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Dodgers: David Price Remains Involved Despite His Opt-Out

Joe Kelly have been teammates for several years, first in Boston and now with the Dodgers. So of course it makes sense that the two would remain in contact, even with Price opting out of the season. 

Kelly talked about Price’s decision in his most recent press conference, expressing his full support for Price’s opt-out. Kelly also revealed that even though David isn’t with the team, he still keeps up with most guys on the Dodgers’ roster. 

We make him feel like he’s part of the team still. He watches all the games. He texted us. He talked about the changeup I threw to Justin Turner last night on the team thread. He’s still part of our team. Just because he isn’t here, he’s still engaging, rooting, supporting, talking baseball.

If that doesn’t speak to the type of teammates that David Price is, then I don’t know what will. Price already made a splash with teammates when he paid out minor league players, but hearing his involvement is admirable. Kelly went on to talk about how great it is having him on the Dodgers. 

That’s one of the cool things about David Price. It would be easy for someone who opts out to, honestly, kind of isolate themselves. But DP is a guy who obviously opted out, but he cares so much about the people that he would text the next day. He’s a good human being.

For someone to not be paid, it would definitely be easy for that person to just disappear for the year. But that’s not David Price, he cares about his team and wants to do whatever he can to help and support. Personally, I can’t wait to have him play for the Dodgers for the next couple of years. 

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