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Mookie Betts Breaks Silence Online Weeks After Dodgers NLDS Loss

Two weeks after the stunning Game 3 loss and NLDS sweep by the National League champion Arizona Diamondbacks, Dodgers superstar Mookie Betts has finally reemerged online. For several of his Dodgers teammates, the play was to reflect on the season and thank the fans for the support over the grind of 2023 in their first social media posts following the upset.

Let’s just say Mookie went a different route.

Betts posted on Instagram some video of a night out bowling with friends and family.

Betts famously didn’t have a hit this postseason as the Dodger bats overall struggled to get to D-backs pitching. He did, however, put together a regular season for the ages, hitting .307 with a career-high 39 home runs and an NL-best 8.4 bWAR.

Fans would rather see video of Mookie and company preparing for a World Series Game 1 on Friday, but it wasn’t meant to be in 2023.

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Clint Pasillas

Clint Pasillas has been writing, blogging, and podcasting about the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2008. He was there for Nomar, Greg Maddux, and Blake DeWitt, and he'll be there for Walker Buehler, Alex Verdugo, Bobby Miller, and any Dodgers of the future. Under Clint, Dodgers Nation has grown into one of the most read baseball sites in the world with millions of unique visitors per month. He's a golf enthusiast, an amateur wood worker, and a friend.


  1. A life long Dodger fan. Born in 1952 and was there when they came to LA in 1958. I saw the best of the best come through LA. Koufax (was there for one of the perfect games) Duke Snyder, Larry Sherry. Don Drysdale, Maury Wills, Jim Gillman, Orel Hershsier, and Ron Fairly to mention a few. This season was one for the ages overcoming injuries and bad breaks. In the end we left it all on the field. I am proud of our team and can’t wait for Spring Training. Go Dodgers!!

    1. Hey Karl hate to tell you that you are partly right (I’m a dodge fan actually a southern CA fan of all sports) the wrong part is that you said they were overcoming injuries but hey all teams in the playoffs and not were all overcoming injuries come up with a better excuse. They had the best record in the league if I recall they had injuries during the season too. Just admit it they choke and the ones that should have came through didn’t once again and the coach made mistakes again leaving the pitchers in too long.

      1. Dave Robert’s definitely was a play into y they didn’t make it as far on top of pitching hitting

    2. Well Karl, I too have been a long time Dodger Fan. But you must be a total loser , just like the Dodgers were this year if you are PROUD of this non performing team and manager !

    3. Also life long dodger fan from 1952 love the team in blue win or lose, can’t wait for spring trading go Dodgers

      1. Because he wasn’t. Lifetime barely over .500 winning pitcher. 3.54 era with the Dodgers. Not exactly Koufax or Kershaw stats.

  2. This isn’t upsetting like the Lakers losing in Denver. I’m just so damn angry right now. Sports was meant to be fun but social media made sports stressful. Sports is about hate in the social media and digital age. It’s all about a “1up” society. It’s a war between fanbase’s. Now the Nuggets fans are riding high, as they should, but they are running their mouths like no other franchise ever. They running their mouth at the Lakers while playing the Miami Heat. Karma is on the way. Those mountain hillbillies will be sorry they are talking so much trash. They act like the Nuggets are 1-0 all-time in playoff history with the Lakers. I’m sure they still salty Kobe Bryant destroy the Nuggets in his tenure with the Lakers. And they still salty about 2020 pandemic championship and had Nuggets won in 2020, they would “count” that title but because the Lakers won, it happens to not count, per former Coach George Karl. This is ridiculous. Everyone knows the Nuggets were the better team, and I respect that. But the constant disrespect for the Lakers, when they were a “play-in” team and out of the playoff picture in the regular season, and made it all the way to the WCF was unexpected. So where is the credit for that? What if the Warriors matched up with the Nuggets, are the Nuggets fans going to trash the Golden State Warriors. I am to believe the Warriors would’ve knocked out the Nuggets. It’s all about matchups.

    As for the Dodgers, it was disappointing to see another failed postseason. There isn’t so much toxicity as a baseball fan as opposed to basketball. I hope Dodgers figure it out. I love Mookie Betts. He is a true champion unlike those complaining Denver Nuggets. Biggest mistake was to let Corey Seager go and bring on Trea Turner when Dodger didn’t even keep Turner. Corey Seager, Joc Pedersen, Justin Turner…man I miss them!

  3. 2024 DODGERS will again be re-packaged with minimal changes other than adding starting pitchers, and perhaps out-bidding others for Shohei Ohtani. Lots of IF’s ahead, but bottom line is, they’ll do enough to win, and keep their Hispanic base happy, BUT NOT ENOUGH TO WIN IT ALL!
    Nice guy Dave Roberts has NO CLUE how to handle pitchers, nor in-game strategy, and haven’t we all gotten tired of Andrew Friedman’s bargain-basement, reclamation projects? Friedman, and his analytics staff of brainiac knuckleheads, who don’t understand the nuances and culture of the game of baseball, and clearly lack the ‘feel’ for how this complex, wonderful game is played, on all levels, MUST GO!
    Remember, the constantly celebrated Dodgers have won ONE World Series (asterisk?) title in 35 years, and that LUCKY WS title came in a shortened 60 game season with ZERO fans in the ballparks!

  4. My first game was at Ebbets Field. I’ve seen great Dodgers come and go. My favorite was Gil Hodges, who was a complete post-season failure. None of my heroes in all these years has been so tone deaf to fans. Mookie should be sued for reckless abandonment

  5. As is typical of Friedman teams, great during the season but not so during the playoffs. Still cannot understand the offensive funk in 2022 and 2023. Was it AZ pitching? An offensive slump? The 5-day layoff? Some of each? But Friedman’s failure to acquire quality pitching for the playoffs is unacceptable and falls on his door mat. Unfortunately history shows that while Friedman may be a bidder he won’t win when it comes to top notch free agents. And so I expect more of the same. So sad.

  6. Total joke. 100 games is meaningless. It’s about winning championships. Something that the Dodhers do not subscribe to.

    Friedman his analytics along with his puppet Dave Robert’s have long overstayed their welcome. Play baseball. Friedman if employed by George Steinbrenner if still alive 9would have been fired long ago. Your carefree attitude is an insult to anyone who knows baseball

  7. Please, no excuses. You choked. Simple. Now go back and buy the most expensive players available like the management does every year. Oh, that doesnt work either as we have seen every year during playoff time. Chuckle

  8. Show them all a brand new car and a set of steak knives. If you are a loser, hit the bricks, pal, you’re Fired. MVPs and Manager of the year, are for winners.

  9. Yeah, he seems a bit tone deaf, but who cares. I’m not really concerned with the players giving loser social media posts. I dosen’t endear me to them or reduce my disappointment either way.

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