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Dodgers Injury Update: Max Muncy May Have Received Best Case Scenario News with Elbow

On Tuesday at Dodger Stadium, Dave Roberts sat down with live media for the first time in nearly two years as he fielded questions about a situation the Dodgers are not at all used to. The wild card game. As you’d expect, the first question he fielded was about injured first baseman, Max Muncy, who left Sunday’s regular season finale early after getting in a nasty collision with Jace Peterson of the Brewers.

He did some testing. What we do know is there’s not a UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) tear. It’s not gonna require surgery — as of right now, that’s our expectation.

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That was about the best news the Dodgers could have hoped for. At first glance with the collision, there was much speculation about that ligament in his left elbow. Muncy himself confirmed that he did dislocate his elbow in the incident and actually popped it back into place when rolling on the ground writhing in pain. Aside from “some other damage” to the elbow, it seems like the news and the tests have Dave Roberts hopeful for a return down the road in the postseason.

Still trying to hold out a glimmer of hope that he’ll be able to join us later on in the postseason. I don’t know what that really means, but I do know that he’s been known to heal quickly, and he’s determined to try and come help us in any way he can, so I don’t want to close the door completely on that.

For now, Max will join the group of cheerleaders on the bench on Wednesday night and hope for a chance to return soon.

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  1. You can be sure that Roberts will play Cody Bellinger, and probably Chris Taylor, over Matt Beaty, who is the only one of the three hitting over his weight (even after Cody’s haircut). Having said that, statistically, if you compare how poorly Max was hitting Aug-Sep to these three replacements, plus more of Pujols, losing Max doesn’t represent a huge production dropoff. It just feels that way because the TV shows Max’s season production. “What have you done for me lately” starts tonight!

    1. I’m going with a bold prediction that DR shocks all of you DR bashers and starts Beaty at 1b in the WC game. Not sure between CT3 and Belli who gets the start in CF. Scherzer, a fly ball pitcher will get the defensive outfielder over the still green Lux.

      1. Good morning. My guess is since Wainwright is a RHP Bellinger will be ether at 1st or CF. Roberts likes Beaty off the bench for PH duties. But Beaty could start at 1st cause he’s a LHB and has been hitting a bit. Either way, it’s the Dodger offense as a whole that will determine whether Dodgers do advance to NLDS or be sent home. If the latter here is the case, a 106 win team having to be in a do or die game must change next year. But since Manfred, whom I can’t stand would certainly change this format if it was any other team with 100+ wins.

        1. I hope Dodgers watched the offensive approach the Red Sox had in beating that all or nothing Yankee offense. This is no time for Dodgers to swing for the fences or strike out in key situations.

  2. Tonight we pick up Max. Everyone kicks in, I mean everyone. From the first pitch to the last, pass the baton if necessary. Go Chase Utley on them at the plate, you know what I mean…. There is no stopping us as a team, the march to back-to-back starts tonight! Let’s go Dodgers!!!

    1. Matt Beaty is our Chase Utley. Have you ever seen him lean into an inside pitch before? It’s a thing of beauty 😉 if he could just improve his defense a bit he would be an everyday player. The kid can flat out hit.

  3. Let’s pick up Max tonight! Everyone kicks in, I mean everyone! Pass the baton if necessary and go Chase Utley when the situation arrises, you know what I mean… When we play as a team and everyone picks each other up, there is no stopping us. Hope you are feeling better Max! Let’s go Dodgers1

    1. Amen! Postseason wipes the slate clean!! Postseason always produces unlikely heroes. Ask the BoSox about Bucky f#*king Dent! Carry on Dodgers.

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