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Dodgers: Edwin Rios Should Probably Be Getting More Opportunities

The Dodgers have one of the more consistent lineups in baseball this year. Despite being a heavily platooned team in years past, this season has been incredibly steady. And while that has been great for production, that has put them in an odd position with bench players. 

Guys are always going to need days off of their feet, so obviously bench players will get time. But there is at least one guy who the Dodgers need to get into the lineup more often. That would be Edwin Rios, who is coming off one heck of a series against the Pirates.

Rios got 10 at-bats against Pittsburgh over the 3 game series, and he made the most of them. He went 5-for-10 with a pair of homeruns and 7 runs driven in. Rios also drove in the only runs of the game on Monday and Wednesday. But the Dodgers only gave him 23 at-bats in the previous 26 games before that series. 

So it does seem like the Dodgers need to at least consider getting Rios’ bat in there more often. When you look at how other guys are hitting, it only further stresses that. Max Muncy has struggled big time so far this year, and he has gone 3-for-21 so far this month. It’s tough to sit Rios when he’s hitting like that.

The Dodgers could easily slot Rios in at the DH spot on days when JT is at the hot corner. But so far, Rios has not had those opportunities. With a.930 OPS and 3 homers in 33 at-bats, they need to find a way to get him in there more often. At least until Muncy starts to find his rhythm. 

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  1. There needs to be place for Rios in lineup, especially the way Muncy and Belli have performed(not). And can Mike Busch be moved up closer to a major league debut ?

  2. Muncy needs to sit for a while until he gets his stroke back; or whatever else he needs to start hitting. He has been an almost sure out, especially in clutch situations, many t9mes taking called third strikes. Bellinger has to start slapping the ball into left even if he has to bunt! The team looked awful vs the Pirates and even worse against the Phillies. Two games they should have won, but lost! The way Rios has been going he needs to start much more often and Muncy needs to sit much more often!

  3. Remember you have Roberts the half wit to deal with…Roberts has Bellinger his son playing…who should have been traded when maybe he was worth something… but not now..

  4. Rios has to get more opportunities as long as he produces. He’s earned it. I realize Max Muncy has been a huge asset to the Dodgers the last few years, but it looks as though he hasn’t truly healed from his season ending injury of last year. Rios showed he can play 3rd base as well as be a DH. I’m sorry but you have to play the hot hand & maybe it would give Muncy a chance to get totally healthy. We need him!

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