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Dodgers Dave Roberts Talks About Frustrations, Fairness to Players & Hinch Relationship

It’s Dodgers FanFest 2020 and while fans are out to meet and greet with players and get hyped about the upcoming season, the world of baseball is also here to see what Dodger personnel have to say about the revelation that the Houston Astros potentially cheated Los Angeles out of a World Series championship in 2017.

Up first to the scrum of media waiting is Dave Roberts, who’s fiery and competitive nature was definitely being suppressed today to keep things professional.

Roberts expressed a lot of frustration, but it was hard to tell for what though – his players, his legacy, the gag order? We’ll never know because it looks like everyone has been prepared for this day for quite a few days.

First off, I think that what went down as far as what the commissioner decided to do as far as penalty, we support it. But as far as the direct impact of ’17, of the World Series, it’s frustrating — it’s really frustrating … you look at what could have happened. I can’t go too much into it, but speaking for the players, the fans — it was quite a season, it could have been different.

Where Roberts was the most defensible was for players from that World Series club.

Really for me, it goes out to some of the unfair criticism that guys like Clayton [Kershaw] took… Yu [Darvish], and Kenley [Jansen]… I guess ‘frustrating’ is probably the floor of my emotions, but that’s where I’m at.

The interview didn’t last more than 10 minutes, but not a single question about the upcoming season could really be asked.

As Roberts stated, this is going to be a topic that’s rehashed over the course of the year, so let’s hope Roberts can figure out how to leverage to get the most out of the players this year.

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  1. I’ll be happy if Roberts just figured out how to manage his pitching staff. The 8th and 10th innings of game 5 against the Nats are still etched in my memory, much as I wish I could forget. And the Nats weren’t cheating, like the Astros. They just jumped on Roberts bad pitching moves/nonmoves. If the Dodgers could just stop giving postseason games away, it would ease everyone’s frustrations.

    1. I think he really really wanted to give kersh his moment (which isn’t right call, but understandable to a degree). If kersh doesn’t get rocked against Astros in Houston, I think he wins WS MVP, and we don’t see him out of pen in 19… It’s part of why 17 cheating scandal will always hurt… We just will never know what could have been

      1. I agree, their cheating is like a Dominos effect, and all for the bad. I’ll be at more Angels games this yr so I can boo at them!

    2. I was there for G5. Jansen slammed his glove against the bullpen wall when Kershaw got the call to go in.

  2. How could this not affect his friendship with Hinch? If my bf cheated me out of something that affected my career and caused people to criticize me I would be pissed! Probably would move on to better friends.

  3. It’s bad for baseball that cheating was so prevalent during that period. MLB finally cracked down in 2019, making it harder to do. MLB needs to investigate the Logan Morrison comments and chase down other comments about a variety of teams. All teams involved need to be found out and punished. There are too many whispers out there.

  4. think of all the pitchers who got send down to aaa and obviously made alot less money for their family’s lost jobs

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