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Dodgers: Enrique Hernandez Talks Astros Cheating Scandal At FanFest

Saturday was Los Angeles Dodgers’ 8th annual Fanfest at Dodger Stadium. Therefore, the members of your 2020 Dodgers squad were on hand to answer some questions from the media.

Of course, one of the most interesting listens was what Kiké Hernandez had to say regarding the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, notably during the World Series. Hernandez is one of the current Dodgers who is an interesting listen on the matter, because he was part of the legendary 2017 squad that lost in a seven-game epic World Series to the guilty party. You can see the full video right here below, but allow us to take a look at what Hernandez says.

First, his reaction is not unlike many of the Dodgers that have spoken about it before him. Hernandez thinks it’s unfortunate, and believed what he heard were just rumors.

“You could say it’s a shame. We had our doubts – people around the league talked. People told us to worry about that [the Houston Astros cheating]. You go into that series and when a team is really good, rumors start spreading no matter what team it is. We just thought they were just rumors, but I guess not.”

Next, Hernandez says that learning what happened after the fact doesn’t make the loss of the World Series hurt any more or any less than it did in the past.

“To be honest I haven’t given a whole lot of thought to it [sanctions handed down to the Astros]. Whatever the commissioner’s process was or what it was all about. It hurts, I don’t think it hurts anymore now that it did two years ago or three years ago. You know it is what it is, and we’re ready just to play baseball.”

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Finally, Hernandez seems singularly focused on the 2020 season and writing a happy ending to this sad saga. Obviously that would be to win the whole thing and bring a title back to Los Angeles.

“We are ready to put that thing past us, and win a World Series this year. Whatever happened, already happened.”

You realize as you listen to members of the 2017 Dodgers that these guys are now tied forever to a historic event. It’s almost as if they were unfortunately chosen ones, and they will forever probably be asked to speak about what happened for years to come. It sounds like Hernandez has the right mindset about what went down.

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