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Dodgers: Expert Believes One Team’s Pitching Staff Could Outlast LA’s

The Dodgers have one of the best pitching staffs in all of baseball. Anyone who has been around the game for the last couple of years knows that is not a secret. The additions of Alex Wood, David Price, and Brusdar Graterol only made the team better even with offseason losses. 

And if you’re talking about pitching depth, the Dodgers are absolutely the top team in the league. The fact that Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May likely were going to start the season at Triple-A tells you all you need to know about how deep their staff truly is. 

But as it turns out, not everyone is entirely confident the Dodgers’ pitching staff would dominate in a shortened season. Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci spoke on the Dan Patrick show and gave his team that he felt could outlast the Dodgers’ rotation. 

This may surprise you- Tampa Bay Rays. I look at that team, I don’t think there’s any pitching in baseball that has better stuff from 1 to 15 than the Rays. And again I think with expanded pitching staff and pitchers going five innings, depth of quality arms is going to win the day. Even the Dodgers I don’t think can match up 1 to 15 what the Rays can throw out there. 

It’s tough to imagine any team in baseball outlasting the Dodgers’ pitching staff during a 162 game season. But when the games are cut down to around 50, depth becomes a little bit less important. The Rays had the second-best pitching staff in baseball just behind the Dodgers last year. 

A starting rotation of Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, David Price, Julio Urias, and Alex Wood sounds unstoppable. But the Dodgers will need to get their bullpen in order if they want to dominate a shortened season. Tampa Bay had the best bullpen in the league in 2019 and did not need to really add anyone going into 2020. 

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  1. Sounds unstoppable? Not even close. The Dodgers build their team for the regular season because they have the losers philosophy that October is random.

    1. Don, you are the biggest Dodger can I’ve seen. You always seem to know so much about the team and their management. Your assessments are so spot on. NOT!

    2. Just to be clear, which team are you a fan of? It doesn’t seem to be LA. All of your remarks are down on the Dodgers.

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