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Dodgers: David Price Reportedly Paying Minor Leaguers For All of June

At a time where disputes over money are at the forefront of every MLB conversation, there are reports that Dodgers’ pitcher David Price is doing the unthinkable. The recently acquired southpaw is reportedly paying minor leaguers through the month of June out of his own pocket. 

The move has not yet been announced by Price or anyone in the organization, but it is believed to be a figure of $1,000 for each minor league player that is not on the Dodgers’ 40-man roster. This news comes despite the fact that Price has yet to pitch in a meaningful game in Los Angeles yet. 

The decision by Price comes on the same day that hundreds of minor league players were cut by teams around the league. The Dodgers had previously vouched to pay their minor league players up until May 31st, with very little information beyond that. 

The move also comes in the middle of one of the fiercest financial battles that the MLB and MLBPA have ever faced. The two sides have struggled to come together on what players should be paid if the season is able to start, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of improvement. 

The Dodgers traded for David Price in Mookie Betts in February, and Price might end up being the only real part of the deal should the season be called off entirely. Mookie will become a free agent immediately after the 2020 season, regardless of whether or not games are played. 

The Dodgers have been paying out a $400 a week stipend to minor leaguers. As of Thursday, the team also announced that it would continue to pay that stipend to players through June 31st. Any pay beyond June is unknown at this point, but would likely be figured out once the MLB and MLBPA come up with a deal. 

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