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Dodgers: AJ Ellis Reveals What Kershaw Bought Him After His No Hitter

It’s been nearly six years since the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw pitched a no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies in one of the most memorable games of all time. If not for Hanley Ramirez, it might have been the single most dominant pitching performance of all time. 

AJ Ellis was Kershaw’s favorite batterymate back then, catching most of his games. And Ellis was behind the plate for all 27 breathtaking outs that evening when Kershaw had a date with history. So that led to the question being asked by MLB Network hosts this week, what did Kershaw buy AJ Ellis after the no-hitter?

Well, according to the former Dodgers’ backstop, Kershaw carried on with a tradition.

Yeah, he was great. It’s that tradition the pitchers after the no-hitter, there was a nice watch that came my way so I’m very grateful, very thankful…the memories and some of the memorabilia we got to take away from that is definitely worthwhile as well…I will admit there’s been more than one time where I’ll pull up the very fast YouTube version of Vin Scully calling every out of that no-hitter. 

Apparently pitchers buying their catchers watches after big games is a sort of tradition in MLB. Who would’ve guessed! But it must have been one heck of a watch that Kershaw bought AJ after that no-hitter, though Ellis never confirmed what kind of watch he received from the Dodgers’ ace. 

It’s hard to believe that we’re already coming up on the six-year anniversary of that masterful performance. Kershaw was just a kid when he threw that no-no, and now he’s coming up on his mid-30’s pretty quick. Don’t blink Dodgers fans, time moves way too fast. 

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  1. I am still mad at Mattingly for managing that game. The Dodgers were up 6-0, and he could have easily taken out Hanley for a defensive replacement with that score. Sure enough, he made the error.

    1. You never know though. The same thing happened to Jerry Reuss in 1980. Bill Russell made an error that cost him a perfect game against the Giants. That score was also 8-0.

  2. It was a Gold Oyster Perpetual Rolex watch according to my source who worked for the company who insured it for AJ.

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