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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Concerned With the Stalled Out Offense

The Dodgers’ loss on Thursday night against the Padres was incredibly disappointing. Walker Buehler wasn’t flawless, but he was able to hold the dangerous San Diego lineup to 2 runs in 7 innings. That’s about the best you can hope for against a team as good as them. 

The more disappointing part of the loss was the offense. Ryan Weathers held them to just a base hit through 5.2 innings provided by Buehler. The Dodgers were able to muscle out a pair of homeruns in the 7th but that would prove to be it for them.

The Dodgers also threatened in the 8th by loading the bases, but an excellent play by Jake Cronenworth killed any chance of a rally. Despite the lack of production, Dave Roberts continues to insist that he is not worried about his offense. 

We’ve got a lot of good offensive players who have trach records to back it up. So again, I think we’ll be fine. There are always parts of a season where there’s a lull offensively. That happens. Those pitchers are pretty good too. But I’m not worried about our offense. 

To say that the Dodgers offense has hit a wall would be an understatement, They’ve hit a collective .202 in the last 13 games and just .126 in the last 5 games. That can partially be attributed to facing some really good pitchers, but there’s certainly more to it. 

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The bad thing is that they’re about to face 3 more really good pitchers in this Padres series. Going up against Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, and the red hot Joe Musgrove isn’t ideal timing with the bats. But the Dodgers are going to have to find a way to manufacture runs while their pitchers continue to throw the ball very well. 

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  1. Same line Roberts uses every season when team is in a slump and he has no idea on how to help generate runs.

  2. Roberts SHOULD be concerned with this offense, as they have been exposed with the vulnerability to LHP, especially breaking stuff and off speed pitches . It’s not a balanced roster and having to have Barnes PH because of a short bench says it all. Dodgers have ZERO hits so far from the pinch hitters and last night being unable to score with 2 RISP and no out was a killer. But before the season began I saw that the hitting would be sub par compared to last year. Honestly, I get a bit tired of Robert’s excuses here too.

  3. He better damn well be concerned! Can’t hit lefties and can’t hit a curveball.Too many LOB and RISP. Bench Rios and Smith ASAP!

  4. The Dodgers have mastered the art of not chasing bad pitches, as is so often spoken during the games, but they have also mastered the art of falling behind in counts with non-swing strikes, thus creating the below .200 BA the last 5 games and a mere .202 BA over the last 13 games. The Brewers just swept SD by hitting and the Dodgers are still standing idle or just above at the plate. The play by SD last night with the bases loaded isn’t the reason for the loss, it’s the lack of apparent desire to swing at strikes all game that loses the games. Never should have been a two-run scored offense, and SD certainly will not remain low scoring much longer.

  5. Find a way to manufacture runs? Why doesn’t Dave Roberts tell the hitting coaches to teach all those guys to try hitting to the opposite side of the field…Max Muncy specially, he never tries to hitting the ball to left field and so is Bellinger and Seager, why not? The whole left side is open every time!!!!! bunt the ball if necessary, guys!!!!! The same goes for the right handed hitters!!! For you professional baseball players should be easier, right? And start scoring runs.

    1. agree! watching game and i am thinking bunt and left side !when you are not scoring runs and not hitting you run some and bunt n play small ball to get you out of slump and for the poor pitchers who think they have to throw a shutout every time to win……….

  6. He should be concerned (evidenced by his history). Maybe the roster is lacking in experience in back up positions. We need quality experienced backups (obviously).

  7. Dodgers are carrying 14 pitchers and only 12 position players and one wonders why the bench is suspect. Our starters have all been going deep into games and other than that game where Roberts used 6 relievers there’s NO reason now for carrying that extra reliever while thus limiting what is already a very suspect bench. This is what’s so frustrating as to how the active roster is handled. But ya can’t tell Roberts anything because he’s fine with playing with a position player short on the roster and he just loves LHB.

  8. 1st fast ball down middle middle smash the ball! Taking or missing too many hitter’s pitches and falling behind count and giving the pitcher the advantage with breaking and off-speed junk. Padres got the book on all of them—- can’t hit LH and sliders away. Have to re- adjust their approach and thinking. Go the other way, shorten your swing w/ 2 strikes, not always looking for walking___ leads to indecision swings, and at least put the ball in play w/ men in scoring position!

  9. He should be concerned because I don’t think the Dodgers are going to run away with the division this year. Every game counts. If they do their typical deal of using the first two months of season as extended ST, they could find themselves in the Wild Card game.

  10. You guys are hilarious. The Dodgers have been one of the best teams in baseball for years now with doc at the helm, winning gobs of NL West Division titles and ultimately the World Series last year. With all the whining and complaining you would think the Dodgers are in last place. It’s a long season and there will be ups and downs along the way, but if we can stay healthy for the most part, we’ll find ways to win. For a lot of oltimers you all seem to have forgotten the great Dodger teams of the 60’s winning a lot of low run games. At the end of the day that’s all that matters – Wins and Losses. Doc and Andrew know that, and know how to lead a team! And despite the protests, the Dodgers lead ALL MLB in the standings. So enjoy the well-pitched, low scoring games and root for the Dodgers to win. Their hitting will come around.

    1. Yes the Dodgers of the 1960’s did when a lot of one run games, but then again they had Koufax & Drysdale. And the offense did lots of things to generate runs that this team doesn’t do. So far it looks like this Dodger team has enough pitching to lose a lot of 1 run games.
      Not to panic though. They should be fine over 162. Sad thing though when your team plays the 3 true outcomes style of baseball it puts you to sleep when they’re not going well.

  11. Why Roberts would let Rios bat fifth in the lineup shows how weak this team is in hitting. Rios could not start for another team in baseball and is no longer a threat. He should be sent out as he did with Beaty. Roberts loyalty in sticking with some of these players is leading to the teams downfall. Team on the field now is certainly not going to win a pennant.

  12. Just saw a glimpse of BP on MLB Network. With Snell pitching today, why don’t they get a LH throw BP to the guys or whenever facing a LH starter. Com’on DR —- throw some to the guys, Lasorda did it for years. Need to change up the routine of the eye location of the handing.

  13. Everything is fine. Quality experienced backups?: that’s the kind of thing that gets taken care at the trade deadline. For now, we have to see if McKinstry(resounding yes), Neuse(maybe), Raley(maybe), Peters(probably not) – not to mention Lux (maybe) – can play. The luxury of starting out 15-7Who on this thread would have been in favor of signing Kiké instead of giving the opportunity to McKinstry? And this moment with so many early injuries is the best time to find out if they’re up to the job. Then, we can get a right-handed hitter at the deadline. I can’t imagine that we would need pitching. (Rested)Kenley is looking great and I can’t wait until David Price pitches the next time.

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