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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Provides an Update on Max Muncy Ahead of the NLCS

The Dodgers have made it through their first two rounds of the postseason without the services of Max Muncy. The slugger was injured in a collision at first base on the final game of the regular season. Since then, he’s been rehabbing a dislocated elbow with an eye on a return deeper into October.

So, what’s the latest?

On Friday, Dave Roberts provided what bits of update he had on Max.

“If he feels he can do something at any point in the series, then it’s something we have to consider. … Still unlikely. But we’re holding out hope as much as we can.”

On the positive side of things, his absence has allowed others to step up at the position. Cody Bellinger, of course, has several key hits this postseason, including the game winner on Thursday night. Albert Pujols was productive in his lone start so far, going 2-2 in NLDS game 3 at Dodger Stadium.

But no one can match the production of a guy that led the team in home runs and runs batted in this season.

Now, approaching the two week mark on the sidelines, Muncy and the Dodgers could be keeping the All-Star’s progress low key as a form of gamesmanship. Notably, LA president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman mentioned Muncy had been “moving around and doing something.”

So when will he be back?

“It’s more of the training staff feeling like he’s able to swing a bat. I think we’re going through that exercise, I’m not sure,” Dave Roberts said. “I think for me, just trying not to put pressure on Max, because he’ll do anything for the ballclub, even if it’s to his detriment. I’m just waiting for the green light from the medical staff.”

With or without Max Muncy, the Dodgers open the NLCS tonight in Atlanta. As of publishing time, Dave Roberts has yet to name a start for game 1. The Braves already announced left-hander Max Fried would take the mound for the home team.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I would absolutely flabbergasted not to see Mad Max on the hill and Tio Albert at 1B.

    Let’s go Dodgers!

    1. Ok, just ran across it. No Muncy, boo. Kirk you will be crushed…your favorite Dodger is not on the roster…Billy McK lol. Only Souza remains your target for barbs now.

      Pitching changes…no Price, adds Bruihl (my preference anyway) and Evan Phillips (he was huge against the Giants).

      Is it game time yet? Lol

      Let’s go Dodgers!

    1. Jimmy, as much I’d like to see that too, it won’t be in the NLCS. He’s not even on the roster. That only leaves a possible WS showing if the Dodgers get there (I’d be surprised if they don’t get there).

    2. Just saw an interview with Muncy, he won’t even be available in the WS…such a shame!

      Ok Dodgers, go out and win this for Kershaw and Muncy!

    1. Agreed. If he is already at the point where they are saying they are waiting for the green light from the medical staff then I can’t imagine it would be longer than another 10 days or so. For sure they will at least have him on the WS roster.

  2. So Muncy isn’t on the NLCS roster. If the Doyers make it to the WS it sounds like there is a good chance he will be healthy enough to at least be on that roster. However, you have to wonder how good his bat will be considering this type of injury prevents him from even being able to swing at all while he heals. Are they really going to throw Muncy into a WS pinch hitting situation when he hasn’t swung a bat in 3 to 4 weeks??

    1. Rayovac, very good point. Sad to say, but I highly doubt we get Kirk Gibson moment. You’re not going to waste a roster spot for what might be only 1 AB.

  3. Muncy is a great hitter, but he was just ordinary during the month before being injured. He also has a bit of rust to get over. He needs to play some practice games first before returning into the lineup. Hopefully, that will happen in time for the WS.

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