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Dodgers Don’t Want to ‘Overreact’ to Second Straight Organizational Failure, Coaching Staff Appears Safe

For the second straight season, the Dodgers found themselves getting knocked out of the playoffs in the NLDS against a division opponent. It also marks the third time in the last five seasons that LA failed to make it out of the first round, adding to the long history of postseason collapses.

After winning 100 games once again, many believed that this Dodgers team was different. But in fact, they were more similar to those of the past, and maybe even more tragic since they were swept out of the postseason.

President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman spoke at the end of the season press conference and gave thoughts on the season. Within he said that LA wasn’t going to overreact to the team collapsing in the postseason for the second straight year.

“So a lot of it is just looking at what the team did in the regular season, how it played out in the postseason and okay, that unfortunately didn’t play out in our favor. Let’s go back in, look at different aspects of what can be improved and how much of it is noise and making sure that we don’t overreact to some aspects of it too because we’re all disappointed and it hurts the fact that we didn’t win. But to do an overcorrection is also not helpful in that way.”

Per Andrew Friedman

While Friedman is correct in not overreacting, something does need to be done. The Dodgers have found the recipe for regular-season success, but now they need to find a way to get it over the finish line.

LA prepares itself in the best way that it believes is possible, but there is a clear disconnect between that and what happens on the field. The team has done the same thing for years, and it has resulted in just one World Series win in all the years of success they’ve seen.

“Watching the way these guys prepared, cared, did everything they could put themselves in the best position to go out and have success. Now, we didn’t do it. And that is ultimately what matters most. And so to figure out from that, but I think Doc and our coaching staff did an incredible job this year and none of us did a good job for those three games against Arizona.”

Per Andrew Friedman

The Dodgers set themselves up to have the ability to go all-in this offseason, and it’s time for them to do just that. There can no longer be any excuses with the resources that LA has at its disposal.

Fans are tired of this franchise underperforming each October, and it has been a very frustrating experience for all involved. The team needs to do something this offseason that will reenergize this fanbase, otherwise, it could be a hard sell if they continue with the status quo.

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Matt Levine

Matt earned a Master of Science degree in Sport Management from Louisiana State University in 2021. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, growing up a huge fan of the Dodgers and Lakers. Matt Kemp was his favorite Dodgers player growing up.


  1. It’s unfortunately not a simple fix as it’s not like the NBA or NFL where one superstar or Hall of Fame QB can bring a championship. BUT the one thing I can say is the Dodgers absolutely have to stop treating the Postseason the same way they treat the regular season. It’s just a completely different beast. From my perspective the teams that win it all don’t do one thing the Dodgers do…they don’t platoon in the Postseason. Yet every single year the Dodgers are running platoons out there at multiple positions or playing matchups when a new pitcher comes in. Funny enough, the ONE year the Dodgers won it they had a set lineup. I don’t know why they win it in 2020 doing one thing and in the 3 years after that they start platooning and playing matchups again. It’s baffling to me. Go look at all the teams that win…there’s usually only one maybe two platoons max and it’s usually the guys hitting 8 or 9. Not 5 or 6 like the Dodgers. The Dodgers have to stop this platoon BS and start playing a set lineup preferably all year long but at the very least they have to do it in October. I honestly believe this would fix a lot of the offensive issues the Dodgers routinely have every October compared to other teams. Hell, it worked in 2020…why not do it again and see what happens? ????

  2. Insanity. Adj. pronounced: in-SAN-i-tee; 1) doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result. 2) Crazy; not sound in decision or action. 3) keeping Dave Roberts as your manager. See; Los Angeles Dodgers 2017-2023.

  3. They are not over-reacting, they are not reacting or acting at all.
    Do nothing at all doesn’t change a thing.
    Taking responsibility and then doing nothing is not taking any responsibility at all.
    Their talk is cheap.

    Signing veteran players who hit .200 is not fixing anything, good defense means nothing without complimentary offense.
    And problem manager Dave Roberts just keeps playing these players. Stop giving him these players just because they can play a little defense and hit only lefties or only righties.

    I agree with the above, Dodgers need players who are good enough to play every day, not platoon players. They need players who have fire.

    Oh and Betts was a big financial mistake, he’ll be useless in a couple of years, he has no fire, he is not clutch. They could have signed harper and traded the prospects for someone else. The trade with the national netted a loss of prospect captial. And they are constantly missing out on or trading players who can hit like arraez or alvarez, and good japanese/korean players (how many are they going miss out on this time). Wouldn’t it have be nice to have arraez at second and leading off, or Kim or hader, or castillo, ….

    Most of time they find no diamonds in the rough. Maybe being cheap doesn’t work out most of the time.

    And the dodgers need to play the younger players. We don’t need 30 year olds still in the minor leagues. Play them or trade them. They are easily as good as the bad or limited hitters they sign.

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