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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thinks Gavin Lux Could Be Recalled Soon

Dodgers fans have been patiently waiting and hoping for the arrival of Gavin Lux to the big league team. After a poor Summer Camp showing in which he arrived very late, the organization decided to keep him at the alternate location. 

But lately, Lux has started to come back into the conversation for the Dodgers. He appeared in a televised taxi squad game yesterday cranking two bombs in the process. His performance also comes at a time when the Dodgers are struggling for offense at second base. Hitters are slashing just .217/.297/.358 in that spot so far, one of the least productive positions on the team. 

Speaking with media on Tuesday, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts admitted that a move might be coming. Roberts also confirmed that Lux is traveling on the team’s taxi squad this week. 

Obviously, he was facing a good arm in Tony and hitting a homer off the fastball and one off the change-up. Gavin is and has been in a good place…His being recalled seems like it’s a very good possibility at some point.

Adding Lux back into the mix of things could prove to be good for the team for many reasons. Mainly, it gives Chris Taylor the opportunity to fill in elsewhere and give guys days off more often. Hernandez could also mix in at second base against left-handed pitching to give Lux a breather for the Dodgers. 

In 23 games last season, Lux hit .240 with a pair of homeruns for the Dodgers. His September callup was so good that he ended up earning a few playoff at-bats. Lux homered in the Division Series in which Los Angeles was knocked out by the Nationals. He arrived late to Summer Camp, but was unwilling to reveal why that was to media. 

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  1. Getting more consistent offense from 2nd will help the line up turn over and score runs. I believe Lux is expected to eventually hit better than he hit last year in a brief time.
    Most players struggle when going to a higher division. According to scouting everyone in baseball believes Lux has the talent to be special.

    1. the Dodgers allwayshave the good excuse for everything but now and for the pass 2 years the problem has a name and they dying nothing the name its Jansen..that fellow don’t have the courage to carry out in the situations of demonstrate the love for the Dodgers

  2. Don’t have him start in the playoffs unless he really earns it this time. Of course that’s probably asking too much with these guys calling the shots. I think it’s a mistake to mess with this team guys are getting their AB’s and doing well. Lux can play in 2021

  3. Lux? I don’t know. I think it may be a bit too soon. But I guess with a short season they need to know if he’s going to be good enough. We’ll see.

  4. Then again….how much longer do Dodgers need to keep Lux down not to burn a full year of control…..Reminds me of what Chicago did to their Rookie of the year….

  5. If I had to choose between Gonsolin and Lux on the big team. I’d pick Gonsolin 10 out of 10 times. Gonsolin contributed last year, and has absolutely shut down hitters this year. Lux contributed little last year, and nothing this year.

  6. They should have traded him instead of Verdugo last year, I knew he thought he was too good and didn’t need to work hard to earn a position on the team!!?

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