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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Praises Trevor Bauer for Giving Fans More Access to Baseball

Seeing Trevor Bauer without a camera in his hand is a rare sight these days. The Dodgers pitcher has shown up to every event in his free agency with a camera ready to go, and don’t expect that to change any time soon.

Bauer and his team do their best to bring content to fans of baseball that they might not normally get. The only question with him coming to the Dodgers was whether they would allow him to continue putting out the behind-the-scenes content he is known for.

Judging by Dave Roberts’ reaction, that doesn’t sound like it will be an issue. Doc made an appearance on am570’s Petros and Money show on Thursday to talk about the newest member of the Dodgers. According to Roberts, having the cameras on has not been an issue for the team.

He does carry that thing with him. I do give him credit because I do think that fans, in general, want access and love access. I think that the way that the world has shifted, he’s certainly at the forefront of giving access. But he’s so respectful of coaches and teammates and the intimacy of a Major League clubhouse and a team. 

There is no doubt that Bauer brings a new aspect to the game that fans have not had access to before. That would be slightly less trie for Dodgers fans, as the team does a great job at providing select footage from the clubhouse and team interaction. Still, the stuff that TB can provide is next level. 

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Getting to see the process of free agency past videos that detail the arbitration process is incredibly rare. Imagine the sort of content that he will be able to get with a team full of high-performance players like the Dodgers. 

We could be in for a lot of fun content if the Dodgers are not bothered by it. 

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  1. Bauer is a not a shrinking violet. He likes to have fun. There’s nothing wrong with that. He’s kind of like a hyper active kid. But with focus, and a whole lot of talent. During a 162 game season (if we ever have one again) things might tend to get a little old. TB is a cure for boredom.

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