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Dodgers Dave Roberts: Yimi Getting Spooked and Why Tony Gonsolin Deserved Better

The Dodgers were cruising with a 3-0 lead going into the bottom of the 6th inning. Tony Gonsolin had a no-hitter going into the 4th, but started to show fatigue in the 5th inning before giving up a 2 run home run in the 6th to Eduardo Escobar.

“I thought he was really good actually and deserved better. Gave us a chance to win the baseball game.” – Dave Roberts, SportsNetLA

The Dodgers were able to quickly respond with another run to make it 4-2, but Casey Sadler came into the game and gave up a 2 run home run to Josh Rojas for his first home run in his major league career. It looked like he was cruising, but according to Dave Roberts, the fastball was suppose to be away, but just didn’t and thus, the home run.

In comes Yimi Garcia, who came into relieve Sadler and stop the bleeding in the 6th, but it was the 7th inning where the wheels fell off.

You would think that if you throw 19 pitches in your relief appearance and all 19 pitches are recorded as strikes, you’re doing a pretty good job, right?

Well, that wasn’t the case for Mr. Garcia.

Former Dodger Tim Locastro started off the bottom of the 8th inning by getting on base after a passed ball on strike 3 sailed to the back stop.

“That was a new, huh?” Locastro said. “I think that was the first time I had ever got on base with a strikeout. But you don’t really have time to feel sorry for yourself, you’ve got to get out there and get into scoring position and that’s what I was able to do.” – MLB

A stolen base and flare by Adam Jones to center moved Locastro to third, where his fast feet and crazy dance moves “spooked” Yimi enough to get him to balk.

Timmy got his free walk to home, which ultimately became the game winning run.



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      1. LOL! What are you talking about? The Dodgers are the class of the NL, have one of the best minor league systems in MLB, and you want to “crucify” Friedman and Roberts? SMH!

        1. The class of the NL that hasn’t brought home a championship in 7 straight tries and as a franchise for 31 years. What they are is a division dynasty aka nothing anyone cares about and a greedy ownership with billions of dollars but hire a small market guy so they can pocket as much cash as possible and not fix the glaring needs with money in the offseason

  1. The Dodgers are playing like crap.They’re very lucky the National League West is extremely weak as well as 90% of the National League. They have to stop worrying about Cy Young and MVP awards and concentrate on the ultimate prize a World Series Championship for LA.

    1. I am thinking that the Dodgers, having had their holes exposed, will be done after the 1st round of playoffs. This team does NOT have what it takes to compete any further in the PS than that.

      1. Anything can happen in short series, but forecasting that Dodgers will lose in the first round is ludicrous! They have been on cruise control for the better part of August, yet they have the best record in the NL. Get a grip!

  2. I’m getting monotonous, the Dodgers do not have the necessary pitching to win the big one. We have all been kidding ourselves from the beginning of the season. Kershaw throws a ton of gopher balls, Ryu has lost it, although he really probably never had it, the kid is pretty good but the bull pen is awful.

  3. Dave Roberts blows it again.
    Gonsolin was obviously tiring in the fifth, managed to get through it. Great, time to pull him. Roberts does nothing.
    Gonsolin walks the leadoff man in the sixth as he approaches his high mark in pitches, Roberts does nothing.
    Next batter hits homerun on a batting practice pitch, THEN Roberts pulls Gonsolin.

    Roberts starts washed up Martin behind the plate. Martin has a critical passed ball, makes a weak throw on a steal a decent throw gets the runner. Dodgers lose again.
    Will Smith is twice the catcher, yet Roberts starts Martin every third game.

    Roberts is the worst manger in baseball. Imagine a good manager with this Dodger team. They have a good record in spite of Roberts, certainly not because of him.
    And now his ridiculous on field decisions are really catching up to them.
    Roberts is a nice guy, but has no clue about real managing.

    1. Well something may happen after the Dodgers are bounced in the first round because it is a team effort win or lose but Roberts probably will do these same things and make these same decisions that most likely puts an end to Dodger’s season.

    2. You could see how tired Gonsolin was. Pitches all over the place. Two left hand hitters to start sixth. Why leave him in?

  4. My issue lies with decisions made by Roberts. Did anyone wonder why he pinch runs Negron and lets him rot at first. Had he successfully stole second, the potential hit by Beatty at least ties it. The order guys come out of the pen is also suspect. I can go on, but we have the talent but they’re used in a illogical manner.

  5. I’m convinced they will not even past go during the playoffs regardless if they have the best winning record in the National league. There starting pitchers along with the bullpen speaks volume.

  6. This was a terrible way to lose a game, last night! Once again the Dodgers bullpen blows up! This had Cat-astrophe (Thank you Tony Gonsolin) written all over it for a post season run! Our closer, Kenley Jansen, is having a awful year in terms of blown saves, compared to some fabulous seasons at closer! Perhaps the answer is within the system itself, like bringing up minor league prospects from within the organization and let them have a go at it! That’s how the Angels found Frankly Rodriguez in 2002 when they won it all!

  7. Folks, yesterday’s game and Robert’s failed decision making is all one needs to have seen and know why Dodgers would be NO match for teams like the Yankees or Astros. And since Dodgers will play the winner of that Wild Card game, and it most likely will be the Nats, we will be shut down by their 3 starters who figure to pitch in the NLDS against us. And you all know who those Nat’s starters will be.

  8. Roberts managing is absolutely terrible. Goslin pitches his butt off and escapes the fifth and I’m thinking ok Baez is warming up for sure he is coming in the 6th but this Moron Roberts waits for the 2run shot to pull him! What are you doing to the kids Confidence. It’s crap like this and don’t get me started on Kenley. We will get smoked due to Roberts incompetence in the playoffs. So frustrating!!!

    1. It is indeed shocking to see such bad managing at this level.

      It’s Amateur Hour almost every night now.

  9. Is it possible that Roberts is experimenting and strategically resting key players and is a genius preparing for the post-season? We all know that he is to good of a manager for him to actually think he is doing his best. With the lead as it is in the west, this may be the best strategy going forward!!

    1. Nonsense. The Dodger NEED to have home field advantage by having the best record.
      Get home field advantage an THEN rest some guys, that’s how it should be done.
      Roberts is amateurishly fooling around with lineups, batting orders, etc, etc., making bad decisions, or bad ‘no-decisions’, and blowing it on almost a daily basis now.

      Two straight World Series losses where he was completely out managed, and now what was a great season is being completely mishandled and trashed.
      It’s embarrassing & very obvious.
      Robert’s is simply incompetent.


  10. I figured it out after watching the Dodgers blow another lead in Arizona tonight (Saturday). Subconsciously they’re thinking they’ll “turn it on” once they reach the playoffs. Deep down they figure they’re professionals and it’s o.k. to lose right now. They’ll keep experimenting with different lineups and it’s really going to get weird tomorrow when they rosters expand to 40 players. They look tired and there’s no energy out there. And Roberts sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher at the press conference every night.

  11. I think that most fans are missing an opportunity. When Kenley comes into the game, in particular, a close game, this is REAL entertainment. For example, on which pitch will he give up the winning (or in our case, the losing run)? Enjoy(?) the situation !!!! If you are watching the game with your buddies, a little wager might come into play. Just remember, our “closer” still wears a Pirate’s uniform.

  12. The Dodgers have had losing streaks down the stretch in th e previous 2 years and this year is no different. Partly because Robert’s is experimenting trying to figure out his postseason roster and disrups the rythm of the team to much dismay of fans. Fans need to relax and trust the process that has gotten the Dodgers to two WS appearances. Yes they have holes in the team. Players will need to step up and fill those holes. No question that teams like the Yankees and Astros look superior but if there is a team that is talented to beat them its these Dodgers. Lets us not forget that this is baseball were ordinary players become superstars and magical things happen in the postseason. Plenty of baseball to be played. Go Dodgers!

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