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Dodgers: Dustin May Ranked Amongst Top 2020 RHP Prospects

The Dodgers have one of the brightest young right-handed pitchers in the game in Walker Buehler. They might have another one on their hands in young fireballer Dustin May. Big Red showed flashes of greatness in 2019 and has fans salivating over his future and his potential for a breakout for the 2020 season.

Dustin May’s name was recently placed amongst the creme de la creme of right-handed pitching prospects in Major League Baseball. In a recent column by Jim Callis of’s prospect evaluation department, Dustin May was ranked sixth amongst all right-handed pitching prospects in the game.

While there are very good names above him on the list, there is a case to be made that he can be as high as second on the list. The names above him include the Tigers’ Casey Mize and Blue Jays’ Nate Pearson at one and two, respectively. In terms of 2020 impact potential, May might only trail Nate Pearson. Some other names on the list include White Sox right-hander Michael Kopech and Padres right-hander Luis Patino.

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Additionally, the list mentions May among prospects with “best control” and identifies the righty as a Rookie of the Year candidate in the National League.

As I mentioned, May showed signs of greatness in his 2019 cameo. May posted a 2.90 FIP and 3.79 SIERA across 34 2/3 innings of work and is poised to handle a larger workload in 2020. Current Steamer projections have him tossing 107 innings, albeit with a decline in performance. Steamer had very similar projections for Walker Buehler in his second go and we all know how that turned out.

The Dodgers will get a lot of production and innings out of their rookies in 2020 and Dustin May figures to be at the forefront.

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


    1. Amen. I believe that May is more out of bounds for a trade than Lux. I wish all Dodger pitchers could throw a 98 mph sinker. Buehler probably could, but that’s about it. And few in all of baseball can do it. In a live ball era, a sinker may be the very best pitch you can throw. A hard grounder in the infield has never cleared the fence.

  1. OMG Daniel you mean with a possible pitching line up of Buehler, Keyshawn, Maeda, Uriah’s, Stripling, Wood,Urias, May and Gonsolin with Nelson, White, Santana and Gonzalez on the 40 man the Dodgers didn’t really need to sign Cole for 9 YEARS like you and your Nation & LA Times writers screamed all winter??
    Why not let this line up shake out with all the impressive young talent then see what they need by trading deadline. What a concept!! No wonder all you guys are writers. LOL

  2. So I’ll stand up. I don’t think you find a Gerrit Cole at the trade deadline. I don’t think a guy made more sense to help them win a title over the next few years with this core; no one player available could have helped more. I don’t think Dustin May will ever be Buehler, but I think he will be very good I don’t think that year is 2020 but more likely 2022 when he’s starting to really impact the league. Dodgers do not seem to be as committal to him as they were to putting Buehler in the rotation from day one, I think it speaks towards their differences in talent level. Also, I think when the Dodgers get back to the playoffs it is just Buehler then hope for the best against elite lineups. Cole gives you a 1-2 punch with the lineup you mention to really be a tall stack poker player, and the Dodgers didn’t sign him (or weren’t given the chance to, depending upon what you want to believe). Also who cares if it was for 9 years if they win 2 or 3 titles with him. He earns that contract in the first half of it easily barring him getting hurt or something weird which every player is subject to.

    1. As I see it, there are multiple reasons the Dodgers didn’t get Cole:
      1. The Dodgers aren’t the Yankees
      2. Too much money despite the big move talk
      3. Way too long a contract for a Dodger team that will be short on proven starters for two years max, and probably only one (2020). This year will be a challenge with unproven pitch restricted rookies, who may be unuseable in postseason. But 2021 looks good. And 2022 looks great. May, Gonsolin, Urias will be fully online by then as Josiah Gray gets his first taste of the MLB after the 2020 all star break, which is coincidentally the same time the Dodgers should look at a contract limited starting pitcher trade aquisition. The Astros got Verlander, then Greinke. Assuming they didn’t cheat to get them, it is possible to get that proven 2 rotation guy at midseason. A Machado like rental would be nice.

  3. any fan who was around the brothers Martinez era might see a lot of similarities between May & the, they traded the wrong, Martinez. Same electric stuff and all elbows, kneecaps, etc making his stuff is hard to pickup. He’s got similar physic though i see more of Randy Johnson in his build.

    The kid will be great if not blown up or traded to be great with another team. I’m not sold on Urias. I don’t see a good attitude for some reason i can’t put a finger on. Plus he shows signs the he will expand nicely and be a round mound of fastballs… the other guys also have the potential to give confidence we fans will be in for a big treat the next few seasons. And then there is Gray in the minors.

    I truly believe in how the team nurtures the youngsters these days. One of Lasorda’s short comings was if he didn’t seem fond of a youngster he’d work them until their ares fell off. I think today’s philosophy might be a bit too conservative for us zealous fans but they are huge investments by the team.

    As for Cole, anytime one if the top 2-3 pitchers is available you have ti take a run at him. Experience has to prove to us fans that there truly is not such thing as too much pitching. I think, if the mentioned offer was real, they went far as i, as a fan, would say they should go…i would have only gone that far if it gave him opt-out options after two or three years…but no matter that’s old news. The current staff looks exciting and i expect we’re all going to very happy as the season progresses.

    Plus, perhaps Kershaw might not feel the full burden in post season after the current events unfold. A rejuvenated Kershaw is a very good thing.

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