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Dodgers: DJ LeMahieu Looks to LA With the Yankees Slow Playing His Contract

With less than 50 days until the Dodgers play their first scheduled Spring Training game, there are still a lot of questions to be answered. One of those questions is that will need to be addressed is at third base or just the infield in general. 

With Justin Turner still a free agent rumored to be looking for a 4-year deal, the Dodgers may have to look elsewhere for help. One guy that has been rumored is DJ LeMahieu, and the New York Yankees might have just made that possibility even more realistic. 

Recent reports suggest that LeMahieu is not happy with the way the Yankees are handling contract negotiations. So much so that the Dodgers could become a realistic option as he starts to look more broadly at his options. 

LeMahieu, according to a source close to his family, has become dismayed by the slow-play tactics of the Yankees, along with other clubs.

According to that same source, LeMahieu has asked that his agent re-engages with teams interested in signing him. That includes the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have been mentioned in the LeMahieu rumors for the last few months. 

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The problem for the Dodgers currently lies in DJ’s contract demands, which include the desire for a 5-year deal. LeMahieu reportedly wants to surpass that contracts of both Josh Donaldson and JD Martinez. Donaldson got 4 years at $92 million with the Twins and Martinez got 5 at $110 million with the Red Sox. 

The Yankees no doubt had the first priority in signing LeMahieu, but it sounds like they’ve opened the door to other teams getting the opportunity. That would include the Dodgers, Blue Jays, and Mets. The Braves, Cardinals, and Red Sox are a few other teams that were rumored to have reached out early in free agency as well. 

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  1. IF, repeat, IF the report is true — Dodgers are very likely one of the teams using “slow-play tactics” AND the reason is because of LeMahieu and his agents ridiculous demands. LeMahieu wants to be a Yankee, he is attempting to leverage the Dodgers to get the Yankees to come up with a better offer.

  2. Yes and maybe the Dodger interest is in convincing Turner to return – by showing alternate interest In LaMahieu. Either way is a win but giving up the farm for Arenado makes no sense

    1. LaMahieu is the better option IF he will come in on a 3-4 year contract. He offers more flexibility. Turner has offered to play 1st but that further mucks up the lineup. Turner is Mr. Dodger so it has to be him saying no, not the front office. Most fans realize a 4 year deal is out of the question.

  3. LaMahieu wants 27 year old $$’s at age 32 years. That is not going to happen by LA or NY as well as 5 years not in this environment. Cashman and Friedman are in the drivers seat and $$’s are tight, it’s going to be a waiting game. Turner will get 2 years and a club option from the Dodgers and it’s a fair offer at his age and with slipping skills. He should take it. DJ will get 4yrs and 80+ Mil and he will take it.

  4. The one constant for both cases with Turner and LeMahieu is that Dodgers could, and I say could bring them both here WITHOUT dealing any top prospects. Yes, then lies the issue of going over that $210 million CBT. But it was mentioned that it would only be for 1 year of going over the threshold.

  5. Paul, you are right; the tax hit of $8-10 million would be for one year. If I were the Dodgers ownership, I would look at that tax as well worth another championship and ring.

    The wild card in all this is still David Price. If he opts out, and I think Friedman knows he will, then there’s $32 million in available funds UNDER the tax threshold.

    After this coming season, Kenly Jansen, Joe Kelly, Kershaw (although he’d come back at around $18 per year for two more years) Taylor (ditto him), and Knebel come off. Most of those saving will go to Seager, Buehler, Bellinger and Urias.

    Pollock could be traded as well, saving $18 million this year, $13 mil player option in 2022, and $10 mil player option in 2023.

    Currently, Dodgers sit at $189,514,000, so there’s room. Yes, that includes guestimates for our Big-4. At this point there is $88,225,000 committed to 2022. Think about that!

    1. If I have it right then, Betts currently is the only Dodger who’s contract goes past 2022. So with the $$ amounts you mentioned. In effect it gives the team that flexibility to sign both LeMehieu AND Turner. As I said before, both Kike and JT,being RHB need then to be replaced by 2 other RHB if those 2 indeed sign elsewhere.

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