Dodgers: Examining Why LA Was Not More Aggressive During Off-Season

Without question, I feel disappointed and hollow about the Los Angeles Dodgers’ winter efforts. Truly, it comes down to I feel that the Dodgers are a player or two away from greatness. You hear that said a lot of times in sports – but I can’t ever remember a time that it applies to an organization and it’s core more than it does the 2020 Dodgers – in my mind.

Thankfully, MLB.com’s Mike Petriello writes about why the Dodgers weren’t more active in the off-season. Furthermore, it’s an important read for people like me; and I’m sure I’m not alone. Sometimes an opposing viewpoint can help make sense of things if you can be asked to look at it differently.

Notably, Petriello points out something said by Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. Indeed, quotes like this one along with Roberts’ saying he was leading the recruiting efforts of elite players like Anthony Rendon could have been misleading.

“I think this is probably the most turnover we’ll have from one season to the next.”

Now, why would Roberts say such a thing and have one of the team cornerstones in Justin Turner learning a new position if things were going to stay status-quo? Petriello takes his shot at explaining the ‘why’ behind it all.

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Mike Petriello on Why Los Angeles Did Little in 2020 Off-Season

First, Petriello displays that the Dodgers are far and wide projected for the most wins in their division again. He goes on to point out the core players the Dodgers have and the laurels of the 106-win season in 2019.

“If you’ve won seven straight divisions and look incredibly well-positioned to take an eighth, then you have the luxury of not worrying about adding reinforcements for the summer. You can make all of your big moves with an eye on October.”

Next, Petriello again leans on the Dodgers being a lock to win the NL West. Which – to me – is a consolation prize at this point. It is being the best cook in the city at a chain of Olive Garden restaurants.

“A disappointingly timid winter” and “damaging their chances to win the division” aren’t exactly the same thing; great as Cole and the other free agent stars may be, they wouldn’t do a whole lot to increase L.A.’s odds of winning the NL West. There’s only so much room to improve.

Therefore, Petriello defends the Dodgers’ nonchalant ways this past off-season by resting on the fact that their division is below them in talent. I encourage everyone to click through and read his article because there is a lot to it. Also, he goes on in this portion of the piece to explain away why the Dodgers had a credible reason to come up short on every big-time candidate.

Finally, he does admit that being a lock to win the division and winning the World Series are not the same thing. This is what has me back to my initial feeling of scratching my head about the lack of creativity this past off-season.

Petriello on When the Right Time is for Los Angeles to Make a Move

Next, Petriello asks us to think back to Stan Kasten’s infamous quote about ‘the team the Dodgers have now won’t be the team they have when the postseason begins’. Petriello believes that it’s more critical for the Braves and White Sox of the world to enter the season strong than it is for the Dodgers.

“If the goal is to improve for October, and you’re pretty sure you’re getting to October no matter what you do, then it might not matter terribly much if you’ve made your improvements on Nov. 15 or Jan. 15 or July 15.”

However, my counter to that and Kasten’s comment are ‘we have heard that before’. Surely sounding spoiled in my comment, it’s beginning to feel like deja vu in terms of the Dodgers sniffing around a big name, then coming up short for one reason or another.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Petriello looks at some past World Series winners and the moves they made. Then, he suggests players like Ian Kennedy and Ken Giles to bolster the bullpen. While I would welcome Giles or another fireman reliever in a heartbeat, it still doesn’t feel like the team would be doing all they could do.

To sum it up, the Dodgers have the market, roster, farm system, and brain trust in the front office to put the league on notice and behave like a large-stack poker player. Until they do that – or win a World Series in the manner they’re doing business now – the buzz Petriello is trying to refute may not go away.

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  1. Despite being disappointed the Dodgers didn’t pick up a superstar player I totally agree they simply did not need to…yet. Chances are they’d have had to pay a truly exorbitant price either in dollars or in prospects. Besides, the team’s true needs to win a World Series will be dramatically more clear as the season progresses. I truly hope Andrew Friedman pulls out all the stops by the July 31st deadline to simply bulldoze their way into the 2020 World Championship.

  2. More excuses for the front office’s lack of activity. We have heard it all before and it’s getting old. I wasn’t excited about the Dodgers last year and I will not be excited this year. Hopefully more fans send this front office a strong message by boycotting games.

    1. And another lame comment from a clueless that doesn’t understand the business side of baseball.. Please taking your whining elsewhere if 106 wins is not enough for you. I’m sure the Giants would welcome another bandwagon fan

      1. Another comment from a clueless fan that doesn’t understand competitive baseball. Fans like you will always be satisfied with coming in second.And that is what this ownership is counting on. Can you imagine suggesting to Kirk Gibson or Drysdale that they should be satisfied with being a runner-up?

  3. I would rather the Dogers win the division first , nothing is a sure thing. Then the playoffs again 2019 looked what happened !
    Quit thinking to far ahead maybe the Dodgers feel they should not have lost in the playoffs in reality they DID. Every other team thought the same thing and Washington prevailed, I would rather see the Dodgers going into the extended season (playoffs) then not see them getting there at all. Let up on the pressure of themselves winning it all ,the Dodgers should just go play ball ,in the end
    the results may be much better because everyone thinks there team should get to the big show, where as the Dodgers already think they have clinched the National League West , anything can happen. I again would rather the Dodgers get to the playoffs than sit at home watching another team of no interest playing . A big name signing would not make them a guaranteed winner to get to the World Series. They have the talent NOW,j just take it game by game , and again the end results may be in the Dodgers favor.

    1. Your an idiot Johnny. How can you say your happy with division titles. Don’t you realize the billions of dollars the Dodger make a year. There printing money machine. So why can’t we expect them to spend some on one superstar even if it’s not enough they still should spend. Don’t give Freidman and Kasten a reason not to spend because your satisfied.

      1. That’s right Alfredo. It doesn’t guarantee but they should be legitimately trying when they make billions off the brand, tv deal that blacks fans out, and tickets/food beverage. Also odds of winning it all are increased a lot when you have more weapons than your opponents. As it stands this rotation has one playoff caliber ace and a bunch of question marks and young guys that will be limited by the Sabre geeks most likely. The bullpen isn’t any better than last year

        1. Hello Don, you are correct about the rotation, the BP but what has me concerned is that this team again will be too LH in the lineup, Roberts will again make those same pitching decisions as before (including those made in the 2019 NLDS) and a lineup that will constantly be shuffled around, especially whenever a LHP goes against them. I am not sure I can recall a past WS winning team that won it by playing musical chairs daily with the positions and lineups, again noticeably against LHP.. yes days off when needed or a lingering injury can force changes but not in the way Roberts and Co. do this daily. The offensive problems may be part of the fact that many players on this team do not have good enough splits that allow them to be trusted to play regularly, and by that I don’t mean playing in all 162 games. Finally, we must know that even a division title in 2020 is no guarantee either.

          1. No offense but Joc Pederson is redundant. Yeah he hits home runs but really doean’t drive in many runs with Roberts penchant for batting him first. He is a good enough player that combined with the right talent ought to be able to be used to aquire a decent staring pitcher, and their should be some arms available at the trade deadline of guys with expiring contracts If Verdugo comes back and plays well, and if Pollock has his every other year good year, where does Joc play? The other two won’t hit the home runs of JP but they will also probably not strike out as often either, although Pollack still has that to prove.

            To his credit, Pederson had the best numbers of his career last year. But Joc is Joc and one bad year or return to previous bad habits could doom him. Remember the famous words of Al Campanis the old Dodger GM from the glory years: “Its better to trade a player one year too soon than one year too late…”


      2. No actually Johnny is not an idiot if you don’t win your division your chances go way down for winning the WS. By the way the Dodgers don’t make billions every year they do make millions and they have built this franchise into one of the best in the game.
        You don’t win a WS by just spending $$$$$’s, baseball doesn’t work that way, it can help but remember there is no crying in baseball.

        1. No but you do win a World Series by always trying to IMPROVE your team, not by standing pat and hoping that a mid year trade becomes available. Time will tell whether the “Kasten/Friedman Doctrine” is the GOLD standard or the LEAD standard. For the last two years it has been more the LEAD standard than the GOLD standard, the Houston and Bost cheating scandals not withstanding…

        2. Buehler cried because his manager ruined his hopes and dreams after he poured his heart and soul into game5. Crying is justified and understandable on this incompetent team

          1. Trading for a star or spending $$$ for a FA of course helps your chances but by no means guarantees anything, ESPECIALLY since Roberts has indicated he would make most of his decisions he made in October last year all over again. and if Roberts does to the lineups what he does in the regular season then no guarantees there either. Dodgers did win 106 games and many here might say that was also in spite of Roberts.

      3. Alfredo=CLUELESS

        Please stick to fantasy & TAP baseball because you are lost. Please keep telling yourself you know more about that part of the game then AF. Do you realize how foolish you sound?

        1. lol Ryan you sound like the fantasy and video game type guy actually. Friedman’s style wins championships in both of those but not real life.

          1. until we do win the WS and then your constant whining like a child is ended!

    2. Mike peetra what ever is an idiot. There’s only one reason why the they didn’t spend. Because Friedman and Kasten are cheap basterds that don’t care about the fans only there deep pockets. Guggenheim has become the evil empire not the Yankees anymore. Actually the Yankees have become America’s Team.

  4. Mike peetra what ever is an idiot. There’s only one reason why the they didn’t spend. Because Friedman and Kasten are cheap basterds that don’t care about the fans only there deep pockets. Guggenheim has become the evil empire not the Yankees anymore. Actually the Yankees have become America’s Team.

    1. If you honestly believe that, you’ve no business calling others names. There are few players that materially improve a Dodger roster that is expected to win the 2020 NL pennant and you see the ridiculous asks made by the clubs that have them. They lost Cole – the only real need and to whom they made a massive offer – to the team HE wanted to play for. Besides, as people have continuously pointed out, the Dodgers’ touted prospects are unproven. Don’t you think it wise to see – at least for the first half of 2020 – what they have in Urias, May, or Gonsolin before wasting money on pitchers that are only marginal upgrades? If any one of the three approaches Buehler’s first year performance, the team will have solved a lot of problems.

      1. Teams know what Dodgers have in their system and it’s been a practice for other teams to demand more from the Dodgers in trades than they would any other team. I don’t know the exact names here but Texas got KLueber for a lot less from the Indians than what the Indians wanted from Dodgers.

      2. Add Lux to that group. I personally am not confident he is the next Dodger ROY. He has a big hols in his swing that says he can’t hit the off speed stuff. He can hit the fastball but so can every other half-decent major league player. If you can’t hit the “up and in” or the “down and away,” then you’d better have the dicipline to lay off or you’ll just become another Roger Freed or Joe Charboneau, or even a Greg Brock or Jose Offerman, for that matter, all great minor league bats and MPOY’s that could not last in the majors except as low success journeymen. Charboneau did have a great rookie year, but disappeared after that, never to be heard from again. Pitchers adjusted and these guys couldn’t. A very common tale in the minors to majors transformation…

  5. Clint another good counter well done my friend.
    Wish we were not even talking about this.
    If the FO wanted to do “what ever it takes” with out cheating to win a world series then it would have flexed there financial muscles and got it done.
    We should have signed what we needed to make us a favorite for the World Series and be getting ready as a team for a 2020 championship season!

  6. Perhaps the thinking is: with all the young talent that’s come up the past 2-3 years, they want to take the first half of the year to see how good Lux, Smith, Verdugo, May, Gonsolin and Urias are. Maybe even Rios and Beaty, and confirming that Seager, Stripling and Wood are ready for prime time.

    If need be, they make a move or two at the deadline. Betts and Arenado at the deadline would be just as impactful in October as Donaldson and Rendon in January. At least, that’s what I’m reading between the lines…

    1. I agree! There is a lot of young talent to evaluate along with a few of the veterans. Let’s see how everyone is performing at the all star break.

    2. We will never get a trade for Arenado involving the Rockies. In fact They will NEVER trade him to an opposing NL West team and probably not a National League team at all, if they even trade him at all. Would he like to be traded if the Rockies aren’t going to improve themselves? Probably, but then he should have forced their hand by signing a two or three year deal and giving the team a notice that he wanted more than just a paycheck. He signed all his leverage away by saying he wanted to retire a Rocky. He should have said I would like to retire as a Rocky….IF? But he didn’t and now he is at the mercy of the Monfort Bros and their consortium.

  7. Clint your last comment “To sum it up, the Dodgers have the market, roster, farm system, and braintrust in the front office to put the league on notice and behave like a large-stack poker player. Until they do that – or win a World Series in the manner they’re doing business now – the buzz Petriello is trying to refute may not go away.”
    The buzz is made by ignorant Sports commentators, especially the LA Times guys like Hernandez that are looking at spin and attention rather than facts.
    Fact the Dodgers won 106 games in 2019 & had the best record against plus .500 teams in BASEBALL! Stop saying it was because the NL West was weak! https://www.mlb.com/dodgers/news/playoff-teams-vs-strong-competition
    Fact: The Dodgers had 9-10 rookies debut in 2019 and make a contribution and are still on the 25 or 40 man roster.
    Fact Smith, Lux, May & Gonsolin are poised to make larger contributions with more playing time.
    Fact Verdugo will be back and he hits left handed pitching well.
    Fact Urias will finally be able to start and show why he was the #1 pitching prospect before Buehler came on the scene.
    Fact the NL West is a hot mess and the Dodgers will win the division in a walk.
    Fact the Dodgers have a Farm Team first promote from within Business Plan. How many times does Kasten have to tell you hard headed whiners?
    The 2020 Dodger starting line up in 2020 will be improved offensively from the 2019 line up With Lux & Smith better than the 2019 starters. The loss of Ryu and Hill will be covered by a plethora of young arms. Ryu and Hill did not pitch close to a full season.
    I travel and have watched May, & Gonsolin pitch in the minors. These players have great velocity, control and change of pace out pitches. They will be MLB players for a long time.
    This team will win the NL West and have added significant talent via the Farm. Let’s allow them to get the rookies playing and pitching BEFORE you trade them! October is the goal. Lets allow the team brain-trust to evaluate what they have and the rookies to earn their spots. Then upgrade a position or two if necessary. Cole did not WIN the WS for the Asteriks. Harper did not win it for the Phillies. One guys does not win it. It is a Team game.
    In closing, writers need to get a clue! Think about the Dodger business plan Kasten continues to reiterate time after time and stop whining when the team does the smart thing and not what YOU want.
    I have watched Grey pitch. What a steal the Dodgers pulled off with the Reds. Grey and Downs are legitimate Major League talent. Check out the 40 man roster. White & Gonzalez could see time depending on inning restrictions and injury. Grey may see time also.
    Enjoy this team. It has exciting young talent. They will be fun to watch. They are younger and the Dodgers have cap room to add if necessary at the end of the year. Be thankful! I remember the McCourt years do any of you??

    1. Tmaxter, FACT…. Roberts is still here and may limit the youngster’s innings and may still, depending upon how he is doing, not allow Lux and a couple others to play daily if a LHP goes. FACT, Roberts has already said he would make those very same pitching decisions he made that contributed to the Dodger demise in game 5 in the NLDS. I believe you indicated something similar in regards to Roberts earlier this Winter. Above anything else, that is where my concern lies for 2020.

    2. I’m envious you’ve seen Gray pitch. From everything I’ve read – which is considerable – this guy is special.

    3. Fact: they won’t win the World Series so nothing you said in your essay means anything to anyone besides the few that get all giddy over the regular season. Yawn been there done that 13 times since 1988. Time for the next step already

      Also fact: any glaring holes won’t be addressed properly in July but people like you will point to how they won 100 again so what could they have possibly needed. Well you’ll get to see what we needed once again when they get bounced in the playoffs

    4. Tmaxster
      Fact 0 teams have won a WS with that many young players.
      If we just want to win the west then yeah that should suffice. But if we’re looking to put the league on notice and behave like a large-stack poker player. Like clint said you need to have a mixture of veterans presence and youthful exuberance.
      Clint was saying that Cole was another needed weapon experienced in post season and not to mention filthy last year. More importantly he was available to buy and not to trade. You usually only get 1 shot at FAs “this front office” has never been able to actually pull of any top tier free agents and get the deal done.

      Who’s to say what is actually available at the trade deals line that is sutch a crapshoot we saw what happened Last season.

      And then you are going to have to potentially “trade away” some of that youthful exuberance for a real different maker. Instead of adding with cash and allowing the kids to develop instead of putting them in sink or swim mode.

      More importantly by limiting other teams weapons like the Yank’mees and Cole. it puts the Dodgers in a better position to win the world series now and allowing our youngsters to mature into some of these situations so we can win in the future as well.

      Go Dodgers now and forever!!

      I was hoping that the FO would acquire something that pushed us all in…. for Kershaw and Taylor’s chance to where a WS Ring with the Dodgers. These guys played their hearts out for this team and got cheated they Deserved and still deserve a WS championship with the Dodgers.

      1. lets see how the season unfolds – there’s always plenty of players available at the trade deadline! IF NEEDED!

    5. No WS championships in 32 plus years. Second place is for losers. Get real, how many small market teams have won a championship since 1988. St. Louis, Arizona, etc. This franchise is content being better than the Madres and the Rockies…wow, no problem here.

  8. Clint, I finally figured myself out! I am a Free Agent fan. I’m going to support the teams that give me the greatest chance to win a title! I demand a long term contract with incentives like buying extra hoodies caps, Parking etc! I’ll sign with the team that’s most interested in me! I want to be a franchise fan, my question to the Dodgers! ” Stan and Andy, will you do what’s necessary to sign me?” I already was signed by the Lakers, now do you guys want my Contract?

      1. I guess well have to wait and see bud. As we speak theyve decided to let me walk though because I have too many demands. Spending my money on top tier veteran players, to win the championship , is just way too much for Stan to accept! When he knows he has several kool aid rookies who he has ” mind” control over for a few more years.

  9. While I do agree the Dodgers are cheap and year after year pretend to be in on free agents, this off season I can’t blame them on Cole.. they offered a boat load, he seemed to have his heart set on Yanks.. what they gonna do, go way over for 9 years on a pitcher close to 30? Rendon had no interest in LA.. Donaldson could have been easily affordable though

    1. Yes beat the Yankees ridiculous offer because I bet you anything the first 3-4 years would be worth it if you get a title in that period. No one would care about the backend of the contract if we won it all atleast once. But even if they didn’t win it’s the billionaire Dodgers it wouldn’t hurt them but atleast we know they tried to win during this golden window of opportunity

  10. What makes certain people think they can get what they REALLY need in July? First off it’s going to cost the same amount of prospects that it does now if they target an elite player and not one of the Rays or A’s rejects. Secondly that elite player may not even be available but most importantly if they were they wouldn’t give up what they have to. What’s going to happen is they’ll settle for second and third tier guys with 3.80 ERAs who mlb network hypes up as a difference maker for big games

    1. The same deal discussed today for Betts and/or Lindor will be available in July if Boston and Cleveland are not leading their divisions – likely the ask will be less. The problem is, after losing out on Cole, what pitcher can be gotten that is really the difference maker? deGrom, Sale, Snell, Clevenger, Flaherty? Not one of these guys can be pried from their teams.
      Cole was the ballgame and he wanted to play for the Yankees. Anything the Dodgers were to offer the Yankees were going to match. They couldn’t win.
      I also don’t consider Machado, Darvish, or Hill second or third tier guys – just my take.

      1. Darvish has always been overrated. His career numbers aren’t impressive. I know he was better with us and got cheated but still. Machado was a steal and they won’t get away with robbery like that again, they haven’t been able to before or after. Expect teams to demand more from us than other teams I don’t see why people think that’ll change magically in 2020.

          1. I think it’s because they don’t want us to have our cake and eat it too meaning win it all now and later with all of our prospects. But I could be wrong, it doesn’t matter why the fact is it is that way and won’t change because it’s July

          2. I think it’s because they don’t want us to have our cake and eat it too meaning win it all now and later with all of our prospects. But I could be wrong, it doesn’t matter why the fact is it is that way and won’t change because it’s July

  11. Alfredo Leal …….is everybody an idiot that doesn’t agree with you ??? I am sure Mr. Leal , I would bet anything on it ,You would have wanted the Dodgers to sign Machado or Harper thinking they would win the World Series with either one and I would have bet anything that you pouted and whined when they didn’t sign them .So maybe in an adult way to voice your opinion is to quit calling people names you do not know anything about them ,also try taking a few spelling lessons,I think IDIOT was directed to the wrong persons .Thank Curt Tyner for supporting my opinion it takes steps to get to the World Series you have knowledge.

  12. The Dodgers better have a plan for getting a frontline starting pitcher prior to the trade deadline or they can kiss their shot at the 2020 world series goodbye. A Machado like short term rental would be fine. 2021 will take care of itself based on rookie performances and pitch count buildups during 2020. But this years starting rotation will be musical chairs, and inadequate for the postseason. The Dodgers have a serious one year shortage of another dominant starter to go with Buehler and Kershaw. Wood was a good pickup, but not the guy who’s going to carry a load in the postseason.

  13. I am as disappointed as anyone else. The free agent targets fell, one by one, and we got nothing. However, the big names were all greatly overpaid. The only way to justify contracts like that is that it guarantees a series title. The guy from Philly “got a little bit stupid” last year and what did it get him? IMO the Donaldson contract was the worst. Four years at $100 mil plus? He won’t be in the league four years from now.

    1. It’s a little different here. This team is a couple elite pieces away from being better than even the best AL team. Harper was just a start for the Phillies as they slowly add pieces each year.

  14. I understand and appreciate the Dodgers’ focus on the farm system and staying away from long term deals that seldom pan out in the long term. The contracts given to Harper, Machado, Cole, and others will be albatrosses to the signing teams in the long term. The Dodgers’ formula will make them a competitive team for years to come. The key word here is “competitive”. While I love a competitive team, there is a point where the Dodgers need to go beyond that. They do have the money and they have a lot of space under the luxury tax threshold. It would be nice to see Kasten and Friedman show their appreciation to Dodgers’ fans and sign one of those long term deals (e.g., Cole) that would certainly put them in a great position to win a World Series. I understand that Cole’s contract will never be a good deal in the long term, but for 2 or 3 years, he would give them a postseason pitcher who can compete with the best.

    1. George, if we want a chance for a championship here in L.A. it won’t be with money ball! The Billy Bean brand of No long term star players, only rely on a farm system players, stay way under the luxury tax, and relying on metric stats and platooning,shifts and projections has ever, and will never win a championship! You have to keep only your top proven farm players, and buy veterans to win it all. The Dodgers will never do this, therefore they will never win a championship! Someone please prove me wrong. Its common knowledge and common sense. This team won’t give up the owners profit. Simple.

      1. Absolutely. Money ball is only a success for small markets and poor owners who HAVE TO use it in order to compete. Just making the playoffs and hoping for the best is all they can do with their resources. The billionaire stacked farm big market Dodgers on the other hand should not be doing that it will never win a World Series for anyone period

  15. Clint – thanks for the article. There will always be doubters as evidenced by the comments on this board. Dodgers will get back to and win the World Series – hopefully this year. Their young team keeps getting better and younger. And without a doubt, the Front Office will ensure we are in the playoffs and primed to go all the way.

    1. Lifelong, the Dodgers are not the Lakers. I’ll simply ask you about winning only with youth. When is the last time the Dodgers have won with youth? That means the triple A PAC coast league. I already know the answer. So if they don’t win at the minor level, how do they just miraculously improve and win world series? They don’t, veterans mixed with youth does. This teams veterans are not super stars. And the team won’t pay for any, so relying on the triple A youth alone is a bad way to HOPE anything changes.

      1. happy Friday, Kirk. There are some here and there that believe this roster, as it stands now is good enough to compete for a deep October run. But you and I along with others understand that it is not. IDK but just cannot get too excited about the 2020 season knowing that no real improvements have been made, and we know where they are needed, and the fact that Roberts will do those exact same things as far as lineups and pitching decisions all over again no matter what.

        1. Paul I Know, I truly understand how .some younger fans who were brought up in the fantasy sports world and everyone gets a trophy mentality would love and truly support winning the Division then being sold that the playoffs are a crap shoot! When you have media apologists that are progressives always trying to change something for the sake of being hip, or modern, it can be alluring to fall into the trap! You have Kasten who is a Ted Turner protoge who is selling HOPE instead of power and building a arsenal. You and I have watched this team and manager fall on their faces over and over in the biggest moments. I’ve come to a realization that the team does deserve kudos for being able to tolerate such a flawed and unproven style of baseball! The game is actually very simple, pitch catch hit the ball, the team that does those simple mechanations the most proficient will win the last game of each season. The money ball platooning zaney world of minor league prospects who have a great job at that level, doesn’t guarantee they will in Oct. As a matter of fact, only really Buehler out of several players has been solid in Oct. The Dodgers triple A players haven’t done a good enough job in the PAC Coast league in the biggest moments, so how all of the sudden would they in the next level? I drive this point home because I haven’t heard one of these progressive money ball metric Master degree apologists prove me wrong! Its common sense! Keep the guys that get better when the pressure is on, and trade those that fold, and quit glorifying their numbers against sub ,500 high ERA pitchers.

          1. I sent you a long reply about the failure of money ball but Clint erased it!

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