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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Disappointed With Publicized Financial Negotiations

Another week has passed and the MLB has yet to come to an agreement with the player’s union. The negotiations don’t seem to be getting any better either, as players and owners have started taking jabs at one another through social media or media in general. Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts certainly isn’t a fan of the way things have gone down. 

He made an appearance on Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser’s podcast this week to talk about those negotiations between the two sides. In his eyes, he’s disappointed in how public the fight between them has been. 

I’m just speaking as a baseball fan, it’s disappointing the way that the negotiations have gotten public. And they way that both sides to be quite honest have handled things. When you’re trying to go through negotiations and the public looking in on baseball and seeing how baseball is going, it’s not a good look. 

It seems as though lately, every little bit of information has been leaked in regard to the negotiation. Whether or not that is a tactic being used by one side to turn fans against the other, we’ll leave that up to you to speculate. But the Dodgers’ skipper remains hopeful that things will take a turn in the right direction. 

As far as the nuts and bolts, the conversations, I’m really hopeful that we get it done. I just hope that it’s more of a consensus agreement as opposed to the commissioner kind of unilaterally saying we’re gonna play 50 baseball games and then putting it in the player’s court to either strike or to agree to it. 

The clock is ticking, and MLB only has so much time to make something happen if they want games done by the end of October as rumored. The league is expected to make a counterproposal back to the players soon, and Commissioner Rob Manfred says that it will be much more in favor of the players. TBD on that one. 

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  1. If he actually cared about fans he’d be glad they can see how lame mlb is and what they really care about. He’s only concerned about the image or in other words sweeping it under the rug

  2. I agree w Dave, this should not be a public spectacle. And btw it doesn’t look like the 2 sides are talking, just exchanging counter offers. That’s sad. Why not get together and find some compatible middle ground. That would be quicker and more private.

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