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Dodgers: David Price Reveals the Team Never Discussed Rejoining the Rotation with Him

When you’ve started 312 career games and have 151 career wins over 13 seasons and have a Cy Young award to boot, you might assume that you’d get a little more consideration when it comes to filling the void left in the rotation by the injured Dustin May. Still, David Price said on Friday that wasn’t the case.

But it’s not as dramatic as I set it up to be.

At the time the Dodgers lost May to a season-ending elbow injury, Price was away from the team as he recovered from a hamstring strain. So, as he tells it, he didn’t really have an opportunity to be a part of the conversations.

We didn’t have any discussions. I wasn’t with the team at the time. I was in Arizona rehabbing. It might have been different if I wasn’t hurt and was with the team. But since I was rehabbing in Arizona we didn’t have any face-to-face conversations about it.

Price started for the Dodgers on Thursday at Dodger Stadium, admitting that it felt good and familiar in that role. Moreover, he told media on Friday that when Dustin May went down for the season, he did think about potentially joining the starting rotation.

It definitely crossed my mind. The team knows, whatever they want or whatever they ask me to do, I’m more than willing to do it. I’m just gonna stay ready and if they want me to go out there and throw every five days, I’ll do it. If they want me to stay in the same role that I’ve been, I’m okay with that.

In 8 outings in relief this season, Price owns a 5.06 ERA. Take away his first two outings of the season and that ERA drops down to 1.29. And, over his 13-year career, the left-hander has posted a 2.48 ERA in 18 games. In 312 games as a starter, his ERA is a solid 3.33 over 2013.1 innings pitched.

So, it’s safe to say that he’s been there and done that. Still, the Dodgers are hoping to plug right-hander Tony Gonsolin into the rotation and see what the 27-year-old can do over a full(ish) season as a big leaguer.

Gonsolin has been rehabbing a shoulder issue since the first series of the season. He’s yet to make an appearance in 2021.

For now, expect to see David Price in relief and potentially picking up spot starts along the way.

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  1. David, good for you….. I like that attitude, you being a team guy first. A Cy Young Award Winner to swallow his pride for the team when they really need you shows the character of a really good man. Also donating your time and WS Ring to the Players Alliance to benefit the under privileged youth of America shows a lot of class. Many good fortunes to you!

  2. Price has a great attitude. However, with his track record, he should be the 5th starter. Gonsolin will get opportunities, but he isn’t David Price.

  3. I agree with the above comment that Price deserves to be the 5th starter. Dodgers are lucky to have a starting pitcher of his caliber and they should take advantage of that while they have him.

  4. They never discussed having a second scoreboard either. LOL Price is a worthless clown.

  5. I agree David Price has earned the chance to be the 5th starter with what he has done in his career
    There are times like this that I don’t get how the Dodgers do the things they do.
    Give the ball to David Price and see how he does.

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