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Dodgers: ESPN Poll Says Cody Bellinger Most Likely To Sign Next $400M Contract

Recently, a former big league general manager said that Cody Bellinger was the Dodgers’ must-extend player this offseason. Now, there is some Bellinger contract-jargon taking place on twitter. Moreover, ESPN’s Buster Olney posted a poll that asked an interesting question.

While the terms of Bellinger’s next contract haven’t really been mentioned anywhere, Olney asks who will be baseball’s next $400 million dollar man. The results of the poll were very interesting through 15,654 votes.

Indeed, Bellinger was voted most likely between himself, Mookie Betts, Francisco Lindor, and Juan Soto. Certainly, someone else could emerge as the next candidate for this type of mega-extension. However, these are the four most likely names in Olney’s mind to receive consideration for such a huge contract.

Here are the full results at the time of this post:

  • Cody Bellinger 39 percent
  • Mookie Betts 30 percent
  • Francisco Lindor 16 percent
  • Juan Soto 15 percent

Without question, any of these players are about equally as likely to get that next contract in the $400 million range; and a lot could depend on the years that follow. By the same token, none of these players may get that Mike Trout type contract. Remember, Bryce Harper’s contract was ‘only’ for $330 million. Sometimes the market in baseball does not believe how you expect it to.

Bellinger’s Next Contract – Could It Be $400 Million?

Do you think Cody Bellinger could be worth a contract as much as $400 million? And if not, what do you think his next deal will look like? Weigh in with your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below!

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  1. He is not worth 400 million… not as he is playing now….ort have you not notice his downward sprial!!!

  2. Honestly do not think he is the player raved about in March/April who allegedly fixed his approach and swing. Even May appears to be a bit of an outlier. He went from dominating on fastballs to fouling off too many and swings/misses. When he gets fooled it is the ugliest swing in the game. Would love to see him signed to long extension
    but $400 million is absurd.

  3. His improvement from season to season has been a phenom like rise in stock………….no doubt……….there is a reason the players on the Dodgers consider him the “big bopper” in the lineup now……….but 400 million? No, no way…….Dodgers have to pay several of these guys to stay and/or get raises (like Ryu/Hill Free Agent & Seager/Pederson/Muncy arbitration also)……..think Bellinger is arbitration eligible for the next four seasons…..these guys will all get raises to avoid arbitration….but they have to lock up several people, not just Bellinger.

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