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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Recognizes the Huge Impact Trea Turner Has on LA

When the Dodgers made the huge trade with the Nationals ahead of the deadline, Max Scherzer was the guy everyone talked about. And rightfully so, given the Dodgers’ dire need of pitching and the resume that he came to Los Angeles with. 

But Trea Turner being involved in that deal could potentially change the course of the entire franchise over the next couple of years, and maybe beyond. Since his arrival, he has done nothing but hit and produce for a Dodgers offense that can go silent at times. 

Thursday’s win over the Rockies was another good example of what Trea can do for this team. Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts certainly realizes that. After the extra-innings win in Colorado, Doc talked about how big of an impact Turner has had on his new team.

He’s a baseball player, and I think that’s the highest compliment I can give somebody. Just the pulse, the compete, the unselfishness moving to a different position. Big superstars make plays and rise to the occasion, and that’s what he did [Thursday] for us. 

Trea is slashing .318/.369/.465 with a .834 OPS since coming to the Dodgers. He has also scored 30 runs in 44 games and continues to wreak havoc on the basepaths. His 10 stolen bases with Los Angeles ranks just behind Chris Taylor at 13, and he’s played far fewer games with LA. 

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Turner has put up a 127 wRC+ and already almost 2 fWAR since coming to the Dodgers. His willingness and ability to move over to second base also cannot be understated. He’s here to win, and he’s going to be a big part of the reason LA gets back to the World Series. 

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  1. Living here in the DC area, I’ve watched him play often. He is a natural who plays effortlessly as if he was born to play the game. How the Nats let him go I’ll never know because him and Soto in the lineup could have been their core for years. Every Nats fan I see at the grocery, the gas station, etc I thank them and they shake their heads in dismay. Whereas Scherzer is great, Turner is great EVERY day! I hope we can re-sign him.

  2. Turner is without doubt the most professional player of all time , He puts his team before himself ! He is a shortstop and a very very good one , enough said ! He went to second base because he was asked , no attitude , still plays hard for the team ! He was the best lead off man in baseball , let’s bat him third ROBERTS decides , Turner has a batting title on the line , does what ROBRTS asked of him , He is so unselfish I just hope that the Dodgers don’t take advantage of this great player and that the Dodgers Do not continue to mess with the lineup leading to failure as in the past , in quite a few games . Keep Turner for the future not just for the moment , someone may be gone to free agency , so maybe that person should have sacrificed himself for the team .Just my opinion , let’s see next year.

  3. TreaTurner is a keeper….get out the wallet!!! He should teach other Dodgers how to run the bases!!!

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