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Dodgers: David Price Begins Throwing in Preparation for the Season

The Dodgers losing David Price for the 2020 season proved to be more of a factor than anyone predicted. Price chose to sit out the season due to concerns over the coronavirus, and most were understanding and respectful of his decision. But if Los Angeles has DP back in the mix for 2021, that starting rotation could be ridiculous. 

Based on his post on Twitter today, Price appears to be gearing up to join the Dodgers this year after all. The veteran LHP posted a video of him throwing at an unknown facility on Tuesday afternoon. For a guy that did not play all of last year, Price looks like he’s throwing pretty hard too. 

Price came over to the Dodgers in the deal that also brought them Mookie Betts. The Red Sox initially included Price as a salary dump in the deal, but he could prove to be a reliable number 3 start for Los Angeles. 

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Despite some of his main stats from the 2019 season looking below-average, Price’s peripherals leave reason to be excited about what he can do. His strikeout percentage saw a little bit of a rise, and his FIP was at a much better place. Price also got burned by a terrible BABIP that year. If the Dodgers can even get an average year out of Price, he is sure to provide a boost in the rotation. 

Adding Price into the mix also makes the bullpen better. His taking up a spot in the Dodgers rotation means that one of the younger arms will likely be pushed to the bullpen. That leaves just 2 spots in the rotation for Tony Gonsolin, Dustin May, and Julio Urias to battle it out. 

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  1. Good news on Price! I always liked him. The Dodgers can certainly use another experienced starter.

  2. I wonder if the layoff will help him or hurt him? I’m betting it helps him. Not sure that would be true for a young player but as a veteran it gave his body time to rejuvenate? Will be interesting to watch.

  3. He’s done he’s washed up. I don’t expect much from him,His era will probable be close to 5.00 or over you don’t need a starter like him.If he was still good red Sox wouldn’t have gotten rid of him,they knew his best days are behind him.

      1. Videos don’t mean anything he wasn’t pitching to anybody in real game.Whoever thinks that this washed up pitcher can pitch better than Urias,May or Gonsolin to deserve the third spot is on drugs.Because if price Gad pitched instead of Urias ,Dodgers would have been eliminated with the braves. Only good thing is he’s trying harder starting early which is what Buhler should be doing to get a head start and not take 2 months to be effective.Price might be good in bullpen.His days as a good starting pitcher are behind him now!

        1. hat your right, you are on drugs!, I guess because Boston taded Betts he is washed up too. You have no clue of the pitcher he can be and should be with plenty of rest. You must not be a Dodger fan!

  4. Would the Dodgers have done any better with him last year? I don’t think so. Most likely he would have delayed the development of Urias, May or Gonsolin. Maybe all three.

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