball? It’s quite obvious by all the quality free agents he’s signed and all the great trades he’s made, isn’t it Buddy? Winning the division year after year means nothing when they ultimately cave in the playoffs.

  13. There has been one and only one probable wirh the Dodgers…. Dave Roberts..
    While I sincerely believe he is a good manager, I don’t entirely blame him, either.
    He has done a superlative job during the season concerning personnel, motivation, and resourcefulness.
    However, you can clearly see, he has had trouble in the playoffs.
    The playoffs are an entirely different animal. For one, you can’t rely as heavily on analytics unless you use past playoff results as a comparison.
    For example, some players are better in the playoffs than in the regular season, others are worse. Usually, there is no I between.
    There are obvious examples of this on the Dodgers, too. Kershaw, for instance, is a great regular season pitcher. Not so great in the playoffs. Should Roberts bench him? No, of course not. But should Kershaw be used differently in the playoffs? Of course!! A manager has to adjust even more in the playoffs, This has been difficult for Roberts especially concerning pitchers (Starters and relievers).
    So, let Roberts coach to the playoffs, then bench him.
    He has a lot to learn about playoffs human nature.

    1. How does a Manager of the Year and who won over 100 games in a season twice and the second most wins over the last three years, become the only problem? You seem to be suggesting that he’s a good manager during the season but should completely switch philosophy for the playoffs One who goes with the guys who are ‘hot’ and leave those who aren’t on the bench – like Bellinger, Seager, Pollock, Smith, Taylor and Kershaw for the ones that come through in the playoffs like Hernandez, Pederson, Beaty and Martin I suppose. Or just goes with gut feelings? I’ll admit that Roberts is part of the problem but when Pollock goes 0 forever and Seager and bellinger combine for .180 with Seager having opportunity after opportunity, I don’t see how that gets pinned on Roberts.

      1. Are you kidding you don’t see how that’s on Roberts? What ldiot continues using Pollock who looked like he never played baseball before? Who continues using any of those guys you mentioned when we built up all this depth. Anyone would’ve been better than those guys. Man the shiIIs are out today boy I tell you what or maybe you’re all just blinded have they really done that bad of a number on you?

  14. I agree with Bum and Buddy, let the fake fans boycott, less traffic at Dodger Stadium for me

  15. Ownership for the Dodgers do not care about wining a championship, all they care about filling the stadium up over the season to Million plus. The fans make it possible for the Dodgers to exist, I think we all deserve a champinship because this is a way of saying thanks, but I don’t think ownership cares!
    It is sad that it has been 31 years since we last won a championship. Anyone can win the division, but it takes a special team, special attitude, focus & care to be a champion!


  17. So cal and buddy, the Nationals won 93 games and won the World series. The Nats division was toughest in baseball! The Astros and Dodgers western divisions were both aweful! The American league was aweful with maybe 3 teams worth a damn. You can gloat about winning in really weak divisions but people that want to see a championship team especially when we have beyond a multitude of finances to do so is neither being fickel or spoiled ! When we spend top dollar on this team for 33 years, and we’ re lied to, promised the moon and told we don’t take these losses as hard as mngt? We have a problem! I don’t know how long you’ve been a fan, but in 33 years we’ be heard it all! For 5 years now we’ve been waiting for this new a-nalytics approach of platooning idiocy, won’t sacrifice, won’t hit and run, won’t squeeze, shifts, sitting hot hitters, just fantasy league nonsense! The team won’t pay for any pitching to match up in Oct is the exact reason we lost to the Bats, they didn’t just get hot!!!! They had to play fundamental baseball the entire season in that division to get there! They had a speed 280 lead off hitter, power, hit for avg throughout the lineup, could hit and run, bunt, squeeze, veterans on the bench! The year before winner had the same, as the year before that! Then to top it off, all of them had big name, big game FAgent pitchers on their rosters! Our team lacks in all of these basic fundamental rules of a winning team! Even if you have the best young players at any level, if they can’t play fundamental baseball , and other teams can! We ain’t winning jack!!!! What I’m asking for, is a FO that will play baseball, and quit fumbling around with our money on a money ball philosophy that hasn’t won jack ever!!!

  18. I’m disappointed LA hasn’t done much yet, especially in the FA arena. With that said I think a couple of players that got away plain and simple didn’t want to play in LA. Beyond that, the headlines to this article is ludicrous. What team has a lineup that will be guaranteed to “win when it matters”? Winning 106 games ought to be a strong indicator. Seems that 101 (Twins), 103 (Yankees), and 107 (Astros) wasn’t either. So who ‘knew that a wild card team with 93 wins was a shoe-in? And what player could the Dodgers add that would make the difference? Houston and the Yankees spent plenty trying to make a difference and it didn’t. Would Cole (who likes the idea of playing as a Yankee), or Rindon (who didn’t like the idea of playing as a Dodger, ot Strasberg (who wanted yo stay with the Nationals) or Bumgarner ( whos wanted to be by his horse) make the difference? And would signing Donaldson or Ryu to long (for their age) contracts be smart?
    Does anyone here really want to give up Lux. May and other for the ‘hope’ (and that’s all it is) of a WS win at the risk of fielding competitive teams in a couple of years? Look at the teams you have bought a WS. They either become crippled by those contracts to players no longer worth them, or they sell of those players and any others with value, to gain room to rebuild. I, for one and maybe only one, don’t want to go back to the days LA was out of the running for the post season in June. I’ve had plenty of those years in between the good years.

  19. best way to evaluate the current roster is to look at how hitters did against the best pitchers/teams. The same for pitching, how did they do against the best of the season.

    Playing HR derby against the also-rans of the game means zilch, zed, zero…

    My impression of the rosters over the past run has been, for all seven seasons, the hitting goes south and pitching is typically still ok but comes an inning or two and *poof*. My impression is the team as a whole is questioning their ability and if they really deserve to be there. They are gun-shy and clearly lack confidence. It’s easy to see watching games against the top tier teams or SP’s.

    The waning confidence needs a Lasorda kick in they collective behinds. That’s what i loved about Lasorda’s style. He was a motivator, yes a rah-rah guy but he never kissed a players ass the way Roberts appears to. Screw this touchy-feely crapola and light a fire under their behinds. And stop the “everyone gets a turn” stuff, it ain’t rec softball fer gawds sakes.

    1. Nailed it Grumpy!! Muncy is the only gamer in that lineup! Question? Didn’t the Dodgers once have the m.v.p. ? What year did they let Howie Kendrick go? In other words, he also left. Didn’t Howie win a big playoff game for us? Did Friedman let him walk? What farm player was waiting in the wings at 2- and base to become the next star? They really don’t know what they- re doing! Rec softball!!!!! Lmao!

  20. Wrong. The Dodgers NEED a starting pitcher, especially with Ryu and Hill gone/out. And they NEED a right handed power hitter, especially with Freese gone. They WANT better defense at third.

  21. The Dodgers are a lock to win the West in 2020 just like they were a lock to make the WS in 2019, and the Astros were a lock (I believed that one myself) to win it all in 2019. The Padres will push them. It will be close. Not sure why McCullough is hanging the flag now.

  22. “winning a short series is a cr*p shoot” when stated by anyone in a baseball FO is simply said to keep the ‘herd’ in check. Nothing more than an excuse. Cause any knowledgable baseball mind knows that is not the case. Sure anything can happen in a short series BUT Any team that has ONLY 1 ace is not going to last against a team that has 2 or even 3 aces. That has been proven out over MANY years.
    Why do so many continue to buy into the crapola that comes from this current FO?
    ‘We need to make changes.’ ‘We are going after elite talent’. ‘We are going to have a major overhaul.’ ………paraphrasing, these are just a few of the statements made.
    Friedman inherited a loaded team and many of the main cogs (except for Buehler) came from the previous regime.
    The weak NL West has helped Friedman more than anything. How great would Friedman be if he was around when the Giants won 3 titles in 5 years from 2010-2014?
    He is fortunate that he arrived in 2015 so his small market mentality can survive the fan base because they continue to win the NL West. Other teams play for Championships while the Friedman led Dodgers play for Division titles.
    Obviously 3 time WS champion Epstein didn’t think it was a ‘crapshoot’ when he traded a top prospect (Gleyber Torres) for Aroldis Chapman back in 2016. Epstein was going all in for the title……for the fans in Chicago.
    This will be Friedman’s 16th year in charge of a Major League baseball organization and he has ZERO championships.

    1. Because you’re a knowledgeable baseball mind, you know in 2019 the Dodgers had a higher winning percentage against NL teams outside their division (.682) than within (.671), that there are 10 players who were on the MLB roster (5) or in the minor league system (5) before Friedman took over, that Friedman’s first draft pick was Buehler and his 2016 draft is already considered one of the best in MLB history (4 of these players were already on the MLB roster in 2019), and that he’s been in charge of an MLB organization for 14 years.
      You may consider me a shill – which you seem to define as anyone who doesn’t cry, complain, or derisively slam the team he purports to be a fan of – but these are the facts.

  23. Guggenheim changed their philosophy after losing in 7 games to the Astros. Since that time they have done nothing but lower payroll and waste golden opportunities to end the drought. Opportunities like this do not come easily and it is a shame to see what they have done after all these years waiting for the chance. World Series caliber teams usually spend money to make a move to get them the title and cut salary during rebuilds. It almost seems to me like getting to the World Series was good enough so they don’t need to spend money on players anymore. They even had a ring ceremony! The guy who mentioned the stadium renovations was on to something. That along with the All Star coming to LA is where ownership is putting their money instead of on player acquisitions because it will lead to them making even more money at the expense of the team on the field. This past season the team made two additions in free agency (who bombed ) and failed to make an impact addition at the trade deadline to a bullpen who clearly needed one. As a result prior to game 5 when Friedman and Roberts sat down to discuss the strategy they felt using Kershaw as the setup man was their best chance to advance I can’t disagree with that even knowing Kershaw’s playoff track record because they didn’t have a solid option to go to. Who was Dave Roberts supposed to use Baez or Kelly? Kolarek their big trade deadline acquisition? I don’t see anything coming this offseason it is just another wasted opportunity by Guggenheim to allow Andrew Friedman to improve this team. I don’t buy that Friedman is just choosing to sit out free agency and save Guggenheim’s money they are at least $35 mill below the luxury tax limit as I write this pathetic for a team who leads the league in attendance year in and out.

  24. Everytime a Friedman Fanboy says that we should be grateful the Dodgers have won seven straight division titles, I can also hear the ghost of Darth Steinbrenner laughing. Meanwhile Senator Kastentine gets year closer to Emperor with each new division title.

    1. Kasten is destroying the Jedi with the help from his right hand Jew. Everyone’s gotta have a Jew

      1. Hateful. Vile. Evil racist speech has no place in baseball or anywhere else. You should be ashamed but probably aren’t. So sad…

  25. Bottom line, the players are the ones with the monkey on their backs. They have to step it up, not the FO.

  26. I’m not expecting the Dodgers to win the West. I’m predicting a Wild Card game, but no Division title.

  27. Mike
    12/26/2019 at 7:12 AM
    Lol wow ok
    I get it mike your a realistic man when it comes to the Lost Angles Dodgers.
    Way to settle for a above average approach and mediocrity.
    If that’s all you want out of this team then by all means man settle and settle hard for a competitive team you can have fun at all the ball games with. That is the epitome of sucking the status quo.
    But don’t think down upon real fans that set their standards and their outrage alot higher.
    If you can’t see an awesome team reaching legendary status and trying to make up over that hump. And
    If your saying get use to it I have. Then dont discourage other Dodgers fans but not just standing by. With I’m ok with a night out at the ball park…
    Don’t get me wrong it starts there… but it is up to real fans to stand up and make a difference. Not your fault you dont have a spine and stand up for what you believe in.
    3 tours of duty in Iraq and over 2 and a half years spent in Afghanistan.
    I’ve done my share of fighting what I feel is down trodden about some is there ability to settle for the mediocrity.
    Why especially when it comes to something you are supposed to love.

    Bleed Dodgers blue or Dont my friend it is literally up to you but dont talk down to the rest that voice their outrage about how this team is being run….

    2ed point
    Daniel Presidio
    Either start writing from the heart brother if you believe in this team let it show don’t ever catch yourself writing a fluff piece for the front office in order to get in the dugout to be buddies with the organization. Especially if you see the wrongs that leadership are inflicting on the team. That is when you owe it to yourself to be truthful and honest for your integrity, for the Dodgers team and fans everywhere. It is a life choice but you k ow you are better then what you gave been writing about.
    Let’s go Dodgers!

  28. Kirk Lyons- SPOT FREE’GIN on my friend
    You see the team and what has been happening for what it is worth.
    If I am a fake Fan since I’ve seen this team since 79 and I want to get back to the Glory days of Dodgers Baseball. I’ll laugh in your face.

    BUM for Ever
    Here are the facts Dodgers won the world series championship in 1988
    We are approaching 2020 your a math guy and can figure out that stat.
    You don’t need much more stats then that.

    Don’t down play the facts or slam any Fans WHO WANTS MORE FOR THIS TEAM.
    Just Look at the
    G team are we arguing about multi Billionaires that own a sports team. They Have one of the most lucrative tv deals of all time. They at this point don’t need fans a ticket sale parking ticket or Dodger dog is just icing on the cake.
    A team that is not only under the luxury tax but has been for a few years. and there best stars are young and controllable for years.why wouldn’t TRUE DODGER BLUE fans not be alright with that???
    We have missed a championship by a 27 outs away.
    We can augment that tallent and we decided we are good with what we have and do not wish to make a great team even better.
    A true fan would be living if they didn’t want to see this approach.
    Do what it takes to dodger blue a parade for the city of Los Angeles

    The fans knew we were a few players away at different times from being exactly where we wanted to be vs oh well we will make due with what we have and leadership didn’t go out and secure what the team needed to win the Series with glaring wholes and the wherewithal to execute what was needed. Obviously if we had won in 2017 would be a different narrative. But it didn’t and here we are.
    I can be patient as a fan of a team that I love. (Not really an option with the trolley Dodgers it comes with the territory) (and if you don’t have think skin then good luck) but
    1 to settle for 2ed best when we all know the financials are there and have been managed for just such a time.
    Veteran players with playoff experience are in prime, FA available to fill gaps of players that are aging, young players who not only need that veterans presence, (on the job tutelage) but dont feel like they have to do it all themselves.

    It would feel different if this team had won a championship

    Or if they were financially strapped and couldn’t make a move.

    Players weren’t available in the FA market to prop them up for a championship run in 2020
    Or let’s be honest one of the best Dodgers teams I have seen outsted in the first round (even though as the no trade deadline came and went we didn’t do what it took to strengthen the teams weakness) GOT BOOTED QUICKLY

    How did we loose? Why were we beat and why weren’t those issues addressed prior to the first series of the playoffs

    This team is set up to win now and later if the Dodgers FO could have pulled their heads out of
    Their GIANT @%$.
    Spending some money on weaknesses or weapons and strength for positions that will be up for grabs soon with aging stars would have been a no brainier.
    That is what hurts fans the most.
    Now all I hear is trading the youth away for positions we don’t need
    Why because they couldn’t do there job and fill these gaps.
    To sounds like incompetence and they should not be rewarded but stood up to by some of the very fans they have slighted

    1. Dodger Blue, I understand you are a former combat Vet wounded in action – as a Vet myself (non-combat different war) I respect and salute you.
      I believe you mistake my comments as complacent or completely complicit with Dodger management. Not true. But emotional vomiting, name calling, and uninformed baseless assertions by many posters rather than opinions and debates civilly expressed are tiresome and unproductive.
      I couldn’t care less about the 32 year drought because it’s yesterday and, in my opinion, a media created story that has no bearing on the current team. I only consider the current management – Friedman’s – performance which has produced 2 NL pennants – hadn’t been done since ’88 either – in 5 years. Considering they probably should have won the WS in ‘17 and the opportunity for a championship still exists now and for the foreseeable future as well, this is pretty impressive by any objective measure.
      While I think the team’s roster could be improved, I believe Friedman’s single biggest mistake was not replacing Roberts this year. His game management is pretty poor and I’m not sure how it can be fixed. I gave him the benefit of doubt in ’17 when he left Darvish in too long in a deciding game, questioned his removal of Hill in ’18, and concluded he was un-fixable after the debacle this year. And make no mistake – these calls are his and his alone. His continued employment is a real obstacle to a championship.
      We can debate the lack of free agent signings – I think Cole was the only real loss and they were never going to beat the Yankees in that auction nor was Strasburg ever in play – or the merits of the trade proposals we hear so much about but substantial improvement is going happen with the existing players themselves. Remember many of these players are under 25 and are just now approaching their prime. For example, I believe this is the year Urias pushes Kershaw to #3 and that he’ll produce better than any of the free agent starters – including Ryu – the Dodgers passed on. In the meantime I’ll keep watching for news on the one trade that to me makes the most sense – Kris Bryant. As an outfielder.

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