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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Adjusts Plan with Justin Turner

After missing the previous 8 days and 7 games, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts says that injured third baseman Justin Turner isn’t quite ready to come back from his ankle sprain. This marks something of a step back from the earlier announcement that Turner would be back in the lineup on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium.

I just talked to JT a little bit… We’ll see where he’s at. I know I was aggressive as far as Tuesday. If he’s not 100 percent where he needs to be, then I have no problem pushing it back.

The original plan was for Turner to miss the weekend series in New York and return to the lineup on Tuesday. However, with his ankle not responding as well as hoped, concerns start to creep into the back of your mind. Los Angeles has only 11 more games to play this season, and have 18 days until the start of the National League Division Series round of the playoffs.

While there’s still time, there’s not exactly plenty of time for JT to get back in the lineup and get his timing postseason ready.

The red-head is set to be re-evaluated after Monday’s off-day in LA. On the season, he’s triple slashing .291/.370/.514 in 131 games. More importantly, he’s been a key cog in the Dodgers’ offensive attack since the All-Star break with 17 home runs in the second half.

In September, of course, there’s not much of a worry about healthy bodies to fill in admirably at third base. But the active roster that currently sits at 35 will have to be pared down to 25 before October 3.

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  1. As long as we have the gift of time, let us allow Big Red as much time as needed to heal completely. We are going to need him in a big way very shortly!!!! Go Blue!!!!!

  2. BLUE LOU, all very true but on the Dodger’s page they are hinting that Turner’s ankle sprain is more serious than the Dodgers make it out to be and I believe that is the case here. Unfortunately Dodgers may be limping into the 1st round of playoffs but wss.

  3. Paul and PD Jr., I am getting the same vibrations you guys are. This may be more serious than meets the eye. Only time will tell. I appreciate Red’s baseball acumen, but I also value his leadership, offensive and defensive skills. Go Blue!!!!

  4. He could miss playoffs and be 100% for WS in a worse case scenario. Of course he can DH in WS

  5. The Dodgers need to break their habit of giving premature injury information. I’ve lost track of how many of their “minor injury” reports over the last few years have been anything but.

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