Dodgers Fans React: Astros & Red Sox Cheating and Now This? Rob Manfred is Terrible at His Job!

It’s been a busy year for baseball commissioner Rob Manfred. He messed up on the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal punishment. Then he punted the Red Sox punishment. And now he’s the spearhead behind terrible, public negotiations between team owners and players that is pushing baseball further and further away from Dodgers fans.

We talked about his failings from just the 2020 calendar year alone on the most recent episode of the Blue Heaven Podcast. Check that out here.


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This week alone has been it’s own nightmare as Manfred and MLBPA director Tony Clark have taken to jabbing at each other through statements released on social media.

The ugliness continues to get uglier.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Rob “Loser” Manfred This guy is corrupted as they come he will be remembered as the only MLB Commissioner in history of MLB that single-handedly destroyed Major League Baseball.

  2. Clark has to share the blame as well. Anytime a negotiator uses derogatory remarks to describe the other side in public….he’s trying to cover up his own shortcomings….Clark doesn’t impress me as well… 65 games is the perfect compromise and will keep both sides out of Divorce Court,,,,until next year…

  3. Just cancel the season and be done with it. As for Manfred and Clark, they should both be terminated for unbelievable incompetence!

    Where are you, Bart Giamatti?

  4. Get a life! Baseball season is over. Has been for 2 month. Only people who don’t realize this are the hysterical sports writers and a few equally hysterical fans. Owners can’t make money with no fans so why would they start a season to lose even more money. Even if they start a short season how would they handle a bunch of cases in the clubhouse? Shut down of course. This pandemic is not going away but actually getting worse. They are already shutting down facilities with 10/15 people let along 60/70 . They wouldnt get through spring training. Get over your hysteria and
    follow the science like a any intelligence person would. Baseball is done. Get to work on a new agreement for 2022.

    1. I’d take a short season, but it is obvious, no season is going to occur. The only positive thing, is not having to see Manfred’s face for a while. The guy is corrupt to the bone. HE will be the downfall of MLB. Maybe, this season will be the time to get rid of the garbage that is Manfred.

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