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WATCH: John Fogerty Sings Centerfield at Dodger Stadium

Even the most casual of baseball fans can recognize the first couple of chords of John Fogerty’s Centerfield. Released in 1985 as the title track to the album also titled Centerfield, Fogerty reached the top 50 of Billboard’s Hot 100. The musician made a special socially distant appearance at Dodger Stadium this week as well. 

On the day of his 75th birthday, Fogerty could think of no better way to celebrate than by finally getting to play his hit song from centerfield at Dodger Stadium.

Well as a youngster I dreamed of playing baseball, baseball certainly was my favorite thing as a child. I dreamed of playing centerfield. And on my 75th birthday, here we are at Dodger Stadium, and I get to play Centerfield with my family, it’s gonna be awesome.

With that being said, here is Fogerty’s performance of Centerfield, played from centerfield at Dodger Stadium. 

While baseball is at a place where owners and players are arguing over stupid amounts of money to a point where there might not even be baseball in 2020, a 75-year-old John Fogerty playing center for the Los Angeles Dodgers is likely not what fans have in mind as an alternative. Even if he is ready to play.

But a 75-year-old John Fogerty playing in centerfield? I can get behind that.

[Editor’s Note: we agree, that was a dumb section.]

Come back soon baseball, we all miss you dearly. 

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  1. That was really, really awesome. What a treat to see the stadium and Mr. Fogerty. CCR, one of my favorites. Happy Birthday.

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