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Dodgers’ Dave Roberts Isn’t Giving Up On Curtis Granderson Yet

Curtis Granderson has been a controversial topic of conversation amongst Dodgers fans ever since he was acquired in mid-August. Many think that he’s ruined the team’s chemistry, but I am not apart of that crowd. However, it is definitely reasonable to be frustrated with his performance because it has not been very good.

In 132 plate appearances with the Dodgers, Granderson has a slash line of just .161/.288/.366 and has hit seven home runs. He seemed to be moving past his struggles and heating up at the end of September, going 6-16 with a home run and a double in his last six games of the regular season. Unfortunately, there was no heat coming off of his bat on Friday.

He got the start in Game 1 of the NLDS and went 0-4 with two strikeout. Him and Yasmani Grandal were the only two Dodgers to not get a hit on Friday. He is not getting the start in Game 2 against Robbie Ray, but that’s because Ray is a left-hander and not because Dave Roberts has lost faith in him.

Roberts caught up with the media before Saturday’s game and told them that he has not given up on Curtis Granderson just yet.

Who knows how many more opportunities Granderson will get before Roberts does quit on him. Zack Greinke, a right-handed pitcher, is scheduled to pitch Game 3 so it’s likely that Granderson will get the start against him. In his career, Curtis Granderson is 12-63 with a couple of home runs against Greinke.

Every team in the postseason this year is very competitive. The Dodgers cannot afford to have a slumping bat in the lineup, so who do you think should replace him? Should Andre Ethier be given the opportunity to be the left-fielder against right-handed pitching? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Alex Perez

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  1. Coach, you might want to watch video on his ABs. You will see he is totally overmatched.

  2. Why was Forsythe in at 2nd over Utley? Is Forsythe that much better a 2nd baseman?

    Granderson could get hot against Greinke. One good swing and the ball leaves Chase Field. Tough to call on Ethier who has had so few at-bats recently, but if Granderson keeps slumping, then it’s Ethier against Schwerzer and Strasburg.

  3. Robe3rts gets paid to evaluate his players, and I don’t, but I’m going to ask here what I keep asking on Twitter: What does he see in Granderson which gives him confidence in him? I ask because I don’t see it.

  4. What the heck is DR so hell bent on Granderson and Seager? Sit em down for a game as neither are being productive hitters and many players play as well or better than they do. And Bellinger also. Doesn’t need to swing for the grandstands every at bat. Put the damn ball in play. Other than that, great win Blue!

    1. Totally agree with you. Let’s make solid contact with the ball and quit swinging for the fences. We need base runners, not strike outs.

    2. Swinging for the fences is what Bellinger to this point. If you’ve noticed, everyone in the league is swinging for the fences. One of the problems that the Giants had this year is that they kept a team, like their past teams, of contact hitters, and they got left in the dust.

  5. I think Doc has been hoping that Granderson will start hitting but the time to hit is now! What are Ethier’s numbers against Greinke? I think he deserves a start instead of Granderson.

    1. Most Dodger fans, including myself agree that Ethier, who has been a Dodger since 2006 should get a start and he appears to be healthy enought to do so. granderson has been here for all of a month and a half and he is a defensive liability in the OF.. anyone here see him try and throw?

  6. I’ll go with Eithier, his experience, maturity and track record. He is a clutch baseball player and has proven it. He may be older, but he has proven himself as has
    Chase Utley; get these two guys into the game in late innings if nothing else and they will come through for you.

    1. I cannot understand how Granderson has had so much homerun pop in his bat over the years…I guess that’s why Roberts keeps him in the lineup. Friday night, he did have one solid bat to ball…Last night, he had a solid line drive. Seager has problems with Ray, agree about Bellinger (hey Cody, I saw you hit for the cycle, so I know you can put it in play). The great thing is that Forsythe seems to have found his stroke. Let’s go Boys, remind Grienke why he should have stayed in LA…

    2. I totally agree Ethier should start against righties or put Utley on first & Bellinger in left: Drop Grandy from roster & put Joc in for his defense when needed,,,,

  7. Would have liked to see what Ethier could have done in Game 1. Granderson comes up with less than 2 outs and runners in scoring position — and strikes out. (Regular problem.) Make contact and good things may happen.

  8. I don’t see Granderson even showing signs that may indicate he’s going to hit. His strikeouts are very decisive, meaning he swings at terrible pitches! I think Dre has earned the right to get at least one start.

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