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Dodgers Fan Takes: What’s Next at Second Base in Los Angeles?

The Dodgers’ second base situation is one of the top storylines in baseball. Everyone expects L.A. to make a move for a second baseman, and the team is turning over every stone to find one.

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The answers were widespread, ranging from re-signing Chase Utley to promoting Willie Calhoun to acquiring Jonathan Villar from Milwaukee. Here’s a look at the responses.

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  1. I like the thought of trading for Brandon Phillips to be a mentor for Calhoun just like Rollins was for Cory

  2. My solution for second base . . . move Justin Turner to second (his natural position) and try to aquire a third baseman like Todd Frazier.

  3. A number of alternatives for second base, but consider this;  Dodgers have not had a second baseman since Jackie Robinson, some 60+ years ago, who came close to the number of runs produced (runs scored + RBI – home runs) by Dozier over his last 3 seasons, second only to Ian Kinsler.  WAR comparison over last 3 season:  Altuve – 18.2; Kinsler – 17.6; Cano – 17.1; Dozier – 14.1; Forsythe – 9.4; Harrison – 8.8; Murphy – 7.6; Utley – 6.0.   Using WAR and runs produced as the benchmarks, if Dodgers are unable to acquire either Dozier or Kinsler they should pass on second basemen like Forsythe, Hernandez, Profar, and others who only add an incremental improvement in WAR above Utley yet require parting with a couple of highly regarded prospects.   My option for 2017, find a LH hitting second baseman who can platoon with either Culberson, Hernandez, or Taylor and also back up Turner at 3b and acquire an OF’er like Braun, JD Martinez, Melky Carbrea, or Andrew McCutchen for LF who can crush LH pitching.  FA Daniel Descalso fits that description, but so does Derek Dietrich of the Marlins.

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