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Dodgers: David Price Has Not Expressed Desire to Opt Back Into the Season

The Dodgers’ starting rotation is getting a little bit of a shakeup this week. Ross Stripling was shipped off to Toronto(Buffalo) at the trade deadline in exchange for a few players to be named later. And Tony Gonsolin was named to the rotation by Andrew Friedman.

In the conversation about sending off Ross Stripling, David Price’s name came up. The question came up to Friedman on whether or not Price would be allowed to opt back into the season if he so desired. Apparently, it would take a few extra steps to do so. 

The Dodgers adding Price into their rotation would probably change things up pretty dramatically, but that sounds like that’s not much of a worry. Friedman confirmed that he talks to Price fairly often, but that he has not expressed an interest in rejoining this team this year…yet. 

Price opted out of MLB’s restart right before Summer Camp workouts started. The Dodgers traded for him in the Mookie Betts deal and had the intention of placing him directly into the middle of their starting rotation. Price still has two years left on his contract after this season, so he will be around for a while. Price’s salary for those two years will be half paid by the Boston Red Sox. 

Dodgers Trade RHP Ross Stripling to Toronto Blue Jays


  1. Since they couldn’t get Lynn for an acceptable price (no pun) they are now left going into the playoffs with two known quantities and three ? s. It would be nice if Price opted back in, but that’s not likely. It would be a shame now to see another early out because of a lack of starting pitching. They basically traded Stripling for a couple of garbage can lids. Kershaw has 158 PS innings, Buehler 36, Urias 15, May 3 and Gonsolin 0. Given how our power bats have been silenced three PS in a row, I’m not feeling as comfortable as I was a couple of years ago.

      1. First of all, we didnt trade for Price. We had to take him if we wanted Mookie. Secondly, Kershaw, Buehler and May are as good a top three as any other top three. I, for one, do not think Price is that good. Maybe a three or four in a decent rotation. His best daze are be g.j ind him.

        1. Good points here. Ralph. Dodgers IMHO are short on starting pitching that can give the team length in a game. But a good point made yesterday is that’s a lot on Roberts. Who still shows an inability to properly manage the pitching staff.

  2. Well, we’ll see if turns out to be a good move or not. A few other players huh? That means Ross was either worth a lot or we get a bunch of low-class players.

    1. I don’t agree with you about the virus but this is a really funny comment. I’ll be chuckling all day.

    2. Hello Don. I too believe Price should re-think his decision to about not opting in but IIWII and it appears Dodgrrs will be a bit short on starting pitching for the PS. My other concern is thT the abundance ok strike outs we are seeing by the offense will catch up to them come October.

    3. Half fake virus? Vietnam 10=years 59,000 Virus 5 1/2 months 180,000 Vietnam x 3… Maybe you don’t have grandparents??? (or parents…)

      1. Unhealthy people get it bad or die. Everyone else is fine this reaction is a real shame ruining people’s lives more than the virus would’ve. No one in my family has gotten it and we’ve all been living our lives and this includes people in their 80’s and 90’s. Not a single symptom not even a sniffle and we’re going on 6 months now

        1. Hey Don, well it’s going OK except for the next 7 days at least of Temps well above100 here in Grant’s Pass, Or. I have been keeping myself safe from this Covid 19 myself, but it sure makes for a strange season in 2020.

  3. speaking as a Yankee fan, I’m sorry that Price has opted out ans won’t be available to pitch poorly in big games

  4. The way Strip was pitching, HE was a garbage can lid. The pitchers we now have are all better than David Price.

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