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Dodgers Trade RHP Ross Stripling to Toronto Blue Jays

The Dodgers didn’t make any major splashes at Monday’s deadline, but they did make moves. The team announced today that Ross Stripling would be going to the Toronto Blue Jays in a move made at the last minute. 

Stripling has been a fan favorite with the Dodgers, including his popular podcast The Big Swing. But he has struggled over his last few appearances, and the team has a few guys that they want to get plugged in sooner rather than later. 

Tony Gonsolin and Alex Wood(when healthy) are two guys in particular that don’t yet have a consistent job in the Dodgers rotation. Stripling giving up 17 earned runs over his last five appearances and only throwing 21 innings made that decision easier. 

The Dodgers will be getting to players to be named in the return from Toronto. Obviously, those names will not yet be announced. 

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  1. Too bad for Ross. A change of.scenery will probably be helpful to him. I was kind of wondering if he would be traded after his last outing.

  2. I wish Stripling aka Chicken strip well, Toronto is a GREAT City and the Blue Jays have a good organization and team. He is a great Team Player and always did what was best for the Team be it relief or starting. A consummate professional and great clubhouse guy.

    This is good news as we have young arms that need to play. If Wood had been healthy I hope they would have traded him also. Hopefully they do not re-sign Wood for 2021.

    With Price coming back next season and with Stripling gone and Wood not signed that gives us some operating room. Love to get rid of Price but he has a heavy payout I believe.

    May, Gonsolin, Kershaw, Buehler, Urias looks like a great starting 5 if Urias can figure out his control issues.

    1. Bon Voyage for Stripling and hope he finds himself in Toronto. Now we can get Gonsolin in the rotation and I’m not sure what the future for Wood will be. He pitched well his last season in LA but that was a fluke when looking at his career stats. Wondering who the 2 players will be???

  3. Gonsolin is better than Stripling. Strip was a good guy but not much of a SP. AF has to keep the minor league pipeline stocked.

  4. I miss the day when players spent their careers with one club. The current Sabre-metrics based form of management has not made baseball better. Neither has their foray into PC politics or any form of politics for that matter.

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