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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Elaborates on Garrett Cleavinger’s Injury

The Dodgers are going to do everything they can to survive the onslaught of injuries in 2021. That includes taking extra precautions when guys start to experience pain or discomfort. They’ve already shown a willingness to sit guys who just haven’t been feeling right out of caution. 

As it turns out, that may have led to a decision to place LHP Garrett Cleavinger on the IL. Cleavinger was designated there yesterday with what the team called left elbow inflammation. The Dodgers put him on the 10-day injured list and recalled Alex Vesia.

Robert explained prior to the game on Wednesday that the injury is not serious. The Dodgers are not expecting it to be a long-term thing but wanted to make sure Cleavinger was healthy. 

It’s a forearm thing on the outside of the forearm so it’s not anything as far as the ulnar nerve. It’s something that hasn’t happened with Garrett, but we just wanted to be cautious. So I don’t expect it to be a long-term thing, I know Garrett was disappointed. But we appreciate the honesty with his discomfort, but hopefully not a long-term thing. 

Cleavinger was not expected to be as active with the Dodgers big league squad as he has been this season. He’s already made 8 appearances and pitched 6 innings with all of the injuries that hit the bullpen. 

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Cleavinger’s stats might not turn heads, but he’s been effective in big moments for the Dodgers. He has also managed to piece together back-to-back scoreless outings in his last 2 appearances, which happen to be right in the middle of the team’s winning streak. 

Los Angele will need him to be a lot more effective against left-handed batters though, as he has allowed a .308 batting average to them this year. 

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